Written Proof: CDC Has NO ISOLATED, PURIFIED, Sample of Sars-CoV-2 Virus that causes COVID-19

The United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta has confirmed in writing they do not have any real-life, isolated, purified, sample of the SARS-CoV-2 Virus and cannot provide any records about that virus, which allegedly causes COVID-19.

Over the last several months Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests have been made to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) asking for evidence that CDC has isolated or purified the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

On June 7, 2021, the CDC confirmed (again) in writing they do not have any records showing they have ever isolated or purified the virus that allegedly causes the disease called COVID-19.

These written requests were made by Ms. Christine Massey to CDC/ATSDR FOIA Chief Officer Mr. Robert Andoh, to locate and deliver ANY records, research and/or findings for ANY “viral” isolation and purification (by anyone, anywhere, anytime in the World) from a patient sample, via maceration, filtration and/or the use of an ultracentrifuge . . . what is called the ‘Gold Standard’ for isolating and identifying a pathological micro or nana organism.

The ‘Gold Standard’ for isolating and identifying microbes are referred to as Koch’s and Rivers Postulates which was established many years ago for isolating bacteria (Koch) or Viral (Rivers) postulates.

Here is a side-by-side comparison of Koch’s Postulates and Rivers Postulates:


92 thoughts on “Written Proof: CDC Has NO ISOLATED, PURIFIED, Sample of Sars-CoV-2 Virus that causes COVID-19

  1. Constance Tyler says:

    Very interesting. I was told a number of months ago that it was isolated. Thank you very much for the post.

    • Global war is coming says:

      It’s 5g

    • Paul Kunkel says:

      Was it stated, for the record, who isolated & purified it, & where it was done? And could an isolated purified sample of it be obtained for further research work? The “paper” circulating, unresearched, unpeer-reviewed, signed by about 75 people; have they researched it individually? Listed, where do they work? Where did they get their alleged degrees for this unresearched paper? Desperate people, partisan, empty shirts, looking for visibility.

  2. charlene says:

    I am in no way shocked or surprised by this news. The level of intended deception may be astonishing generally speaking, but all one really had to do was question everything from the very beginning of this fiasco. The dots have been rather easy to connect with the amount of research available. Having said that, we have to focus on ending the human experiment which is continuing to do irreparable damage. We all need to stop listening to the MSM including our local news whenever they mention Covid and the clotshot. They are poisoning everyone.

    • Nemo says:

      So then what is the vector?

      • Nemo says:

        Excellent question. There definitely is something targeting certain people. My friend who was healthy, anti vax and his wife got “covid “. She is a bit overweight as has asthma. She recovered at home, he is still in the hospital After 4 months with lungs in bad shape.

      • Kovid doesn't exist says:

        The vector is SARS-cov-2 has never been proven to actually cause covid19. Therefore, because covid19 has not ever been isolated in any lab anywhere in the world, it means covid 19 never existed and the numer of cases was a scam and the people that died labeled as covid 19 deaths were all murdered by the hospital and its draconian protocols and medical malpractice! COVID NEVER EXISTED EVER! AND COVID DOESN’T EXIST NOW!

        • Nemo says:

          There is something. My friend who called the vaccine ‘the clot shot’ Got covid and after 10 days his wife took him to the hospital because he couldn’t breath. He has a hole and blood clots In his lungs. He was healthy with no pre existing conditions.

  3. joseph says:

    I’ve been saying this from the beginning. Years ago, German doctor Stefan Lanka offered a large reward for anyone who could produce a measle virus. 1 charlatan took him to court when Lanka wouldn’t accept his proof. A lower court ruled for the plaintiff but on appeal a higher court ruled the supplied proof was no proof at all, and ruled for Lanka. But all you get at google is articles about the lower court ruling. Viruses do not exist as advertised.
    Before I use google I use duckduckgo.co. or even yandex.com

  4. Ironhog says:

    This is how the CDC “purified and isolated” the SRAS-CoV-2 virus:
    Virus “Isolation” methods involved the use of “cultured Vero E6 [clone of Vero 76, kidney epithelial cells from Cercopithecus aethiops, AKA African green monkey or grivet], Vero CCL-81 [African green monkey cell line], , HUH 7.0 [derived from cellular carcinoma cell line that was originally taken from a liver tumor in a 57-year-old Japanese male in 1982], 293T [derivative a human embryonic kidney cells expressing a T antigen mutant], A549 [adenocarcinomic (cancerous tumor) human alveolar (lung) basal epithelial cells], and EFKB3 cells [of Vero E6 cell line – African green monkey kidney cells], in Dulbecco minimal essential medium (DMEM) supplemented with heat-inactivated fetal bovine [cow/calve] serum (5% or 10%) and antibiotics/antimycotics.” “We then trypsinized and resuspended Vero cells in DMEM containing 10% fetal bovine serum, 2× penicillin / streptomycin, 2× antibiotics / antimycotics, and 2× amphotericin B at a concentration of 2.5 × 105 cells/mL.” Thus by the government’s own stated standards for RT-PCR testing, this data is not valid.

    See: Harcourt, J., Tamin, A., Lu, X., Kamili, S., Sakthivel, S. K., Murray, J….Thornburg, N. J. (2020). Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 from Patient with Coronavirus Disease, United States. Emerging Infectious Diseases, 26(6), 1266-1273. https://doi.org/10.3201/eid2606.200516

    • Cal says:

      What stands out for me in the CDC’s response is the following:
      “Specifically, the National Centre for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases apprises that CDC does not purify or isolate any COVID-19 virus in the manner the requester describes.”
      You could take this one of two ways; either no purification of Covid-19 has ever been done, or that the CDC itself, has not done the purification/isolation. In other words, their statement does not rule out that the purification/isolation has not been done elsewhere and by other persons.

      • John Carleton says:

        I just wrote a piece called what if humanity is not just playing stupid.

        If you are a true believer in forcing useless masking, communist lockdowns and killer jabs on humanity, if you just can not admit you have been had, and badly so you want everyone else to commit assisted suicide with you so you feel better about killing yourself, please go get several boosters.

        Sooner the stupid ones die off the better chance for a survival of the smart ones who figured the scam out.

        grasping at any thing you can find to try to keep from admitting you dropped your pants and begged to take it up the ass from jackals is not a trait needs to be passed on to humanity if humanity is to survive as a species.

        • sallee keller says:

          Excellent reply

        • Robin C says:

          Hey, If I had more knowledge? And I don’t! I doubt I could put it as well as yourself.
          Fully agree.

        • Vince de Simone says:

          Ummm .. well yess .. what you said

        • Global war unfortunately has to happen says:

          That’s how u smoke those fucking idiots. Don’t seem to be any on here. All the pharma paid fuckstains seem to be trolling Facebook. Its a 5g attack. People are figuring it out. Civil War soon

        • Kate says:

          As it is said “Pride goeth before the fall”

        • ursel doran says:

          The Darwin Award!!!

