The Taliban bans the cultivation and production of the CIA’s & “elites” narcotics in Afghanistan

The Taliban are some dark ages ass holes who Mohamed the Prophet would despise. American Zionist Zombie Virus Host Soul-less self righteous charlatan “Christians” are some evil SOB’s Jesus the Christ would take his whip to. That said, before the USA illegally invaded Afghanistan 20 years back, a country which NEVER attacked America, the Taliban […]

We know where you live” – Angry Americans sick and tired Of COVID tyranny face off as MO Attorney General slams mandates as ‘dystopian biomedical security state’

Chatter across the Internet in comment sections, social media or any forum that allows public interactions, indicates that people are feeling the tensions that make it seem like everything is going to just blow up or setting the scene for a “super event.” (Article by Susan Duclos republished from Many would say, “well that […]