Herd Stupidity

No matter how lethal, how injurious, or how fraught with other catastrophic consequences, the mass inoculation project is being pushed forward at warp speed.

The pandemic is contrived for sinister motives. Everything connected with Covid is Junk Science foisted on a fearful and gullible world. The virus, the lock downs, the masks, the abuse of PCR for diagnosis, the temperature checks at commercial entrances, the ubiquitous little bottles of alcohol, the relentless propaganda and most especially the soon-to-be-mandatory lethal injections are all Junk Science.

The people behind all this are masters – or hire masters – of crowd psychology and have the most sinister and evil intentions for all of us. – Anonymous, Comment 651, “The Covid Debate: To Vaxx or Not to Vaxx,” Unz Review, 15 August, 2021

Doing More Harm Than Good
The development, distribution and injection of COVID jabs gives new meaning to the term, “deregulation.” From beginning to end, the whole process appears to be devoid of hard-and-fast rules. Tried-and-true methods have been overturned for no apparent reason. Old methods have been set aside. These abandoned methods have sought to priorize the safety, wellbeing and security of patients over the business interests of drug makers, hospital owners and medical practitioners.

It is made to seem like the only imperative that is consistently pursued is the push plunge COVID jabs into as many arms as possible as fast and as widely distributed as possible. Other than that, the underlying philosophy could be described as… dam the reports of extremely harmful health impacts… full steam ahead.

Nothing is allowed to get in the way of the carrot and stick approach to raising the numbers of injected people. No matter how lethal, how injurious, or how fraught with other catastrophic consequences, the mass inoculation project is being pushed forward at warp speed without any decent regard for the precautionary principle.

Great precaution should accompany the introduction into the biosphere of all new technologies, but especially those affecting living organisms and delicate biological relationships among them. The precautionary principle has particular bearing on experiments that alter the biological workings of human beings, both individually and collectively as when contagious illness is involved.

A mostly compliant medical profession is largely going along with the infraction of many professional promises, sacred trusts, and obligations in pushing forward the scheme of jabbing every arm with untested medical products. By being instrumental in advancing the project of near-universal inoculation, scores of medical practitioners as well as the leadership of most of their professional associations and colleges are conspicuously going against a core provision of the Hippocratic oath.

On an unprecedented scale, medical doctors have been violating their professional vow that they will do no harm. In Israel, for instance, 59% of new hospitalizations for COVID-19 are fully vaccinated. This statistic is just one of a barrage of indicators that the push towards the universal vaccination of national populations is doing more harm than good.

Many vaccinated people are themselves spreading viral contagion and becoming sick themselves reportedly from the “Delta Variant.” The Delta Varian is one of many mutations of the supposedly new coronavirus.

See this.

The propagandistic press to maximize the number of injection recipients exposes a pervasive disregard for the terms of the Nuremburg Code. The Nuremburg Code was created as part of the victors’ justice trial of the Hitlerian brain trust. The Nuremberg Code stipulates that human subjects in medical experiments must not be coerced into taking part. Nor should those seeking to become human subjects in medical tests be denied the conditions enabling them to give truly informed consent for their decision to participate.

Vaccines and Bioweapons
How can the requirements of informed consent be fulfilled by glitzy advertising campaigns that consistently overstate the benefits and blatantly ignore the risks of taking the jabs? What does the publicized testimony of movie stars, pop singers, sports heroes, and business moguls have to do with enabling human subjects in medical experiments to realistically evaluate the nature of the possible dangers facing them?

In this instance, basic experimental protocols were left behind when the designers of the experimental procedures made humans stand in for lab rats and guinea pigs in the course of initial tests.

A decision was made to bypass the usual medical procedure of trying out new medical products by administering them first to animals.

There is good reason to believe that this strategy was deployed because, every attempt so far to make vaccines that would stop the spread of coronaviruses came to an end with the death of animal test subjects. Both the common cold and the flu infections are caused by coronaviruses that form the proprietary basis of at least 4000 patents according to patent attorney David E. Martin. See this.

Martin’s research and professional involvement in what might be labeled the coronavirus industry call into question whether COVID-19 is a genuinely new coronavirus. In his publications and filmed commentaries, Martin is developing compelling characterizations of the overlap between the development of bioweapons and vaccines that create the context from which COVID-19 virus and the COVID jabs emerged.

The experimental phase in the production of the COVID jabs is still underway.

In fact the COVID jabs continue to be the objects of the largest experiment on human subjects ever mounted. Martin makes it clear that, in his view, the proper culmination of this saga of malfeasance should end up with the multiple criminal prosecutions of the likes of Anthony Fauci, Ralph Baric, Peter Daszak, Zheng-Li Shi, Bill Gates, Dr. Neil Ferguson and many more. See this.

David Martin also takes aim at an elaborate Canadian aspect of the unfolding scandal. This scandal continues to swirl in and around the nefarious business activities of many culprits including those of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Martin points to the role of the Life Sciences Institute at the University of British Columbia in developing systems for the movement of lipid nanoparticles in the architecture of “gene therapy” products including the COVID jabs developed by Pfizer and Moderna. See this.

The UBC initiative produced two spin-off companies, Arbutus Biopharma and Acuitus Therapeutics. Along with Alnylan Pharmaceuticals, these entities seem to have a place in the combination of military and medical research that has been taking place at the Level 4 Pathogen Biolab in Winnipeg Manitoba. Many questions have been asked about the movement of lethal viruses from Canada’s National Microbiology Lab in Winnipeg to China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology. See this.

This questioning led to a significant finding by investigative journalist Elaine Dewar. She discovered that Xiangguo Qui, who held high-ranking research positions in both the Winnipeg lab and the Wuhan Institute of Virology, collaborated closely with Wei Chen, a prominent Chinese virologist who holds the rank of Major-General in the People’s Liberation Army. Qui, for instance, helped General Chen in conducting Ebola research in the Winnipeg Lab.

The Wuhan Lab is the home institution of Zheng-Li Shi, an authority in bats and coronaviruses. Zheng-Li Shi worked closely with Ralph Baric and other US-funded researchers at the University of North Carolina on Gain of Function projects. Gain of Function research seeks to render viruses more dangerous to human health. Some of this research activity took place after 2014 at the Wuhan Lab, the institution with the world’s largest collection of coronaviruses. See this.

The Canadian facet of this narrative forms an aspect of the still answered questions about where COVID-19 virus originated. Only recently it was deemed to be heresy to veer away from the interpretation that the virus jumped from an animal to COVID victim number one in an open market in Wuhan.

Then suddenly it became acceptable to surmise that the virus has some of its origins in one or more labs, including possibly the Fort Detrick Lab in Maryland. Those who think the organism leaked from a Chinese lab sometimes point to Xiangguo Qui’s operation at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Ron Unz counters this interpretation by arguing that COVID-19 is a US-made bioweapon released by a US soldiers at the Wuhan Military Olympics in October of 2019. See this.


Herd Stupidity

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