        • Rolex says:

          I think it’s called cognitive dissonance. Not a good trait to pass along.
          The stubbornness of stupidity is truly amazing.

        • Matthew says:

          True! I also had believed that it wasn’t isolated as well, and subsequently concluded that the virus was a hoax, because I heard it from sources I had found to be trustworthy. However, I can now see that it has in fact been isolated / purified since early 2020 by labs in multiple countries, so this at least was indeed misinformation misconstrued from this single alleged FOIA response which always seems to appear in articles as nothing more than a screenshot with no source link available that I have yet found.

          While I still conclude that the death jab is unnecessary, useless, and in fact causing more death and injury than all previous vaccines combined, it is still untrue that the virus had never been isolated. To the best of my ability and with the limited access to information that I have, I concede that the “fact checkers” got this one right.

          The moral of the story for me, is that I’ll now have to more carefully scrutinize the claims made by sources who continue to make assertions to the contrary. This punches major holes in the credibility of those sources and risks damaging the overarching message, that there are indeed bad actors trying to cause us harm, regardless of whether or not this particular virus is actually real.

          I would further argue, at a humanitarian level, that ANY human on earth, who has for ANY reason whatsoever, been found to have been knowingly engaging in and contributing to the development of biological agents which have the potential to cause great harm and loss of life, should be tried for crimes against humanity and subject to the death penalty pending a speedy trial. This includes their financiers and other benefactors insomuch as it can be proven that they acted with ill intent.

          • John Carleton says:

            My bottom line on the existence of the virus, its isolation and sequencing Feb
            by Jon Rappoport
            by Jon Rappoport

            February 3, 2022

            (To join our email list, click here.)

            What proof would I accept? What sort of proof would convince me that SARS-CoV-2 exists?

            Suppose, for example, a study described how researchers actually DID separate a virus from all the material surrounding it in their cell-soup in the lab?

            Would that be enough?

            And the answer is no.


            Because I don’t trust studies based on research conducted in elite labs where no independent outsiders are allowed. And that’s the situation, when it comes to purported virus isolation.

            These labs are like the famous bunkers where key government officials are taken, in the event of a massive attack against the country.

            Try getting in off the street.

            And who are these researchers in the super-secret labs? To put it another way, what sort of establishment do they represent?

            Is it a clean establishment with a track record of honesty? Or is it a cartel with a criminal history?

            If it’s a cartel, why should I accept the “scientific methods” of these researchers or their honesty?

            As my long-time readers know, I’ve spent decades exposing lies and crimes of the medical cartel. Chapter and verse. (For example this: Medical weapons of mass destruction)

            When it comes to vital issues that mean the difference between life and death—drug/vaccine-fueled destruction of human life; mistreatment and errors in hospitals; faked disease case and death numbers; inaccurate, meaningless, and deceptive diagnostic tests; the fabricated existence of a whole range of phony diseases and disorders and syndromes; the true numbers of medically caused deaths—medical authorities have been lying and sliming their way out of accountability for MANY decades.

            And all this doesn’t touch on the history of public health declarations of epidemics that have turned out to be duds.

            Nor does it include the overall history of Rockefeller medicine, which is based on the fatuous notion that there are thousands of separate and distinct diseases, each one of which is caused by a germ that must be treated by a profit-making drug.

            Nor does it include the history of vicious suppression of innovative treatments developed by individuals who’ve worked outside the mainstream.

            Therefore, suspicion is warranted. Is absolutely necessary. And “suspicion” is a vast understatement.

            I refuse to trust the researchers who simply claim they’re isolating viruses.

            When it comes to the so-called basic building blocks of MANY so-called diseases—which ARE “the viruses”—all the discovery-research HAS BEEN conducted by insiders in their off-limit labs. Without independent witnesses. Without educated witnesses who can watch and question each and every step of “the accepted method” for isolation of new viruses.

            Frankly, you would have to be crazy to accept anything coming out of these insider-club labs.

            So NO. I don’t accept such findings.

            Before I describe how outsiders SHOULD be allowed to witness and participate in secret lab work, let me give you two quotes to consider.

            They come from decidedly mainstream and elite editors of elite medical journals. These editors have read and explored and probed and lifted the fake cover from published medical material for decades. Material they themselves have published. Therefore, these are CONFESSIONS.

            ONE: “It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.” (Dr. Marcia Angell, NY Review of Books, January 15, 2009, “Drug Companies & Doctors: A Story of Corruption)

            TWO: “The case against science is straightforward: much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue. Afflicted by studies with small sample sizes, tiny effects, invalid exploratory analyses, and flagrant conflicts of interest, together with an obsession for pursuing fashionable trends of dubious importance, science has taken a turn towards darkness…”

            “The apparent endemicity of bad research behaviour is alarming. In their quest for telling a compelling story, scientists too often sculpt data to fit their preferred theory of the world. Or they retrofit hypotheses to fit their data. Journal editors deserve their fair share of criticism too. We aid and abet the worst behaviours. Our acquiescence to the impact factor fuels an unhealthy competition to win a place in a select few journals. Our love of ‘significance’ pollutes the literature with many a statistical fairy-tale…Journals are not the only miscreants. Universities are in a perpetual struggle for money and talent…” (Dr. Richard Horton, editor-in-chief, The Lancet, in The Lancet, 11 April, 2015, Vol 385, “Offline: What is medicine’s 5 sigma?”)

            Suspicion is warranted. It’s absolutely necessary. And again, “suspicion” is a vast understatement.

            More than a year ago, I mentioned how virus-isolation research—if the word “research” applies at all—should be done.

            And I issue this now, as a challenge, to the entire insider-club of virologists, all of whom claim their established method of finding and sequencing new viruses is scientific and rigorous:

            Let’s have a film crew on site. As you work. In your lab. Looking over your shoulders and recording every move you make.

            And with the film crew, let’s have several knowledgeable, outside, independent researchers. People whom you would ordinarily refuse to give the time of day. People who are insightful. Possibly, people like Dr. Stefan Lanka, Dr. Andrew Kaufman, Dr. Tom Cowan.

            As the film crew works, and as you conduct and describe your step-by-step “isolation” of a new virus, these outsiders can stop you at any moment and question you. In depth.

            “Why did you just do that?” “Why didn’t you record that step?” “Explain that answer you just gave me. It makes no sense.” “Exactly what did you just withdraw from the solution in the dish, and how do you know what it was?”

            This is not a public relations exercise or an educational documentary for medical students. This is REAL. This is research about your research. No holds barred.

            You give a slippery answer to a question; you evade with a vague generality; you try to pull rank; you get nailed to the wall. On film.

            THIS is the procedure I want.

            All the way from start to finish. Including the so-called sequencing of the “new virus.”

