When I was growing up in the Texas Hill country, there was a boy who lied about everything.
He lied so much everyone in the whole community knew he was a habitual liar and nothing he said could be believed.

He lied so much he got to believing his own lies and would get mad as hell when you did not believe his lies too, because he believed them!

When I entered University I was given credit for both US history classes without taking them.
I have spent 40 plus years reading the words of the men involved in American history, not the habitual lies court “historians” have cobbled together in “Official US History Textbooks”.

“US History” Textbooks should start with Once in a land far far away, end with and they all lived happily ever after, and be filed under F for Fiction in library’s.

I was personally used as a Lab Rat by the USA in the 1990-91 first gulf war being injected with an experimental vaccine which killed an estimated 35,000 US GIs and disabled tens of thousands more.
It was the cause of what is know as Gulf War Illness.

I came home sick, struggling.
I learned every military officer, every military doctor, every congressman, every senator would look you right in the eye and lie their asses off because they did not give a shit about the dead and dying, but they gave a shit about their paycheck and promised retirement.

Except the one truthful congressman who admitted when I started to tell him the USA had caused the whole damn thing using GIs for lab rats illegally,
“Yeah, Saddam did not F##K you up, we F##Ked you up, everyone in DC knows that”.

I asked him, if everyone in DC knows that why can not the sick GI lab rats get any help?

He answered, “Because the DOD is lying and saying they did not do it, there would have to be a congressional investigation to prove they did”.

I asked him, Before or after we die?

He relied, “Oh maybe next year”.

It never happened, it will never happen.

The vaccine damaged your immune system, but I am a tough ole hillbilly.
I say I am still alive because of God’s will and I am a fighter.
The wife says I am just too damned mean to die.

For 30 plus years I have struggled with the flu, common colds which went harder with me than most, my lungs are damaged and I am labeled COPD.
I have used inhalers, breathing treatments, learned to avoid chemical laced foods, take vitamins/minerals.

When I would get a common cold or flu it would kick my ass, last much longer in me than most people.

I just received a letter from the VA saying because I was in that war, in that area, in that time frame I could file for benefits if I had any of these:
Chronic asthma, chronic rhinitis, and/or chronic sinusitis.

This is a long way of saying I am no stranger to the effects of the flu/cold viruses on F##Ked lungs.

The son in law got what ever is going around, gave it to the wife who gave it to me.

We all three stayed home and recovered, but the son in law, the wife and I all had what ever is going around.

I do not know what we had or what is going around, and as the US lies it’s ass off when the truth would work better, anything they say is going around I know is a lie.

It is immaterial to me if someone engineered a biological weapon and turned it loose on humanity, if it was done whether it was the USA, Communist China, The Who, the CDC matters not.

Whatever it is is not a killer virus as only about .2 percent who get it die from it unless they seek medical attention, are kidnapped, strapped to a hospital bed, denied time tested drugs, have a ventilator stuck in their mouths to blow their lungs out, and be given caustic experimental drugs and a spiked protein laden kill shot injected.

I am convinced it was not the common yearly flu or a cold virus as having had many of those for 30 plus years with F##Ked lungs, I was surprised as although there was some mild swings between putting a blanket on and throwing off all covers, feeling like hammered dog s#it, being left weak when it was over, the classic signs of the flu of almost dying with congested lungs was missing.

There was a stuffiness of the nose a bit more than usual, and a very slight cough with almost no congestion beyond what is usual for my F##KED lungs.

So my deduction is this was not a cold or flu virus.
What it was, I do not know, and I just know whatever the USA, or any other government, government agency, politician or “heath expert says is going round, it is not because none of the former could tell the truth even if they had a rope around their lying necks, they were standing on the gallows and knew the only way to keep from hanging was to tell the truth!
They would lie anyway.
I believe that is stipulated in the contract when they sell their souls.

But like the yearly flu, if you do not have one foot on a banana peal and the other on a pile of greased owl s#it with underlaying medical problems, you will feel like crap for a few days and get over it.

If it went mild with a USA Lab Rat such as myself who’s Immune system the USA F##KED using as a Lab Rat in an Illegal Experiment, most of you folks have nothing to worry about.

Unless you were a sheep fool, believed the government liars, the MSM whores, went down and took an experimental mRNA DNA altering Killer Spike Protein Inducing Euthanasia jab with are not vaccines as they have no specific virus in them to build antibodies against that specific virus.

If you took one of the jabs and you get whats going around, unless God loves you, you are a fighter or as my wife says of me, just too damn mean to die, then you will probably die.

But then that is what you get for trusting government minions and politicians who have a two hundred plus year track record of selling their souls and the American peoples asses to the highest bidder.


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