When the Occupied by the criminal communist military dictatorship USA for 156 years in a war crime, Republic of Texas gets her Sovereignty back, the “STATE OF TEXAS’ Criminal Occupying Sub Corporation of the USA WAR CRIMINAL OCCUPYING CORPORATION is expelled from the face of the Land of the Republic of Texas, there will have to be Nuremberg styled Common Law Courts Convened.

Murder is a hanging offense.

Child abuse is a hanging offense.

Just ask Jesus The Christ although he personally favored tying a heavy weight around their necks and throwing them in the deep end.

Communism is a hanging offense to people who love God Given Rights and Freedom.

Once the Occupied Republic of Texas is no longer occupied, all the evil bad boys and girls who made war on Texicans will have to be given Fair Common Law Trials and Fair Hangings.

Any mayor, city council person which mass murdered Texicans by forcing on or cheerleading Communistic Family/small business killing lockdowns, forced masking with mask which are proven to be useless as teats on a boar hog to stop a virus even if the virus was not faked, but real, and or cheerlead for/incouraged through either massive ignorance or massive lies Texicans to take Killer Non Vaccine mRNA DNA Altering “Gene Therapy” Rothschild’s Human Herd Culling Chemical Biological Weapon jabs, thereby committing Mass Murder by Loaded Syringe will need to be given a Fair Common law Trial and a Fair Hanging.

Any school board member, school superintendent, principal which forced “social distancing, forced mask, required any children to get jabbed, will need to receive fair Nuremberg Styled Common Law Trials and Fair Hangings.

Any employer which demanded people get jabbed as a condition of employment must be given a Fair Common Law Nuremberg Style Trial and a Fair Hanging.

Any ass hole or bimbo working in the media who was a cheerleader for the killer jabs, forced masking, communist lockdowns, who covered up the truth and willingly spewed lies out their pie hole are accessories to Child Abuse and Mass Murder, and must be given Fair nuremberg Styled Common Law Trials and Fair Hangings.

Any Medical Personal who misused their position violating their Hippocratic Oath to help mass murder Texicans, whether through complete ignorance, too dumb to walk and chew gum at the same time or intentionally for prestige and profit, must be given Fair Nuremberg Styled Common Law Trials and Fair Hangings.

Any religious Charlatan using their position to make war on God’s little children, or telling folks “God” or “Jesus” would want them to commit assisted suicide via loaded syringes, must be sent to stand before God for judgement.

Not ONE “government” in the whole wide world, not the World Heath Organization, the USA’s CDC, the Criminal FDA can or has produced a verified identified, secluded, purified stand along sample which then can be reproduced of SARCOV-2 virus, so therefore there is no proof one exist.

As No one has such a sample, there is no way there could have been ANY vaccine developed for the mythical virus, no way any safety or efficiency trails could have been done on such a non existent vaccine for a non existent virus which is said to magically cause “COVID-19”.

These type of evil sons of bitches and bimbos must be made an example of which causes the next generations of folks tempted to take the thirty silver coins to betray humanity extract the contents of their colons into their fruit of the looms at the thought of what happened to the last bunch who sold humanity out to evil F##KS!

The Ole Dog!

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