            And then we would know a great deal more about what you’re actually doing and not doing in your labs. In the absence of what I’m proposing and demanding, THERE IS NO REASON TO ASSUME THE PROCESS OF VIRUS-ISOLATION IS LEGITIMATE.

            Virologists, your work affects every human on Earth. Profoundly. To see this, all a person has to do is look around him these days, at what is called “COVID.” It proceeds from your so-called discovery of SARS-CoV-2.

            I view you virologists as I would view the court magicians and soothsayers and high priests who surrounded and advised the leaders of tribes and nations in ancient times.

            Those “experts” huddled with the leaders in their very private rooms and spun stories and predictions, and recommended strategies to deal with supposed ongoing and looming crises.

            And then the leaders took actions that affected the lives of all the people.

            So it is now. With you virologists.

            So my demands are entirely within bounds. If you have a shred of honesty, and if you stop and think about it, what I’m demanding is prosaically simple:

            You account for every step you take. In real time. Where you work. Right there, you submit yourselves to the detailed scrutiny of independent outsiders.

            That’s my bottom line.

            And I challenge any scientist, analyst, investigator, doctor, researcher, reporter, alt. reporter who says what I’m demanding is not necessary. You’re wrong. You’re dead wrong.

            You either haven’t thought things through, or you’re lying.

            Someone is going to tell me what I’m demanding, as proof, is impossible. It would never happen. “They” would never let it happen. They would never let independent outsiders into their holy labs.

            You think I don’t know that?

            If outsiders can’t get into their labs, what does that tell you?

            And someone will say, “We just have to rely on the best evidence we have.”

            No we don’t. Because the best available evidence is no evidence.

            In a vast sea of death-dealing medical lies, a sea that has existed for more than a hundred years (actually much longer), if experts tell you they’re discovering viruses in labs you can’t enter, and they say you must believe them, and you buy that…

            I have condos for sale on the far side of the moon. Full cash only, no payments.

            Here it is: Virologists are saying and writing they’ve found a purple man with pink hair and green lips and four arms living a thousand miles under the surface of a planet in the next solar system over. And he causes disease.

            Then they’re saying, “Prove us wrong.”

            On top of that, they’re saying, “You can’t watch us work while we discover such creatures.”

            Conclusion: the purple man doesn’t exist.

            Virologists, text me when you’ll let my people into your lab.

            Until then, get lost.

            Dear reader, the elephant in the room is trust, not data.

            When it comes to the “discovery of viruses,” there are no reliable data. We, on the outside, are told that what happens behind locked doors is irrefutable. Period.

            We’re told we just can’t understand what the pros are doing. The problem is our lack of knowledge, our lack of training.

            We’re the peasants toiling in the valley. Our better, the baron, is up in his castle on top of the mountain. He’s planning our lives, he’s taking care of us.

            Sure. Of course. Uh-huh.

            Sounds familiar. It’s pretty much the history of the world.

            Or it was, until people who came before us finally staked out a territory called freedom, which involved opening locked doors and finding out what lay behind them.

            Consider a parochial example: the mafia. They, too, plan behind closed doors. They concoct methods of carrying out crimes. They record their profits. Then, finally, a prosecutor announces, “We were able to get into their books. We saw the details. We made arrests.”

            I want my independent accountants to get into the virologists’ books. But not after the fact. I want my people to BE there while the virologists are creating the books, entry by entry, in the lab.

            “Why did you just make that entry? Where did your conclusion come from? Who are you trying to kid? You’re just fabricating this stuff? You know, that’s called RICO. That’s a RICO case. Continuing criminal enterprise. They’ll send you away for a long time…”

            And all of a sudden, the high and mighty virologist, who’s been able to con the world with his hustle, who knows how to come off sounding superior in every way, feels a dent in his armor. A big dent. He smells his own blood.

            And he starts talking.

            He wants to make a deal. He’ll roll over on his colleagues. He’ll expose the whole sham.

            “…You don’t understand. It’s the money. It’s all about the money. Where it comes from. We have to do this kind of work. Otherwise, we starve. They cut us off. I know the people on the funding committees. I’ll give you their names. They take orders, too. The whole thing is a system. I can draw you a map. I can’t go to jail. I have a family. I’m paying eighty grand a year just to send my kids to college. There’s the mortgage, and the cottage on the Cape…”

            The whole bluff POPS and deflates, and we begin to hear words we understand, at last. The words of confession. The down-to-earth sordid truth.

            There was never a towering mystery in the castle on the hill.

            There was just the passing of the buck. The soiled buck. From hand to hand.

            The “science” was the front.

            “…You see, it works this way. The pharmaceutical companies have to have new viruses. For every fake virus, they develop a real drug and a real vaccine. It’s marketing. That’s what they’re doing. That’s what they’ve always been doing. This is much bigger than anyone realizes. I’m just a little fish. The big boys run the whole show. They pay the Congress and the FDA. They pay everybody…”

            He keeps talking. He can’t stop. He’s way past “isolation, purification and sequencing.” They’re in his rear-view mirror. Now he’s fighting for his freedom from prison. Now he’s telling the truth.

            And the ever-present storm clouds over the valley where we peasants toil are blowing away. The air is fresher.

            We’re breathing easier.

            The big-cheese baron is really a shrunken little man—when he takes his perp walk in chains.

      • c says:

        Or that the CDC does not use the Koch’s – River’s Postulates as the Gold standard. Thus, allowing them to either use any method they deem fit. The FOIA request should be sent again to define the Gold standard for isolation and purification of the virus using Koch-River Postulates.

        • John Carleton says:

          The CDC document is only one of many which people have received from most “governments” and agencies involved with the Scamdemic.

          Not one “government”, not one agency of any of these “governments” can produce a stand alone verified Identified, isolated, purified reproducible sample of a SARScov-2 “virus”.

          They each and everyone were forced to admit that in writing.

          There is NO PROOF SARScov-2 exist, thus it can not be proved to be causing the Mythical “COVID-19” “virus” for which there areNO EXISTING VACCINES for.

          The Killer jabs being miscalled “COVID-19” “VACCINES” ARE EXPERIMENTAL mRNA DNA altering “Gene Therapy” jabs which are delivering death via Killer Spike protein injecting loaded syringes.

          If one was just so very trusting or stupid as the case may be, one could argue these killer jabs were not meant to kill everyone who takes them, but would be hard pressed to explain why the Swine Flu jab was shut down after only 25 deaths while the admitted deaths in America alone for these is over 13 thousand, with most intelligent folks figuring the number dead in America alone is at least a half million with the true number probably being more.

      • Johnny says:

        “Specifically, the National Centre for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases apprises that CDC does not purify or isolate any COVID-19 virus in the manner the requester describes.”

        I think the most important phrase is “…in the manner the requester describes.”

