Allow me to explain the Zionist zombie Virus Host Speak To English Translation Tool.

Take what a Soul-less zionist Zombie virus Host says and flip the meaning 180 degrees.

Take Twitter’s litter zionist zombie virus host speak of “spreading misleading and potentially harmful information related to COVID-19”.

Flip the meaning 180 degrees to decode the zionist zombie lie.

We are locking your account because you continue to shine the Light of Truth on the Twitter Litter lies of there really being a “disease” called “COVID-19” allegedly caused by a Virus not proven to exist, of which neither the CDC or the World Heath Organization can produce a verified scientifically isolated, identified and reproduced stand alone purified sample, the mythical SARS-CoV-2 “Virus”.

Furthermore you are promoting the evil sons of bitches such as myself, cheerleaders for mass murdering humanity with killer spike protein witch’s brew voodoo chemical-biological concoctions loaded syringes, be executed forthwith after Nuremberg Common Law courts find them Guilty of Crimes against humanity and Mass murder.

Furthermore your putting forth the idea of making all evil 30 silver coin taking sons of bitches such as myself “Ride The Bull”, frankly has my evil ass feeling the fires of hell licking at my backside.

I am sure I will have trouble sleeping and will have to drown my evil ass in booze to pass out at night with visions of Hollow Bronze Bellowing Bulls dancing in my Zionist Zombie Virus eaten brain!


Well, tough Titty said the kitty but the milks still good!

Instead of Making evil mass murdering ass holes like the Twitter litter fellow ride the bull, we could lock him in a room spread eagle with sharp objects and a bunch of women, the ones left alive the jab did not kill outright, who realize his cheerleading for the jabs and their believing him has led to them aborting their unborn babies and being sterilized so they never will be able to have children.

Does the name Lorena Bobbitt draw you a mental picture?

I ever tell you of the time my ancestor Edward the 1st cut off the family jewels of an enemy killed in battle, hanged his penis over his nose, stuck his testicles in his mouth, cut off his head and sent it the the wife of another enemy?

I mean I could serve as an advisor to those sterilized women with sharp objects.

As far as the truth:


Truth shines bright the light in the corners of dark,
Causing the vermin to run, slither and embark,

Caterwauling and screeching in turn,
Oh how the truth of the Light does Burn!

The Ole Dog!

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