…that widespread community mask wearing does nothing to reduce or prohibit the spread of a respiratory virus.

…that masks, after being worn, are treated as a hazardous material.

…that masks limit the free intake of oxygen.

…that masks limit the proper exhalation of CO2.

…that those not properly trained in wearing a mask do not wear masks properly or effectively

…that the constant touching of one’s face due to mask wearing introduces more risk than not wearing a mask at all.

…that man has been dealing with corona viruses for all of history…and has survived just fine.

…that viruses mutate.

…that a healthy body is the best defense against serious complications from a viral infection.

…that individuals with multiple co-morbidities are most susceptible to serious complications or even death from any exposure to a respiratory infection.

…that it normally takes 7-10 years or more to receive approval for any new drug treatment or medical device.

…that no vaccine for a corona virus has ever successfully made it through clinical trials.

…that this is also true for the current jab, as the clinical trial is ongoing – now including billions of people around the world.

…that an effective vaccine doesn’t require booster shots within a few months.

…that antibodies derived from the illness provide better immunity than antibodies derived, or concocted, via a vaccine.

…vaccinating someone who already has antibodies for a given virus is dangerous.


All doctors know these things. Yet very few doctors are saying any of these.


All Doctors Know…

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