The Angel Of Death Fauci Said You MUST Mad Cow Maxx Vaxx

The Angel of Death Fauci said you MUST Mad Cow Maxx Vaxx-
To allow anyone to escape the well planned Euthanasia would be lax-

There are way too many humans on this earth for the needs of the “elites”-
Perhaps we can get them to volunteer to take kill jabs with bribes and treats-

We will tell them the kill shots are vaccines to keep them well-
Tell them those who refuse to take the kill jabs are sending the already vaxxed to hell-

They are stupid dumb animals and anything they can be made to believe-
There must be a massive die off of useless food eaters leaving the few left to grieve-

Their dead, their personal looses tearing their hearts in two-
What do I care, I received my thirty pieces of silver from the WHO-

My sister imp of hell over at the lying assed Mass Murdering CDC-
The bitch of hell who thinks of all she has murdered with sadistic glee-

We will be served as Masters by the few humans we allow to live-
Pig slop for the slaves who serve us for substance we will give-

We serve the Master, the Hidden Hand which makes war against Humanity and God-
We Zionist Zombie Virus Host have no Conscience, No Soul left so we give the nod-

To mass murder, to causing grief on a world wide scale never seen before-
We will sadistically party on until forced to Ride the Bull at the closing of the bull’s belly door-

The Ole Dog!

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