As I prepare to go to sleep, as Don Willians said in his song “Good Ole Boys’ “put me to sleep with a picture of stonewall Jackson over my over my bed, 4th cousin twice removed, I look around the wall.

I see the Greek Hoplite sword my great grandfather type Alexander the Great would have carried, just above the Roman Gladius my great grandfather type Julius. Caesar would have carried, just above the Viking sword along with a hand forged Viking Battle axe my great grandfather types Ragnar, Rollo the Walker would have carried.

To their right is the Norman arming sword my great grandfather William the Bastard would have carried at the Battle of Hastings.
Hey, he was not William the Conquerer until AFTER the Battle of Hastings.

To the right of it is what I call my can opener.
The two handed Knights sword which is a replica of my great grandfather type Edward the 1st’s sword the horse carried when he was not opening some knight’s can up.
Basically the same sword my great uncle type Richard the lion hearted would have opened cans with.

Theres a replica of the main pistol my 2nd cousin George Washington carried in the American Revolution just above a Revolutionary War sword which is in turn just above a copy of my 3ed great grandfather Carleton’s discharge from the Continental Army after three years of service under Washington, at Vally Forge & wounded at the Battle of Brandy Wine.

Then there is the Confederate Field and Staff officer’s sword with a Colt’s 3ed model Dragoon revolver representing my Confederate ancestors and 5th Cousin Col. John A. Washington which the USA hunted down and shot 3 times through the back from concealment in his own country, Aid de Camp to my cousin by at least 3 different paths, with a couple of surnames suggesting a couple more at least, General Robert E Lee.

Above is a model 1913 US calvary saber which was designed by my cousin George Patton, 1st cousin to George Washington.

Above that is a WW 1 bayonet which is the type George and my grandfather Baker would have used in the fields of Flanders.

Above that a WW 2 M1 rifle bayonet honoring General George S Patton murdered by the USA for not selling America out to red Russian Communism as the No Combat Coward Ike did, and for trying to stop the pre-planned Cold War which if he had been able to, would have meant no Americans slaughtered in the Korean War, Viet Nam war, and 20 years of Faked War “on terrorism”, all which would not have happened.
Along with my many Carleton cousins who fought in WW 2.

Above that is the M-16 bayonet I carried.

One day the oldest grandson was asking me about each sword in turn.
I explained each one and which one of his ancestors or cousins would have carried it until I got to my M-16 bayonet.

He looked at it and asked me:
“Gampa, why is yours so small?”

I told him that was a hell of a thing to say to a man!
But after I slipped it on the rifle and showed him a few moves with it he was impressed with my little blade.

They were, I am, we all are just another brick in the wall of time.

I remember times past, but what matters is the future.
The brick in the wall we will be in the future is dependent on what we do in the present.

Time to stand up for humanity against the evil ones of our time.

See you in Valhalla!

The Ole Dog!

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