        They isolated it as another post said. Also it has been isolated in India and Italy but not the way the requester described. I’m not sure sars-cov2 could ever be isolated in the way the requester described.

        To deny it’s existence on a FOI request isn’t very smart. And if it doesn’t exist then you can’t then say it was created in a lab in China, as many do. It’s a coronavirus (the flu) manipulated (bio engineered) in the Wuhan lab. That unnatural virus has been isolated from the urine of patients and by other means.

        It’s real, it kills the sick and weak, and people with other health issues. It isn’t as dangerous as they say and was never meant to be so. The whole idea and plan was to push the evil “vaccines” on people which really will kill people.

        That’s my two pennies worth!

        • John Carleton says:

          you got screwed on your 2 cents worth.
          There is a set scientific protocol in which a virus must be identified, isolated, purified and be stand alone reproducible to be called a virus.

          They did none of the above.
          They took a picture of a computer analysis of a hodgepodge of duck soup.

          • johnny says:

            “They took a picture of a computer analysis of a hodgepodge of duck soup.”

            Really? have you ever bothered to read the studies and lab papers? Do you know how viruses are usually isolated? I presume the answer is no. Why? because saying they just “took a picture of a computer analysis of a hodgepodge of duck soup” just isn’t true at all. Also not just the CDC but other laboratories around the world have isolated the virus.
            I hope you find this link helpful for you and others just in case you have forgotten your microbiology lessons and the science behind isolating a virus.

            Isolation, Culture, and Identification of Viruses

          • Global war has to happen says:

            It don’t exist because it’s a toxic frequency that is destroying telemers. It’s fucking 5g. War is soon

        • John Carleton says:

          As I said, to have a scientifically verified virus, one must identify it, isolate it, purify it, be able to reproduce it in a serial lab setting.
          CDC did not WHO did not FDA did not.

          You have to take a sample from someone with it, stand alone purify it, be able to introduce the stand along purified virus into a host and give the host the disease, then extract the virus from the host

          They have not done this, a PCR test is faulty for the purposes being used and even they have admitted run at over 35 cycles give you all the false positive you want

          Therefore that is why they have to admit they do not have a verified sample of a virus.

          You can throw all the hissy fits you want and say maybe they did it a different way, but they had to admit they don’t have a scientifically verified sample of the claimed virus and you are throwing hissy fits because the truth causes you to extract the contents of your colon into your fruit of the looms.
          I hope this information helps you clean out your fruit of the looms.

          • Johnny says:


            You seemed to ignore the information I linked to about how a virus is isolated!

            I admire your strong stance but not your lack of knowledge. I sent the link hoping you would read it about the basics of microbiology. Obviously you didn’t.

            Plus “As I said, to have a scientifically verified virus, one must identify it, isolate it, purify it, be able to reproduce it in a serial lab setting.
            CDC did not WHO did not FDA did not.”

            What part of the studies from the CDC, and Indian labs and Italian labs and UK labs have you failed to read? It’s been identified and reproduced in vitro. Saying it hasn’t is a complete and utter lie.
            It has also been isolated from the urine of people infected in India! The people were the host!
            You want it isolated then deny that lab technicians use the methods for isolation!
            You want it purified and then say they can’t use the methods for purifying it!
            Very unscientific and not very useful. I think I sent the link to the basics of microbiology and I would have thought you would have read it. But alas it doesn’t seem so.

            No sarcasm or thinking I’m superior to you. No judgement about your knowledge either.

            FOI REQUESTS are not science and if you read what they ask in the letter then you will realise that the health organisation wouldn’t be able to give such knowledge (a record) that even the flu virus exists!

            Virus isolation isn’t done as you have suggested or how the request was made in the letter (the FOI request). Link to some scientific methods and I will read them.

            Take care and peace.

            Plus if you are a Christian I think it better that you stop judging my comments in a condescending way and almost vulgar way (I could be a lot more vulgar if I wanted to) and think that I have fits about this. Not at all.

            I have a sound mind and my looms are fine too thanks.

            The PCR test is another topic.

            Sars-covid-19 is real and if you think the FOI request you showed nullifies that fact then I really can’t help you.

            Again the answer from the FOI request doesn’t say it hasn’t been isolated at all! Unless you misread it.

            Take care and God bless.

          • Kristina millar says:

            They have NEVER done the gold standard for ANY “virus” not have they scientifically proven human to human transmittion. They tried to with the Spanish flu and then again in the 50s and they were unable to they were unable to get the participants sick.

        • John Carleton says:

          “During the early months of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, clinical specimens [of the virus] were not readily available to developers of IVDs [in vitro diagnostics] to detect SARS-CoV-2. Therefore, the FDA authorized IVDs based on available data from contrived samples generated from a range of SARS-CoV-2 material sources (for example, gene specific RNA, synthetic RNA, or whole genome viral RNA) for analytical and clinical performance evaluation. While validation using these contrived specimens provided a measure of confidence in test performance at the beginning of the pandemic, it is not feasible to precisely compare the performance of various tests that used contrived specimens because each test validated performance using samples derived from different gene specific, synthetic, or genomic nucleic acid sources.”

          They now claim without producing the proof they have resamples now.

          • Johnny says:

            At the beginning maybe! They didn’t know what the virus was. Additionally, don’t for one minute think I trust the CDC, I do not!

            Now numerous labs all over the world have isolated it. Are working against it. The world famous Italian doctor who invented the procedure of using plasma had 100% success rate. Unfortunately he committed suicide last July (that is suspicious).
            But he had developed a system of treating sars-covid-19 (which you still insist doesn’t exist) with a 100% success rate. The patients didn’t die and went home.
            If he wasn’t treating sars-covid-19 what was he treating with his specific plasma medication based on the isolation of the sars-covid-19 virus?
            I have to disagree with you that the virus hasn’t been isolated but I believe we are free to disagree.

          • Cecily says:

            Very recently, a high profile court case in Alberta Canada rested on the ability of the top medical professionals in Canada to produce a sample of the covid-19 virus to verify its existence. They were unable to do. The Queen of England wasn’t able to provide a sample. They lost the case. As a result, Alberta discontinued the lockdowns and masks that had previously been required when it was assumed an actual virus existed.
            What I find interesting about the response from the person who insists there ARE samples, is that he cites India as the place this was accomplished. India? Why was it not done HERE by the CDC, FDA or any of the myriad pharmaceutical companies that are profiting in the untold billions from the vaccines? As someone else mentioned, this makes it very clear that the vaccines are the true focus, not the elusive “covid” virus.

        • John Carleton says:

          “Now numerous labs all over the world have isolated it. Are working against it”

          Then they should not have any problem presenting a verified scientifically isolated purified stand alone sample, but no one has.

          Maybe they just don’t want to?

          • johnny says:

            My last post I’m sure you are glad to hear!

