Texas Gov. Abbott issues ban on vaccine mandates even as FDA “approves” Pfizer shot in unprecedented short amount of time

These jabs are Euthanasia killer shots.
They ARE NOT vaccines.
No one at all anywhere in the world can produce an identified, isolated, purified, stand alone reproducible sample of a SARS-Cov-2 Virus so it is IMPOSSIBLE for anyone anywhere in the world to have developed ANY vaccine for the Virus no one can produce a verified sample of.

And what ever is going around, and something is, is blocked and controlled by the proven safe for generations Ivermectin Molecule Medication.

There are other proven safe drugs which are also working against whatever is going round.

In America alone, the Criminal CDC has had to admit these jabs have murdered at least 13,000 people with intelligent people figuring the number is way north of half a million mass murdered by the experimental Non Vaccine mRNA “gene Therapy” jabs.

There is no difference between a Democrat political whore forcing killer jabs on folks and of the red Russian Khazarian Jospeh Stalin’s minions lining folks up on their knees in front of ditches and blowing their brains out.

Mass murderers must HANG in defense of Humanity no matter the weapon they use to Mass Murder humanity!

The Ole Dog!

As bad as vaccines can be, it used to take at much as five years or more to get a new one approved by the federal government, but in the age of COVID-19, for some reason, all of the old norms have been thrown out, proving again that these pharma companies are making bank on this virus along with those who receive donations from them.

No sooner than the Food and Drug Administration gave its blessing to the Pfizer vaccine — again, in record time since this vaccine has only been in existence for less than a year and only underwent limited testing and research — then state and local governments, along with corporations and private companies, began mandating it for their employees.

Talk about a ready-made revenue stream.

Even the brain-addled Joe Biden shuffled up to a podium earlier this month and pronounced that he would be requiring all federal employees to get the jab as well, or subject themselves to torturous COVID testing weekly.

But because not all of our political leaders are left-wing sheep, some have pushed back on vaccine mandates, including Texas Gov. Greg Abbott who signed an order this week banning mandates in his state.

And for good measure, Abbott then called on the GOP-controlled state legislature that he called into special session to pass legislation making the ban even more official and long-term.

“Vaccine requirements and exemptions have historically been determined by the Legislature, and their involvement is particularly important to avoid a patchwork of vaccine mandates across Texas,” Abbott said in a statement released along with his executive order.

This action comes after Abbott banned cities and government entities from imposing mask mandates as well, though Democratic enclaves around the state are defying his order because Democrats think they should only follow laws and lawful orders that they agree with. (You folks living in Texas who don’t want to wear a mask should defy any mask mandates imposed on you because the duly elected governor said you can’t be forced to wear one.)

The problem is, even some of the state’s officials who were elected to uphold the laws are siding with the lawbreakers.

“Although this is an important victory, it’s really not a victory against a person or an entity,” Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins, the county’s leading elected official, told a news conference this week. “It’s a victory for humans who live in Dallas County against the virus.”

The virus has been spreading despite mask mandates and lockdowns, so this moron’s preening is pointless. What isn’t pointless and what is really the main point here is that a governor has issued a lawful order and like lawful orders issued by Democrats, leftists in Texas are bound to abide by it. Period.

“I issued an Executive Order maintaining the prohibition of vaccine mandates. Additionally, I’ve added the issue of vaccine mandates to the Special Session agenda,” Abbott said in a tweet announcing his ban.

Similar bans have been declared in other red states like Florida, where Gov. Ron DeSantis has banned schools from issuing mask mandates to students, the vast majority of whom are not at risk of getting COVID and becoming deathly ill.

There, too, districts in heavily Democratic cities and counties are ignoring the order because they feel, somehow, like they have a right to do so.

They don’t.

Blue-state governors who issued coronavirus mandates and lockdowns expected their orders to be followed and when they weren’t, citizens of their states were arrested and charged as criminals.

That’s exactly what red state governors must start doing to recalcitrant Democrats in their states who think they have some inherent authority to ignore orders they don’t like.

Fines aren’t enough. Jail time and an arrest record are warranted here.


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