(UPDATED) Exclusive Summary: Covid-19 Vaccine Concerns

This is a very in depth and well done article on the many-many problems caused by the spiked protein killer jabs.

Just go to the site if you are interested.

As far as this John C. Carleton site, it is non-profit, cost me to operate it but God has provided.
I wanted to get lost in the crowd and just live a “normal” life as the average America.
God would not allow me to hide in the crowd.

I was offered West Point when I graduated high school.
I am a blood line who could have easily been president if I had wanted that.

But I begged God for Knowledge, understanding.
The treasure of this rock is spiritual growth.
When your body dies, all your goods become someone else’s, and any fame you obtained very-very soon fades into the twilight.

But the spiritual growth you obtained, the walk with God you made, you take that with you.

How many times does one need to be the king, the general, the ruler of this rock?
This rock is just a speck in the far flung universe.

If you become king of this whole rock, what have you done and what will that mean when you stand before the record of your life compared to any good that you did for the widow, the orphan, the poor, the weak?

The Ole Dog!


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