            Can you please provide me with a living Apple that is isolated from a tree. It has to be alive but can’t be connected to any tree nor artificial tree. It must be alive. Can’t be placed in any other liquid to preserve it etc.

            If not then I will conclude that living apples don’t exist.

            Thanks in advance.

        • John Carleton says:

          You are starting to bore me.

          90 Health/Science Institutions Globally All Failed to Cite Even 1 Record of “SARS-COV-2” Purification, by Anyone, Anywhere, Ever

          Freedom of Information Requests: Health/ Science Institutions Worldwide “Have No Record” of SARS-COV-2 Isolation/Purification

          (The Nobel prize winning scientist who invented the PCR test and who said Fauci was “an administer who knows nothing about anything, who thought you could put a sample of blood under an electronic microscope and see a virus”
          In this video he explained the process one must go through to scientifically isolate and identify a virus.

          Now as you have tried to mount the Royal Big lizard’s Blue blooded leg reparably, I will allow you to go to each of these 90 governments and agencies which admitted in writing they did not have stand alone scientifically identified isolated reproducible samples of the alleged virus, and gather verified certified copies of their proof they now have them.

          • Johnny says:

            Ok I bore you and the boredom comes because?

            I have said repeatedly that FOI requests prove nothing! Especially when the unscientific requests are made. And what do you do? You refer me to FOI’s made in different countries! The FOI requests are nonsensical! I wish you could see that. That is why I gave you the example of an apple!

            Did you bother to read anything about microbiology? The answer is NO! Not even the basics! Isolate a damn living apple not attached to a tree as requested before! But you can’t. I’m not bored with you but the bible would say you are a fool as you lack knowledge! And close your eyes to wisdom.

            I already mentioned about the PCR test (I believe) and that its use is usually unscientific and inaccurate for sars-covid-19. This you appear to also ignore.

            John I am on your side but step back, examine all the evidence first! Be of sound mind.

            One last question: what would “scientifically identified isolated reproducible samples of the alleged virus, and… verified certified copies of their proof” look to you?

            In his grace

          • Redpill says:

            This Johnny dude walks back his comments more than Fauci.

            Got everyone providing him links to the proof, yet denies it all the way until he gets called out with more proof, then all the sudden he hates the CDC and their protocols!

            Oh well, he can “baaahhhhhhh” his way to the truth eventually. Most likely after his 10th booster and when he can’t walk anymore.

            these FOI docs show us exactly how the elites work. They change the definition for isolation. They change the definitions to fit their agenda, and the sheeple shall follow.

        • John Carleton says:

          I gave you an assignment based on facts and scientific proof, but all you did was drop your soiled fruit of the looms, spread the cheeks of your zionist Zombie ass and start spewing zionist Zombie Shit again.

          Mass murder is a hanging offense and so is lying &ignorance when that ignorance aids mass murderers.

          I expect to see you on the docket when Fair Nuremberg common Law Trials are held.

          • Johnny says:

            I think I’ve given you more than the benefit of the doubt. You are clearly deranged in your thinking and this isn’t an insult (as I am sure you will take it that way).

            Someone that has no time to read or understand anything scientific (even the basics of microbiology) yet pretends that FOI requests are the best way to determine science is truly “Stupid”.

            There are many other words which “YOU” would use but I won’t because I am a true believer in Christ! You are a fake Christian and a fake truth seeker. Otherwise you would have read about how viruses are isolated. I truly feel sorry for you.

            You reject truth if it isn’t your truth! Actually very sad and pathetic! I wrote to you several times about the science yet you rejected all and I know why. You actually don’t understand it.

            Also your reply was vulgar and unchrist like so I know 100% your heart! One day you will know that Christ’s love motivated me but your ego pushed you to write a lot of twaddle!

            I hope that God grants you wisdom and knowledge.

            And you are right. I will not bother writing any more as it appears that you can’t actually read.

        • John Carleton says:

          ‘THE LIGHT’

          Truth shines bright the light in the corners of dark,
          Causing the vermin to run, slither and embark,

          Caterwauling and screeching in turn,
          Oh how the truth of the Light does Burn!

          The Ole Dog!

          • Johnny says:

            Now I know you are neither a christian nor a truth seeker! Thank you! You are a very sad person that needs help to cope with your insecurities.
            Please educate yourself before writing rubbish on your blog. You have shown yourself to be ileterate and unwise in the things of man and of God. Enjoy the rest of your beautiful life

          • Rolex says:

            This guy “Johnny” is a total BOZO.

            He writes, “Someone that has no time to read or understand anything scientific”

            After providing him with the Kery Mullis video?

            These trolls are just a wast of time. But they are hilarious!!!
            That “apples” analogy is pure stupidity, but funny.

        • John Carleton says:


          Now as i lay here fighting sleep from which i am afraid i will never awake-
          Please please listen and grant me these things for which i want for goodness sake-

          Cure the illness i brought on myself by actions i refused to change-
          You are all powerful God after all, so easy, and so little to arrange-

          A long wealthy life for me in the fame and power of this rock-
          On your door for forgiveness and mercy after all, i did knock-

          You are supposed to give your followers what they want after all-
          And all i am asking for is my part of the haul-

          From the health & wealth of this earth which as a “christian” belongs to me-
          That should be easy enough for an all knowing God to see-

          Take from my body these Spike Proteins I had Injected against your will and biblical advice-
          I did give you the finger while I listened to the Pope, FUACI, Biden, Walensky and did inject twice-

          But if in your harshness, you refuse to save me from myself and make me well-
          Please oh please don’t send me, forsaken of your mercy to Spiked Protein Zionist Zombie Hell!

          The Ole Dog!

        • John Carleton says:



          • Ironhog says:

            Thank you for posting this!

          • johnny says:

            I wasn’t going to reply but something needs to be said. It appears I watched the above video yet you haven’t.
            It says absolutely nothing about virus isolation (or rather very, very little).
            You wrote “CORRECT WAY TO IDENTIFY A STAND ALONE PURIFIED VIRUS”. I must have missed it so if you could say the time he starts talking about it I would appreciate it. Oh and please don’t respond with “you have to do your own research” or the like. I did I watched it and that’s why I need your help because I must have missed it.

            Also the topic is about HIV becoming AIDS. He doesn’t once doubt that HIV exists (which I presume you probably do). His whole argument is that no-one has every scientifically demonstrated that HIV becomes AIDS. He also accepts that such a thing could be demonstrated in the future but at the time he was speaking it hadn’t been done.
            Not sure if you are aware but viruses need a living host to stay alive. You seem to think a virus can be picked up thrown in a test tube all by itself and still be alive!
            that’s not how viruses work and live.
            Next time you get the flu or a cold or a runny nose, please don’t tell anyone as such a flu or cold obviously doesn’t exist! As these are the latest FOI requests being made to CDC/NIH etc. and the reply is no we have no records of such a type of virus “as you are requesting”.
            People now conclude that no viruses exist at all anymore!
            “A ZIONIST ZOMBIE SLINGING SHIT” so far from the truth – one day you will hopefully understand your blinkered view of the world hasn’t helped you at all.

