France Gov’t Printed “VACCINE PASSPORT” Signs 4 days BEFORE France Ever Had a Case of COVID-19; This Whole COVID Situation has been PLANNED for years

In the 1790s when the French governmnet had become so oppressive as to treat frenchmen like property which were forced to live like animals in squalor while the elites partied on, the French found a solution.

They chopped off the heads of the elites and the elites no longer oppressed the French people.

The guillotine is a French tradition.

Here in America we prefer to see evil bastards doing a dance in the air.

But world wide, because this is a world wide war on humanity directed by a hidden hand, the hidden hand and the most public cheerleaders for trying to mass murder humanity with a loaded syringe filled with Witch’s Brew voodoo Spiked Proteins, must receive Special Treatment, they must be made a special example of.

The greeks had a treatment for the most evil among them.
The screams of the slowly cooked alive SOB came through the horn as bellows from the bull while the crowd cheered.

The EVIL can not be allowed to stand.
Those who took the 30 silver coins to betray humanity MUST PAY THE PRICE!
The most evil, the most public among them, the most fervent cheerleaders for the Mad Cow Maxx Vaxx, the planners, must be made to “Ride the Bull”.

Too cruel you say?

It would be a short and humane death compared to the long lingering sicknesses, blood clots, heart attacks, liver failures, kidney failures, brain aneurysms, and cancers these evil F##Ks are forcing on humanity.

What of the pain of the woman who survives but finds she has been sterilized so she can never know the blessing of motherhood?
A barren lifetime spent longing to sup a child on her breast, but knowing because of these evil bastards it can never happen?

What of the pain of mothers, fathers who have had they children taken from them with a loaded syringe?

What of the loss of children growing up without their parents because well meaning parents believed evil lying bastards and took the Jab?

The example made of the ring leaders and main cheerleaders must be so horrific so that this type evil on this scale is NEVER attempted again!

The Ole Dog!

Evidence has surfaced PROVING the French government had public signs for required VACCINE PASSPORTS printed-up FOUR DAYS BEFORE FRANCE HAD A CASE OF COVID. The signs were printed on 20 January 2020 yet France didn’t have its first case until four days later, on 24 January 2020.

The evidence that this whole “COVID-19” situation worldwide is not only a farce, but a PLANNED attack upon humanity, has arisen in France.

The video below, taken in France, shows the public signage now being put up in France (Sunday, August 8, 2021) telling the public they are REQUIRED to have a vaccine certification. Those signs show the printing production date of “20 January 2020” a full four days before France ever had a case of COVID in the country!

So how did the government of France know there would be a Vaccine Passport in the country four days before a disease outbreak even hit?

The __only__ possible explanation is because they KNEW there would be a disease outbreak named “COVID-19″ because that’s the disease name printed on the posters. Logic dictates that the only way they could have known the specific name of the disease – before it hit — is because the outbreak of a disease called ‘COVID-19” WAS PLANNED.

It had to have been planned. How else would government know to put that disease name on the public posters, four days before the disease even hit the country?

Now, some may say they knew the name because the World Health Organization had named it while the outbreak was still in China. Not so fast . . . .

. . . it turns out that the World Health Organization (WHO) did NOT change the name “novel coronavirus” to “COVID-19” until . . . . February 11. That’s twenty-one days AFTER France had the signs (using that name COVID-19) printed ! ! ! ! ! Here, look:


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