Criminal Mass Murdering CDC tells pregnant women to Kill Their Unborn babies WITH “Covid-19” Experimental “Gene Therapy’ DNA Altering Spike Protein delivering Human herd culling Jabs in updated guidance

Nuremberg Common Law Courts must be convened. Run of the mill Mass Murderers with loaded syringes should be hanged. \ Those cheerleaders for mass murder at the top, especially ones who knowingly mass murder children and the yet unborn which loaded syringes, must “ride The Bull”! The Ole Dog! The Centers for Disease Control and […]

Situation Update, August 11th, 2021 – CDC announces covid internment camps for every US city; will meet MINIMUM “humanitarian” standards-Brighteon Video

I am Texican, not from Tenn. Should ANY SON OF A BITCH try to KIDNAP my Family, I will protect them! I am Viking. It would be an embarrassment to my ancestors anyway if I matched before them having been killed in battle without a shit load of those who came for me and mine […]

Exclusive Interview: Mom Whose 14-Year-Old Son Developed Myocarditis After Pfizer Vaccine No Longer Trusts CDC, Public Health Officials

In an interview with The Defender, Emily Jo said when health officials push the vaccines it’s “we’re all in this together,” but when you follow their advice and you’re injured by a vaccine, you’re on your own. By Megan Redshaw The Defender is experiencing censorship on many social channels. Be sure to stay in touch […]

The Watergate break-in was strictly based on one thing – the pedophile records that were being kept at the Democratic National Headquarters.-EYES WIDE OPEN An Australian Experience of CIA Child Trafficking

I can tell you, from years of trying to get the American people to LOOK at the EVIL of pedophiles, who they vote for, cheer for, send back again and again to DC, Americans do NOT WANT to SEE the EVIL. How oh how does one get the American Head Up Assus Sheep, to pull […]

Amish Farm Fined $250K, Facing Jail Time for Humanely Raising and Selling Food to Willing Customers

Bird-in-Hand, PA — Amos Miller and his family has been running Miller’s Organic Farm for over a century, providing willing and highly satisfied customers with milk, chicken, beef, and eggs. All of the food coming from Miller’s farm is beyond organic, humanely raised in a non-factory setting and the animals treated with dignity as they […]