Control Freak is a Severe Mental illness.
control freaks are responsible for the Genocide of untold millions of humans.

Control freak is a disease of the spiritually dead.
Soul-less zionist zombie virus host who mass murder humanity because humanity don’t want to do things their way or share their false illusion.

Like the Communist closet queer atheist rabidly racist against African Americans Abraham Lincoln.

When a truth teller points out the Communist Lincoln Killed the revolutionaries Volunteer United States by having his goons called US “soldiers gang rape little children and women of all colors to death so he could form a communist dictatorship that the sheep were indoctrinated to love, the Communist Dictatorship loving sheep get pissed at the truth teller.

The feeling of Cognitive dissonance it gives them trying to get them pull their heads out of their asses makes them hate the truth teller.

Hey, if truth telling was popular, Jesus the christ would not have ended up with his ass nailed to a tree!

He tried to cover his ass for histories sake, but he knew the Rothschilds were putting him in office and he would have to betray the American people by signing in the Anti-American Private bakers usury scam the Not Federal, No Reserves and Not a Bank scam.

Tell the American sheep Woodrow Wilson sold their ass down the river to be president and they will grow surly.

Explain to the American sheep Wilson further payed off the Rothschilds usury Banking family for making him president by dragging America into World War One, a pre-planned Rothschild European war which was none of America’s business and they will Stick their heads up their asses while screaming in fear of the truth.

Remind the red Russian commies hitler invaded Russia to keep Stalin from invading Europe as he was preparing to do, and it pisses the hypocritical red Russian commies off.

Bring up everyone was terrified of the criminally insane Stalin who mass murdered at least 66 million humans and it pisses off the red Russians.

Remind them those “patriotic” Russian troops gang raped every German female they found to death, from 8 years old to eighty years old, tens of thousands of them, and it pisses em off.

American General George S Patton said when the USA made him stand by so the mongrels could take Berlin, every German women who ran was shot, and the ones who did not run were raped, again and again, most often to death.

Day Of Deceit: The Truth About FDR and Pearl Harbor Paperback – Illustrated, May 8, 2001

In Day of Deceit, Robert Stinnett delivers the definitive final chapter on America’s greatest secret and our worst military disaster.

Drawing on twenty years of research and access to scores of previously classified documents, Stinnett proves that Pearl Harbor was not an accident, a mere failure of American intelligence, or a brilliant Japanese military coup. By showing that ample warning of the attack was on FDR’s desk and, furthermore, that a plan to push Japan into war was initiated at the highest levels of the U.S. government, he ends up profoundly altering our understanding of one of the most significant events in American history.

Point out the Americans FDR was a Rothschild bitch who LOVED the mass murdering Commie Stalin, called him Uncle Joe, who using economic sections forced Japan to attack the USA Navy and Army at pearl harbor, stood by allowing 3,000 Americans to die so he could drag America into a pre-planned Rothschild Usury European war he had to swear to the American people he would keep them out of to get reelected, and the American sheep get pissy!

Add to that he married his butt ugly cousin to keep the money in the family but died having sex with his personal whore and they get angry.

Point out it was his communistic polices which made the Great Depression drag on and kept the recovery at bay contrary to what the sheep were taught in government indoctrination centers called “public schools” and their dirty their fruit of the looms.

Show em he made sure the Rothschild’s Preplanned Cold War happened which led to Americans dying in the Korean and Viet Nam Rothschild’s pre-planned wars, that he probably sucked Stalin’s dick at Yalta and they get indignant.

I DON’T Like Ike!: The Story of Globalist Socialist Dwight Eisenhower That Stephen Ambrose Didn’t Tell You
by M.S. King

In the pantheon of American “heroes,” few men stand as high as Dwight D. Eisenhower – commonly referred to as simply “Ike.” The great Supreme Allied Commander General Eisenhower, as the fable goes, defeated the “Nazis” and saved Europe. Years later, as the 34th President of the United States of America, the grandfatherly Eisenhower led America through a period of peace and prosperity while strongly containing the dark forces of international communism. Hence the lasting political slogan based upon Irving Berlin’s catchy jingle of the 1950’s, “I Like Ike!”

Like most of the biographies of the “great men” of the 20th century, the myth of Eisenhower, spread by charlatan court-historians such as the late Stephen Ambrose, is just that – a myth. As a military tactician, Ike the desk-general was barely competent. Blood-thirsty and brutal? Yes. Capable? Not really — unless we regard the victories that he had handed to Soviet tyrant Joe Stalin as being the result of purposeful planning rather than accidental. More on that subject, later on. The real military victories of that misunderstood war for Globalism and Communism were achieved by superior field leaders such as Generals Patton, Clark, Bradley, Montgomery and various Soviet generals.

As a politician, the Republican president was as much of a two-faced “progressive” scoundrel as his equally puffed-up predecessors, Democrats Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry S. Truman, albeit less brazen, less bombastic, and more likable than either. This is not surprising when one realizes, as this book will demonstrate, that FDR, Truman and “Ike” worked for the same shadowy bosses.

For those reasons, and so many others, your author here begs to differ with the “conventional wisdom” about Eisenhower, and is proud to declare: “I Don’t Like Ike!” – And nor should any other decent human being like him either.

Point out to the American USA Worshiping sheep Ike was a No Combat Coward red Russian Khazarian who betrayed this host country for red Russian Communism and the sheep will piss their wool!

Explain before the USA murdered WW 2 Combat hero Senator George McCarthy, McCarthy was about to expose how much and how high red Russian Communism had infiltrated the US ARMY, the No Combat Coward Eisenhower who was then president had the Army records which would have proved McCarthy right, destroyed, and they will bleat in anger and pain!

