Anti-vaccine protesters try to storm BBC studios as they clash with cops during rally

I have mixed feelings about this kind of protest.
While I fully support the right of the people to free speech, and I Damn well loved it when the French people sprayed liquified horse s#it on the French presidential palace:

Just be aware the evil bastards trying to mass murder humanity with kill shots for a not proved to exist disease aldgedally caused by a “virus” no one can produce a purified sample of, control the MSM,. Twitter, Facebook and most such platforms.

They WILL cast you in the worst light possible on those platforms.

Better is just turn them off.

My oldest brother who believed the “government” and everything he saw on the MSM “news” took the jab, has been in and out of the hospital, is now going to a nursing home to die.

Mt Viet am Vet brother ad his wife told me their TV has not been on in six months and is gathering dust.

I used to watch the local “news” mostly to see the weather report, but I don’t even do that anymore because you have to listen to 20 minuets of lies and bull s#it about an imaginary virus going to kill everyone if they don’t take the killer jab to get to the weather.

Remember when the “AIDS” “Epidemic” was going to kill everyone?
Did not happen did it?

The Ole Dog!

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