        • Sara says:

          Hi Johnny.
          I’ve done a lot of research and am still confused about the isolate situation. Sensibly, from a scientific standpoint, a virus should be able to show the Rivers or Kochs requisites. Just seeing it in a pcr or electron microscope doesn’t make any sense without any infected human material, which is what the CDC relied on from supposed info from China. It gets murky as to the specifics of what I just said and it feels like the scientific community that makes billions on the Covid19 (over 40 new billionaires have been created) wants us to be confused. Like they threw out the base rules that they’ve used for centuries and in the last 20 years have purposely been making new ones as the standard so that we can’t ask questions or follow their theories. The one thing you said in one of your posts is that a virus can’t live outside of a host. The thing I don’t understand on a logical point of that is if that is true, which I’ve read on many accounts that it is, then how can the virus be transmitted from person to person in the air or saliva as the CDC has said. I believe I just read that they claim that’s how it’s transmitted on the cdc site. (I’m so overwhelmed with information, but believe that’s accurate.)

          • Kristina millar says:

            We have all been lied to for a century. Viruses do not cause disease diseases caused by toxins and improper diets. All the toxins were injecting in ourselves through vaccines is doing havoc on our health. It’s also sterilizing us slowly. I have never been an anti-vaxxer not until the last year or so. My kids are fully vaccinated with the regular regimens. I blindly trusted as hundreds of thousands of people have over the years however it has come to my attention that germ theory is a hoax the reason that bacteria and viruses are present when there is disease is because they are opportunistic. No one has proven that any virus exists cuz no one has isolated any virus and purified it according to Koch postulates which should be easy to do you find something and somebody that’s sick that you think is causing the disease you pull it out you isolate it so that it’s all by itself then you put that in another organism if that makes that one sick then you pull it back out and it verify it against the first one it shouldn’t be that hard however they’ve never done it. They’ve also never proven human to human transmission every time they try they fail miserably. I’ve gone down a rabbit hole this year that just is insane and everything we’ve ever been taught is a lie. The medical industry is just that a business. Designed to make money and not to make us well. Check out videos on Odyssey by Dr Sam Bailey. Of course it can only be on Odyssey because YouTube started taking her videos down so she moved them all over the Odyssey she is a verified doctor she is an author for a series called virus mania which you can check out. She lists all of her information sources and the studies that she quotes and she’s got her information from. It blew my mind and it blew hers too. The purposes to make you lifelong money makers to the big pharma companies cuz if you have to have a booster every 6 months they make s*** tons of money off of you. It’s all about greed.

          • Researcher says:

            Don’t listen to Johnny. He’s an idiot and not a scientist.

            Virologists don’t use controls because that would be the killer experiment. Using control groups would immediately disprove the existence of a virus.

            Virologists would get exactly the same results without the patient sample because they use a PCR test (which uses sequences already found in the human genome and bacteria) to confirm presence of the virus, because virologists claim a virus can’t be separated or isolated from the host cells. Or separated from exosomes. They can’t make up their minds. It varies depending on which virologist you happen to be reading. They can’t make up their mind.

            Which means if that’s true – that the virus can’t be separated – then how does it infect other cells? How does it infect other organisms?

            Immediately they contradict themselves. In fact there’s so much contradiction in the field of virology itself, if you can be bothered actually understanding their fabricated models then you’ll find out they can’t tell you the origins of viruses, they can’t explain how viruses move, without motile abilities, or how they replicate without a Krebbs cycle.

            It really is the most absurd nonsense. Of course the experiments are unrepeatable and unverifiable by other scientists on a lab bench, which is another indication of fraud.

            In order to fabricate (or create the illusion of existence) of these mythical viruses, virologists devised an experiment where the cells are poisoned and starved in order to elicit the “cytopathic effect”.

            That’s their entire proof that a virus is actually replicating. That and the fake PCR-tests.

            At no time do they ever find a virus. At no time do they ever take that isolated virus and introduce it to an animal to try to prove that what they found in the Petri dish besides all the poisons and foreign organic matter they add, is related to a virus.

            They would have to show an animal or human became ill (with the same symptoms) from introducing them to the viral isolate to get near Rivers or Koch’s Postulates.

            They don’t even bother because they don’t believe they should have to prove anything, which is the level of arrogance and fraud in the virological (fraud) community.

            Think of virology as an invented, defensive, deceptive protocol that supports the use of poisoned injections.

            It’s not a valid science, in any way.

            Read the work of Stefan Lanka, Tom Cowan, Virus Mania, The Poisoned Needle, Bye Bye Germ Theory and What Really Makes You Ill.

        • Researcher says:

          You are clueless on this subject. Your answers are some of the most ignorant I’ve ever seen. Those sick and elderly were already dying. They were given a fake test and the percentage that tested positive were counted as covid deaths, when there is no covid. That’s FRAUD.

          They all had co-morbidities.

          The elderly and informed and critically ill, even those in hospices dying of cancer or Alzheimer’s were tested using a fake PCR method which tests for sequences already in the human genome. Above a certain threshold number – around 16 – all PCR tests are meaningless and create noise.

          All viral tests are fraudulent. RT-PCR. Antibody tests. Lateral flow tests.

          No virus is ever isolated. At no time in any viral paper is a virus separated from cellular matter or debris.

          Therefore, all viral tests are false. They are either testing for meaningless sequences already in the human genome and bacteria, like the RT-PCR test, or they are testing for common immunoglobulins, which are NON SPECIFIC, and don’t prove the presence of any virus, past or present.

          Other viral tests including AIDS, tests for a PROTEIN not a virus.

          These “viral” tests also don’t provide any evidence of a viral infection.

          They are a fraudulent method to create a need for uptake of a vaccine or a therapeutic, therefore they are based on fraud, not validated scientific principles.

          Your comments are misleading and ignorant.

          Shame on you for spreading disinformation and using Christianity as some kind of shield to protect your lies.

        • Global war will be terror says:

          India figured out it was lab created

      • kate says:

        That is the same thought I had. It can be interpreted in more than one way.

    • Researcher says:

      At no time in that paper is there any isolation. That’s because virology is so fraudulent they presumed to change the meaning of the word ISOLATION to imply that separating a patient sample from a patient and putting in a Petri dish with monkey kidney cells is isolation!

      It’s not isolation. It’s not purification.

      They didn’t separate at any time, the alleged virus from any cell matter or any of the additives, put in the Petri dish.

      Take your garbage paper, shove it, and get lost with your fraud.

      Some of us have actually read all the viral “isolation“ papers and we know exactly what they are doing and why they do it like that. They do it without controls because they’d get a positive result (ie claim they found a virus) without a patient sample at all. That’s how fraudulent and idiotic the method is being used currently.