13 million ethic Germans exterminated by USA/Russia/France/England AFTER WW 2 was over.

JFK was going to stop the Rothschilds in occupied Palestine from getting illegal Nuclear weapons, which they now have an estimated 300 of, which they threaten to blow the world up with, if they don’t get their way.

Explain to the sheep JFK was murdered right in front of their eyes by Israel and the USA (Mossad & CIA) with the cover up worked on by every DC agency which was in existence and they will cry, shake, roll their sheep eyes and tremble from fear of the truth.

Explain to the American sheep LBJ betrayed America because he was a Rothschild’s bitch to include personally recalling US aircraft going to the rescue of American Navy ship on which Americans in US military personal were being murdered by Israel in International waters, trying to give the red Russian khazarians time to finish sinking the ship, the USS Liberty, and the sheep will bleat in confusion and anger at you, not LBJ or the Israeli criminals.

Point out to the Repbliphile wing of the DC is God Bird that the president they view as a God did not think Americans should have the God Given Right of self protection, and that his Vice President was a well know serial baby raper and the sheep become quite hysterical!

Point out Bill the walking rape tool and pedophile had an extensive line of rapes behind him at least from the time he was expelled form college in England for rape, and was a frequent flyer on Mossad Jeffery’s Child Rape express private jet, that he sold US nuclear secrets to the red Communist Chinese and the sheep may become violent against you.

Inform the sheepHillary is a practicing witch, a pedophile, a war criminal who could not contain her sadistic glee when she had the head of a Foreign Country raped up the ass with a knife before she had him murdered and they may try to take a knife to you!

Clinton on Qaddafi: We came, we saw, he died

The Clintons have left a trail of bodies behind them from the train tracks of Arkansas to Washington DC, and from there all over the world.

Point out to the American sheep the spawn of the treasonous to America Serial child raper Papa CIA BadBush was a gay blade who helped Israel pull off the cowardly attack on New York on 11 September 2001 and both the Reubliphile and Demophile sheep will S#IT their pre-soiled wool!

Tell the Demophile sheep they spent years singing the merits of a first “lady” with a dick, and they will grab their throats with both front hooves and bleat in shock.

The Republiphile sheep don’t want to hear about the dick on the dude either, they just want to point out the over the hill failed porno actress first “lady” which replaced the dude with a dick was better looking.

When the queer foreign alien CIA construct was replaced by the New York yankee Trump the Republiphile wing of the Carrion Slurping Vulture had a damn orgasm for weeks.

Young trump in drag as the date of a known Mafia queer.

As far as what is in the big white Cat House in Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac, what the hell can one say?


The reason the American sheep are such control freaks is if any of the above gets through their false illusion of a free America which is blessed by God, if any of the above truth makes it through their defenses against the truth and reality, if any of the light of reality reaches their eyes and brains they have shoved so far up their sheep asses, their whole world will come tumbling down like the walls of Jericho!

They would have to admit they are complete idiots, fools, dumb asses, suckers, dick suckers to baby raping political prostitutes which sold America and Americans out over a hundred and fifty years ago continuing to this day.

So they must be control freaks to control every bit of lie, every false assumption which buttresses their ignorance fueled stupidity.

If they admit to even one bit of the above truth which is all true history and documented, they will have to admit not only are they some of the most cowardly dumb asses in the history of the world, but so were their parents, grandparents, great grandparents, and in some cases their great-great grandparents.

This must be the reason with all the available documentation available, at least half the American sheep lineup to take a kill jab which WILL kill most of them.

Because the ones “in authority” told em to!
Told em it would save their worthless cowardly lives.
And if they were to admit the jabs are killing tens of thousands of folks while whatever flu is going around has about a 99.8 percent recovery rate, they would have to admit the evil sons of bitches they worship as presidents, congressmen and such are full of shit, their whole life has been shit, their parents life was shit, their grandparents lives were shit.

The cowardly control freak for baby rapers voting treasonous to America sheep would DAMN WELL RATHER DIE than loose control of their illusion of how wonderful, brave and Godly America/Americans are.

And they will die, by the tens of thousands.
The death count in America alone when you cut through all the USA lies is probably about a half a million.
Tens of thousands more will die.
The hospitals are filling up with the jabbed dying now.

As the winter closes in, vitamin D levels drop from lack of sun, the flu season ramps up, it will become a slaughter.

I have placed my ass in the mouth of the cannon for the American sheep, telling the truth again and again every day.

Those who used to call themselves my friends and many “family” members have disassociated themselves with me because either my truth threatens their illusion, or even the cowards who know the truth are afraid Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac is going to take me out and they don’t want to be collateral damage.

Like my ancestor Julius Caesar I have crossed the Rubicon.

And now the Control freak heads up ass sheep have the audacity to say any American who don’t want to take the damed killer jab with them so they can hold on to their false illusion until they damn well die soon, is “SELFISH”.

These mask wearing bleating in fear sheep want smart folks with a set of balls to commit suicide with them to save the control freaks from their own ignorance and follies!
To damn well die with them to protect their illusion!
I would say that is damned well SELFISH!!!

Tell you what.
I have changed my mind.
I believe all the jabbed needs to go get boosters.
One or two a day.
The more boosters they get, the sooner they die.
They going to die anyway, the vast majority of them, but get it damn well done!
The sooner you bleating in fear control freak stupid as hell cowardly mask wearing and jabbed sheep die, the sooner real Americans with a set of balls can try to repair the damage, the shit hole you have made of America!

Get it done!
Take a booster today.
And one tomorrow!

The Ole Dog!

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