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American Hospitals have become death camps.

While back the son in law got whatever is going around.
The wife kept taking him vitamins and food till she got it.
Then she gave it to me.

The only one went to a doctor was her.
She asked me if she should go to a hospital emergency room.
I told her if you want them to kidnap you and kill you go right ahead!

She stayed home and is still alive.

Story I got from a brother, ladies husband went to hospital sick, they stuck a respirator on him and treated him with the usual “COVID” treatments.
Eleven days he was getting worse.
The wife went to a feed store, got some Ivermectin and started secretly giving it to him.
He got well.

Back when this bull shit first started, I took a hit to the head which did some serious damage.
I figure it gave me at least a slight concussion, it slammed my head to one side so violently it slammed my teeth together so hard I have had to have several caps put in with more to follow, and I heard some bones in my neck crack.

I am one the USA used as a lab rat for an experimental vaccine in the first Gulf war and as a result my lungs have problems.
I knew if I went to the emergency room they would label me Corvid, kidnap me, strap me to a bed in ICU, force a ventilator on me and kill me.

So I stayed home and was very careful not to turn my head for several months.
I had pains in my head and my neck for some time.
But I stayed home and i am still alive.,

Many hospitals will shut down as they are trying to force killer jabs on all staff.
The smart ones are getting fired or quitting their jobs first.
Hospitals are already running into staffing problems.
They are also murdering folks who could have lived to the degree when this is over most folks will be like me and figure one has a better change of living no matter what is wrong with you if you stay away from hospitals, stay home drink warm tea and eat chicken soup.

After this even the American sheep will not be able to look at Washington DC without upchucking in disgust.

Ever watch an evil empire die?
Pull up a chair, you have a front row seat!

The Ole Dog!

On the latest episode of Lawfare on Brighteon.TV, conservative attorney Thomas Renz discusses the human cost of the measures medical facilities have enacted to supposedly deal with Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) patients.

As part of this, he talks to Michell Tavares, a dear friend who recently lost her father to the hospital protocols that he was placed on in the name of stopping the spread of the disease.

Tavares father went in for diabetes, but was treated for COVID-19

Talking about her father’s case, Tavares clarifies that he did not go into the hospital for COVID-19. Rather, he had to go because of diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) a complication of his diabetes where his body started producing high levels of blood acids called ketones.

“So he went in with the DKAm” she explains. “He had a high glucose of 869.”

However, instead of treating her father for diabetes, Tavares says that the hospital immediately classified him as a COVID-19 case.

“That was the first thing they do, and this is part of the problem,” she said. “I think that you know in the first walk in every assumption is COVID as if nothing existed before COVID.”

“I call it a lazy diagnosis, doctors have become too lazy,” she adds.

Beyond that, Tavares explained that the hospital staff kept pushing to put her father on a ventilator. This was despite it being against her father’s wishes.

“It was it was a ventilation argument for two days starting off with the emergency department and then I said it’s against his wishes.”

In addition, she explains that he was not in any serious life-or-death situation that would need a ventilator.

“It was not to the point of Oh my gosh, his lungs are going to collapse and he needs a ventilator.”

Cases similar to Tavares’ happening all over the U.S.

Tavares’ experience isn’t unique and that similar instances of patients suffering because hospitals treated them as COVID-19 cases were happening all over the country.

Since losing her father, she’s gotten in touch with others around the country who’ve had similar experiences.

“What I found after coming forward was a flood of other families coming forward that had family members went through the same thing and died,” she says. “Or family members who were in their suffering the same situations.“

According to Renz, hospitals’ single-minded focus on COVID-19 is hurting people who don’t have the disease. He explains how patients with other ailments are being treated as COVID-19 patients the moment they have any symptom associated with the latter, regardless if it is the cause. (Related: Two bombshell interviews: John Moore reveals military knowledge of civilization-ending global event, while attorney Thomas Renz warns of coming tidal wave of vaccine mandate lawsuits.)

“They’re coming in with symptoms that aren’t COVID, being told ‘it’s COVID,’ and they immediately push ventilation,” he says. “Even if there’s evidence of something similar to COVID, they aren’t testing for things like bacterial pneumonia.“

Tavares concurred, again drawing from her experience with her father’s hospitalization. Saying that patients like her father were being put through COVID-19 protocols regardless of whether or not they had the disease.

But what made things worse, according to her, was the fact that patients’ families were not allowed to go in.

This is important for anyone being admitted to hospital because, as Renz points out, one of the top five causes of death in the U.S. is due to hospital error “without families being there to oversee it.”

“That is a huge huge problem,” confirms Tavares.


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