      Virologists are just paid shills I’m who’re costs on the DARPA / PhRMA payroll.

      It’s funny when those idiots film themselves in Hazmat suits for visual effect. When you’ve had your umpteenth booster, you’ll be doing us all a huge favor. This psy-op is designed to get rid of the most stupid and gullible, first.

    • Nemo says:

      If you can’t explain it in layman’s terms you don’t understand it.

  5. […] virus SARS-CoV-2 bestaat niet in het wild, zoals blijkt uit het feit dat het niet geïsoleerd is, en het is niet het oorzakelijk agens van […]

  6. […] Written Proof: CDC Has NO ISOLATED, PURIFIED, Sample of Sars-CoV-2 Virus that causes COVID-19 […]

  7. Ticman says:

    Millionaire offers $1.2 M reward to anyone providing an isolated sample of the COVID-19 virus! Has any been able to show proof and clean the money?

  8. beach girl says:

    Question: I have read that the “powers that be” admittedly used something else to make these “vaccines” and it appears that all these variants really got going AFTER the shots began, as the scientists/subject matter experts forewarned. So NOW we have some sort of “isolated virus called COVID 19”. Are we able to suspect that the SHOTS are the pandemic? The shots are the cause of the everyone getting sick, vaxed or not, and the reason this virus perpetuates and mutates. It seems reasonable to me.

    • John Carleton says:

      At first I though they were just relabeling flu cases as “COVID-19”.
      After watching the way things went and seeing what happened to some getting sick I have come to think they did try to engineer a plague to turn loose on humanity, but the are F##K ups who can not match Mother Nature.

      Whatever is going around will kill off an already sick with underlying medical problems person just like the flu does.
      But a healthy person who keeps their vitamin D3-C-B1 levels up, and liquid minerals are a plus, don’t have much to worry about from it.
      I had it, the wife had it, the son in law had it, one brother had it, all recovered.
      One brother took the jab and he is dead.

      The jabs which are not vaccines are Euthanasia jabs meant to kill people and probably sterilize against reproduction most who survive.

      Here is a link to a short piece I did oaths subject.


    • Researcher says:

      There’s no mutation. If something is fictional or fabricated in the first place, how can it mutate? There aren’t any mutations of any viruses. There aren’t any viruses.

      Contagion has also never been proven. That is, people aren’t transmitting diseases or catching germs. Read the Contagion Myth.

      The entire pandemic is based on the fraud of the PCR test. A test that uses sequences already found in the human genome and bacteria.

      All the stats on “Covid” infections and deaths emanate from the fraudulent test. They automatically test the elderly in hospices, nursing homes and ill people once admitted to hospital and that’s how they get their death stats.

      Since the test never tests for a virus – no viral test ever does – the results of the test are meaningless. It’s 100% fraud.

  9. beach girl says:

    I watched the interview …. heard of it before and thanks for sharing it here. Lots of good points though very slow and down in the weeds at times. I think minutes 30 to 35 and 41 to 47 have revealing points if you are in a hurry; but, a lot of gems scattered throughout. He makes the point that HIV has absolutely nothing, other than one habitual liar stating it in article, establishing it as the cause of AIDS. The millions of $$ in funding and does not meet any standard, Gold or other, for scientific proof. Basically, he died of “pneumonia” a couple months before the whole Covid Plandemic … and Big Pharma, Fauci, Gates, etc. all made Billion$ upon Billion$ already which would never had been done with the “inventor of PCR test” riding against the same tactics they used for the HIV scam. He stated in about minute 1:20 that “take away the funding for HIV and it will go away” … same for Covid. The monster created in the lab with the vaccines will have to run its course but the perpetual new mutations and new infestations and, most importantly the numbers reported will decline and more people will survive because of the DeFunding! I heard reported that hospitals were receiving $30k for every Covid death.

    • Lionel says:

      And for the last 70 years we have been “treating”, not curing cancer with the same 3 methods: surgery, chemo and radiation. Only in medicine where greed requires no cure can this occur. Think about that factoid when you get yet one more request to donate to the American Cancer (Loving) Society.

  10. Lanita Altom says:

    As far as isolating the virus…at the very beginning in 2020 a channel on YT “High ImpactVlog ” had a MD on and this doctor said all this same stuff about the CV19. It was said you have to do all those steps before a vax can be made. Also I think in Canada a man won a court case with this.

  11. Reena says:

    While you guys are bickering and throwing mud in each other’s eyes, what are your thoughts on the spiritual aspect of this obvious plot? What is the end-run in this obvious attempt to reduce the human race? (Have you noticed everything that’s popular in the media seems directed at reducing the population of the human race? From legalizing abortion to the greatest birth control idea, the LBGT movement). Is the big picture to put us on a series of DNA altering injections disguised as “booster vaccines?” If our DNA is altered doesn’t that mean we are no longer humans but hybrids? I could be wrong but weren’t the pre-flood people who were destroyed hybrids? (“…Just as in the days of Noah” comes to mind). What actually is the home-run of their obviously evil plan?

    • sallee keller says:

      Agenda 21. To destroy the family unit. Divide and conquer. Hold the line. Find like minded people and band together. God bless

  12. Kevin says:

    It is my opinion they did isolate sars cov 2. After all they did develop it. However to admit they isolated it implicates them in their wrong doing. It did prove to be less of a problem than they hoped for, so had to fake some testing method (PCR) to get numbers up. In the wild no such thing has been isolated as you say. In the lab in China nothing could be further from the truth.
    I contend that the variants are in fact modified lab results to further the plandemic, and are spread via. needle.
    Don’t want to go with that story? Then join the experiment and have your God given DNA altered by man and become a child of man. When you start feeling the results you will not be God’s creation any more, and will need to meet with your new creator for help. The graphine you had injected has the symbol 666. God warned us about this time coming. May God have mercy on your soles

    • Researcher says:

      They didn’t develop it. It doesn’t exist. It’s a hoax. SARS-Cov1 was also a hoax. They want to see if they can shut down society using scare tactics and repetitive news stories about dangerous viruses and if the public are dumb and compliant enough to respond to government fraud.

      They (NIH-DARPA through eco health alliance paid Chinese labs and scientists to publish a bunch of fake, nonsense papers where they manipulate a few animal cells do some CRISPR and pretend they found or created “viruses”. It’s all a sham to bolster the bio-weapon meme.

      They pay numerous virologists and universities all over the world, the same kind of money to get the same kind of garbage published to support the outright fraud of virology.

      They like to scare the living daylights out of people and laugh at the ones who believe their obvious scams and hoaxes.

      There are no contagious diseases. Read The Contagion Myth by Dr. Cowan. Then read Virus Mania. Then Goodbye Germ Theory. Then The Poisoned Needle.

