The Fake News that FDA Approved the Vaccines Is Made Clear in the Letter. Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) Prevails

The politician who is lying is the one who’s lips are moving!

The Ole Dog!

The FDA did not approve the vaccines but extended the Emergency Use of the vaccines. They are also trying very hard to have agencies force employers to compel everyone to vaccinate but at the same time leaving themselves as an escape clause which they can return to claiming they never approved the vaccines beyond emergency use.

This is getting really questionable as to why they are forcing vaccines that clearly do not work and CANNOT work for as long as COVID exists in animals, it will constantly evolve and mutate just like the seasonal flu that sometimes comes from Birds or even Swine. The real question is WHY are we being lied to for what is the real purpose of the vaccines? They obviously do not care about the Great Unwashed, they prefer to thin the herd.


Ran into this which went to Info wars which claimed it has been approved.
I personally have always figured infowars was a CIA or Mossad limited hang out.

But you can read it yourself.

My advice is the shot will kill you.
If you do not want to die, quit the job or make them fire you before you take it.
Better un-employed than dead.
Lots of people looking for workers who can and will work.

If you live in a communist country or state which “mandates” FORCED JABBS, move.

If you take the shot more than likely you will die sooner or later, and the tough ones who maybe do make it through will struggle with side effects the rest of their lives.

This mass murder of humanity by the elites and the governmnet whores they own will not stop until Nuremberg Common Law Trials are Convened and the Courts start hanging thousands of the guilty of Mass Murder Via loaded syringe or cheerleading for the same.

Self defense is a God Given Right!
No king, No president, No mayor, No congress, No government has a right to take from you a God Given Right.

They are certainly trying but this is where God expects Humans to stand up and defend themselves from the spawn of the dark side.

The Ole Dog!

3 thoughts on “The Fake News that FDA Approved the Vaccines Is Made Clear in the Letter. Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) Prevails

  1. Dee says:

    Love you John…. You speak the truth !!!!

  2. Dee Stofko says:

    Lookin for dosage of ivermectin used for horses. Have it but can’t find dosages. Thank you

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