Morale among ‘downtrodden’ Border Patrol agents PLUMMETS as Biden policies leave them unable to protect national security – report

What you see here is the right vs left wings of the same carrion slurping bird pointing fingers at each other in the in house games they play while screwing the sheep. Not knocking the border patrol guys in the field, they have done their best, but when the people supposed to be backing you […]


As more and more Mad Cow Maxx Vaxxed with experimental Non Vaccine mRNA DNA altering “gene therapy” killer jab chemical biological Rothschild’s Human Herd Culling Weapon die, the new line is they would have suffered SOOOOOOOO MUCH MORE if they had not taken the jabs which killed them. As far as “THE VIRUS”, I must […]


…that widespread community mask wearing does nothing to reduce or prohibit the spread of a respiratory virus. …that masks, after being worn, are treated as a hazardous material. …that masks limit the free intake of oxygen. …that masks limit the proper exhalation of CO2. …that those not properly trained in wearing a mask do not […]