  13. Ricky says:

    Very interesting discussions; I know a doctor that practices “alternative” medicine and has been treating CV19 patients (over 2,000) successfully with natural medicine; he is now treating VX’d people who got sick after the jabs and they are also recovering; and now he is treating people who develop symptoms after the jabs and they are also recovering. So far his rate of success has been 100%, needless to say the alleged virus is not as harmful as the media portrays it…

  14. Thoth al Khem says:

    and stupid FLUORIDATED people too dumb to turn their toothpaste tube over and read the back IS THE PROBLEM. SODIUM FLUORIDE LOWERS IQ.
    In your tap water America.

  15. […] COVID-19/ Sars-Cov2 has allegedly never been isolated […]

  16. […] COVID-19/ Sars-Cov2 has allegedly never been isolated […]

  17. Joe Morales says:

    ​MASKdebating will not make you go blind.




    VIETNAM… AFGHANISTAN… COVIDISTAN… WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE? IT’S ALL A RICH MAN’S TRICK. China will groom Afghanistan like it groomed “komrads” Biden and Fauci. WATCH AND SEE HOW THE EXPERTS FINESSE AFGHANISTAN.WAR ON COVID, TERROR, DRUGS WAS NEVER ABOUT VICTORY… IT’S ABOUT MONEY. ‘TERRORISM’ IS BANKSTER “RATCHILD” BUSH BIN LADEN FAMILY BUSINESS. There Are Only 3 Countries In The World Without A Rothschild Owned Central Bank.FDA Approved Drugs Kill Far More Americans Yearly Than Guns & Cars Combined! Bio weapons, injections, chemtrails are not experiments. They do it for the money period. They don’t care about you any more than a drug pusher on a street corner. They don’t even care about censoring you because they know you will self censor and destroy anyone that seems to stand between you and your covid god face diapers and mystery injections. AMERICA’S “FAKE IT ‘TIL YOU MAKE IT” MEDICAL QUACK CULTURE: “PEOPLE WILL GIVE UP THEIR LIVES JUST SO A FEW FAT CATS CAN MAKE A KILLING”. – Sam Giancana, CIA MAFIA BOSS.CAPITOL PUNISHMENT FOR “NO MASKS”. VACCINE PASSPORTS AND RETURN TO LOCK DOWN LUNACY NEXT. http://www.prayorbeprey.com/

    I was born when the air was still thick with the substance of the souls incinerated at London… Tokyo… Dresden.For almost 50 years I researched and published social and environmental health issues articulating the history of chemical and biological warfare and I know how this movie is going to end. As ex Navy Medical Corpsman, with 2 science degrees and medical training, I am not giving medical advice nor do I foist unscientific compulsory medicine upon you like Bill Gates pedophile SEX TRADE money laundry foundations who just barely finishing high school.WOW! I had no idea as to the overwhelming coverage of Gates Epstein laundry CHILD TRAFFICKING “FOUNDATIONS” BILL GATES REGULARLY PARTIED WITH CHILD TRAFFIC FRONT MAN JEFF EPSTEIN. Because of medical mafia “genocides”, like Bill Gates, I am compelled to present medical and scientific alternative commentary links about government protected and unregulated aluminum accelerant chemtrail genocide in which the media desperately lies. It is therefore imperative that I present sometimes conflicting alternate information about current events in an effort to expand your options.

    While traveling the country we put ‘prayorbeprey’ cards on car windows, in parking lots, during hot days we find infants and pets left alone in unvented vehicles. In Rt 12 N. Utica Walmart parking complex NY plates JLE5131 White Chrysler SUV and HVE9303 Blu Chev SUV. I notify management and politely ask them to ask the car owners to lower windows slightly to let animals breath. Management called police and had me “shaken down and run off” property. Constitution and human rights provisions do not exist to protect us but for us to protect those provisions by asserting our rights and the rights of others for that is the measure of our worth. Officer did nothing about actual animal cruelty violation. Very few actually use the ‘prayorbeprey’ card referral but for us it serves as “walkabout” meditation and exercise. Drivers may toss the cards but they cannot “unsee” the ‘prayorbeprey’ message and it subliminally remains on the windows of their souls.

    In The Coming Blackout We Bring The Light. Before the internet we placed informational flyers under the wiper blades and we still have stacks of them. For us the web is a temporary convenience that will soon block free speech which will only deny the US “Feral” Government, and it’s alphabet agencies, access to our wealth of facts. Make sure you download our pages before they turn computers into doorstops so you can browse later assuming you will have electricity. They will be soon making generator fuel costs prohibitive so they will have enough to run their war and chemtrail engines. http://www.prayorbeprey.com/

    While on “chemo” I went to cancer survivor meetings to see what made them different from the ones who did not survive. Was it lifestyle? Was it love? They were at the meetings to keep in “fight mode” by helping others with cancer. Facing my own demise I traveled USA to say goodbye to relatives only to watch my country, and world, self destruct in masks of self deception when all they had to say is, “I DO NOT CONSENT!”

  18. […] COVID-19/ Sars-Cov2 has allegedly never been isolated […]

  19. Pat Caulfield says:

    Who writes the large checks to hospitals which “incentivize” hospitals to claim Covid deaths?

  20. MikeA says:

    The CDC states that they have no records showing isolation through ultracentrifugation (the Gold Standard) because all sequencing is based on the Chinese predicate of Low-speed Centrifugation/Nuclease digestion (not the Gold Standard), which yields semi-pure/enriched virus particles. The other thing funny about the predicate sequence is that it was predicated on PCR. Here’s the problem: gene sequencing is the confirmation method for PCR. Therefore, PCR is an invalid predicate for gene sequencing.

    Since ultracentrifugation is the Gold Standard and yields only pure virus, my guess is that the sequencing lab in China that released the sequence predicate template tried ultracentrifugation first, but it yielded no virus, so they turned to low-speed centrifugation in order to get something they could publish. Now, all future sequences must follow that flawed predicate methodology.

  21. Dan says:

    I just loved this comment discussion. Man! I loved it!

  22. Anon says:

    CDC – Corrupt Disease Center

  23. John Smith says:

    Should be a common sense to just identify and spot the virus from human blood by using scope, especially with all these high tech equipment combined right?
    What’s taking them so long?

    All they do is just bunches of cover ups in order to make it sound like their theory is right when no one can prove that.
    They “useless eaters”

  24. […] No Covid virus sample was available to develop the CDC PCR test telling us we had Covid. PCR samples for Sars 2 Coronavirus were manufactured to simulate what “experts” thought the virus genome would be based on similar coronaviruses.   […]

  25. […] virus SARS-CoV-2 e não pode fornecer nenhum dado deste vírus, que alegadamente causa a COVID-19 (Segue o link). Evidentemente que a mídia controlada e a “ciência oficial” desmentem este fato com […]

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