Israhell Launches Massive Manhunt As 6 Semitic Indigenous Palestinian Freedom Fighters Escape Occupying red Russian Khazarian Hell Hole Prison

When reading Zionist Zombie Speak, one must know how to translate to English to understand the truth.

For Instance:
The USA Corporation, the Military arm of the British Anglo zionist Empire, occupier and oppressor of America and Americans, Palestine & Semitic Palestinians is looking for excuses as to why they have murdered Hundreds of Iraqi Civilians in Mosul! They express sorrow that they were ‘Forced” to “inflict” civilian casualties.

Now, to someone who does not understand Zionist Zombie Virus Host speak, this perhaps sounds truthful and sincere.

SO SON! (or Ladies), Let me translate.

Zionist Zombie Virus Host speak Translation Rule # 1.

Flip the meaning of the words, 180%, to the exact opposite as was spoken in Zionist Speak.

Thus the above apparent heartfelt “regret becomes——————Ta-Dha! Damn right we killed the little brown SOB’s. If they would just give up an allow Nitwityahoo, the child raping SOB, to occupy them for the Zionist Nightmare of their “Greater Israhell Project”, we wouldn’t have to murder their rag headed asses!

See! With this formula, you can translate all that USA Zionist Government Speak, and all those State Department lies, all those MSM bimbos and gigolo’s CIA Propaganda! See how simple it is once one knows the formula! Enjoy Grasshopper!

Time to wake up America. Time to take out the Garbage. Time to get er done!

PS! Zionist Zombie Virus Host Speak Translator Rule # 2. Refer to Rule # 1.

The Ole Dog!

A group of Palestinian prisoners serving life sentences in a remote Israeli prison managed to escape over the weekend in what appears to be the biggest jailbreak in modern Israeli history, prompting the IDF to launch a massive manhunt on Monday.

The manhunt was launched in northern Israel and parts of the West Bank after six Palestinian militants, all of whom were convicted of working with terror organizations (or the armed wings of certain Palestinian political organizations), with five of the fugitives belonging to the Islamic Jihad movement andthe sixth is a former commander of an armed group affiliated with the mainstream Fatah party, according to Reuters.

The men escaped from Gilboa prison in northern Israel. Four of the six were serving life sentences. Arik Yaacov, the service’s northern commander, said the escapees appeared to have opened a hole from their cell toilet floor allowing them to access passages formed by the prison’s construction.

The facility, situated about 4 km from the boundary with the occupied West Bank, is one of the most high-security jails in Israel. It holds Palestinians convicted, or suspected, of helping anti-Israeli organizations, including planning deadly attacks.

Officials say they have erected roadblocks and are conducting patrols in the area, while Israel’s Army Radio reports that 400 prisoners are being moved as a preventive measure against any additional escape attempts. The radio said the prisoners escaped through a tunnel from the Gilboa prison, which is supposed to be one of Israel’s most secure facilities. The men reportedly appeared to have received some outside help.

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett called it a “grave incident” that will require maximum effort by Israel’s various security branches.

The PM said he was receiving constant updates on the prison break, which happened just hours before the start of Israel’s celebration of the Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah). Authorities apparently do not suspect the escaped prisoners to pose a threat to the general public, and have issued no instructions for people to alter their routines. The prison is about 2.5 miles from the West Bank border.

Meanwhile, several Palestinian factions hailed the jailbreak, per the LAT:


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