U.S. Air Force Pilots Resign Rather Than Submit to the Jab

This is good and bad news. It is good because it shows that principled military officers are not going to be bullied into taking a questionable vaccine. Especially since emerging evidence shows that many “vaccinated” people are still getting Covid.

Here’s the story:

Twenty-seven active-duty U.S. Air Force pilots have resigned their commissions over the unconstitutionality of Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s mandate requiring all Armed Forces members to at once receive a Covid-19 vaccination, Real Raw News has learned.

The exodus began on August 27, with 12 pilots from the 1st Fighter Wing at Joint Base Langley-Eustis, Virginia, (that represents 20% of the pilots) submitting to their commanding officer letters of resignation only hours after they received a 4:00 a.m. text message instructing them to submit to mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations by 10:00 a.m. that same day. It’s unknown whether the pilots collaborated ahead of resigning, but all 12 resignations were handed in within a 90-minute period. . . .

A day later, 15 pilots of the 2nd Bomb Wing in Barksdale, Louisiana tendered letters of resignation after they, too, received orders to get the jab. The orders stated explicitly that any officer refusing a Covid-19 vaccination would lose his flight status and be subject to disciplinary action, including a potential dishonorable discharge from the service.

But this is bad news because some of our most talented, highly skilled fighter pilots are bailing out of a woke military service too busy catering to social nonsense rather than fighting a winning wars. This will hurt our military readiness.

The article carries the ominous warning that this may be the beginning of a wave of resignations. The men and women resigning are not old codgers hanging on to earn a retirement. They are young, fit and healthy. Secretary of Defense Austin will have more blood on his hands as a consequence of him vaccination mandate.

U.S. Air Force Pilots Resign Rather Than Submit to the Jab

2 thoughts on “U.S. Air Force Pilots Resign Rather Than Submit to the Jab

  1. Lima Mike says:

    I work for the 1st Fighter Wing and confirm this is not true. Sadly wish it was, but current as of 7-Sept I was able to confirm with my unit this was a false report.

    • John Carleton says:

      Then they are fools.
      When the USA used me for a lab rat with an experimental untested vaccine, was forcing it on the military knowing they were murdering/disabling GIs, pilots were resigning their commissions to keep from ruining their health so they could not fly commercially after they got out of the military.

      Shame then if today’s pilots do not have the mental capacity to understand they are ruining any change to fly after the military by taking the killer jabs, even if they live more than a few days, weeks or months.

      And a word of warning on believing too much of what the brass tells you.

      First night of the 1st Gulf war, USA made a big thing on world wide TV of not having lost one plane.
      I was talking to another GI who said at least two squadrons he knew of were missing planes.
      Very easy to average them out over the following days but the world had already been shown the “invincibility” of the US.

      Had a brother in Viet Nam, when I told him that story he said at one camp part of his job was reporting downed aircraft to HQ in Saigon.

      One day 1at Sgt comes running in and says, “Carleton”, we have a downed Huey at grid quadrants Blaw and Blaw.

      Brother plotted it and said he was beating his head on the wall because no way in hell he could report a downed aircraft in Cambodia the US was saying they were not making war in.

      1st Sgt comes running back in, said we made a mistake on the grid quadrants.
      They are Blaw and Blaw.

      Brother replotted it and said cool, reported a downed Huey just inside the boundaries of South Viet Nam.

      And everyone was happy, maybe besides if someone went looking for those US GI’s bodies after the war and was looking in the wrong country.

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