According to the World Health Organization, the Mythical “COVID-19” illness “caused” by the Illusive “SARSCov-2” “Virus” no one in the world can produce an identified, isolated, Purified, Reproducible Stand Alone sample of kills only 0.23% of those “infected”.

In other words about like the yearly common flu which seems to have taken the year off for the first time in thousands of years out of professional curtesy to the mythical not proved to exist “SARSCov-2” “virus”.

I expect the yearly flu is setting on a tropical beach somewhere sipping fruity mixed drinks with a local babe on it’s lap.

So anyway, the Red Cross says if you got whatever is going around we need your blood as it has a shit load of natural immunity and antibodies agaisnt whats going around.

But if you took one of the Experimental Non Vaccine mRNA Gene Therapy Killer Spike Protein delivering Euthanasia jabs, we can not use your blood as the killer jab wipes out that natural immunity which really works against whatever is going around!

So if you got whatever is going around and got immunity the old fashioned way by not dying from it, then went and took one of the killer jabs, not only did you wipe out your natural immunity, you damaged your immune system so when you get it again your own body will attack your body because of the Killer Spike Proteins your body received from the killer jabs.

Suicide is a sin against nature and a sin against God.
But a bit of advice.
If you have just made up your mind you MUST KILL YOURSELF, eat your revolver instead of taking a killer jab.

Eating your revolver is faster, less painful, eliminates a long painful hospitalized lingering death leaving one’s family deeply in debt with doctors bills, hospital bills.

They will have to pay to bury you either way.

The Ole Dod!


Click to access covid19_newdonor_vaccine_guide.pdf

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