Now as i lay here fighting sleep from which i am afraid i will never awake-
Please please listen and grant me these things for which i want for goodness sake-

Cure the illness i brought on myself by actions i refused to change-
You are all powerful God after all, so easy, and so little to arrange-

A long wealthy life for me in the fame and power of this rock-
On your door for forgiveness and mercy after all, i did knock-

You are supposed to give your followers what they want after all-
And all i am asking for is my part of the haul-

From the health & wealth of this earth which as a “christian” belongs to me-
That should be easy enough for an all knowing God to see-

Take from my body these Spike Proteins I had Injected against your will and biblical advice-
I did give you the finger while I listened to the Pope, FUACI, Biden, Walensky and did inject twice-

But if in your harshness, you refuse to save me from myself and make me well-
Please oh please don’t send me, forsaken of your mercy to Spiked Protein Zionist Zombie Hell!

The Ole Dog!

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