Sometimes the obvious skips right past us.

We have all viewed film footage of multiple shots hitting President John F. Kennedy’s neck and head in a frontal attack, and part of his head was blown onto the trunk of his open limousine, but the story was a shooter behind the President’s moving vehicle with a crude rifle with no gunsight, was the lone assassin.

Commercial aircraft were hijacked beginning at 7:59 AM and flying off course on 9-11-2001 and struck the World Trade Center Towers almost an hour later and no radar system detected or alerted the military in a timely manner. Then Building 7 was “pulled” and fell when explosives would have had to have been placed prior to the event to do this. Don’t ask questions! Accept the official interpretation of these events.


So, the public is told spike protein is what facilitates the entry of a gain-of-function mutated, laboratory-created virus into living cells in the lungs, so spike protein vaccines are developed to do what? Create more entry of viruses into cells?

So, why is the public surprised to learn that COVID-19 vaccinated individuals are getting infected again and again which is being blamed on a mutated variant. 75% of the new COVID-19 cases in Singapore already got the shot. But spike protein facilitates entry of all viruses, regardless of viral strain.

Panic shifts from virus to vaccine

The pandemic has shifted from virus to vaccine. The spike protein itself is now the disease. It attacks the blood vessels says a report published in the medical journal Circulation Research.

“Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”
President George W. Bush

As 40 trillion RNA particles are injected into the deltoid muscle in the arm, some find their way into the blood circulation and re-program cells in the lining of arteries to perpetually produce spike protein. The vaccinated now have a genetically programmed RNA/DNA spike protein factory inside their small arteries that will endlessly produce spike protein and facilitate micro-blood clots.

Fingering the anti-vaxxers

A few brave malcontents call the vaccines bioweapons and they are identified and pilloried in the court of public opinion as the Dirty Dozen anti-vaxxers who spread vaccine hoaxes. But credible researchers at Doctors 4 Covid Ethics are calling the COVID-19 RNA/DNA vaccines “an unprecedented medical disaster” and demand the “poisonous vaccine” trials be deemed to be a “crime against society” and be halted.

Modern medicine is in denial

Modern medicine responds that the blood clot risk from the virus is greater than that produced by the vaccines, and therefore the risk is justified. But healthy young people are getting vaccinated and their loved ones are called to identify their body at the morgue. This should never be. Maybe natural immunity, which is proving to be safer and more effective than vaccine-induced immunity, should be public policy. But doctors and politicians are over-committed to vaccines. Halting vaccination would bring down Wall Street and result in politicians losing control over the population. What is happening is not a massive medical mistake, it appears more and more like a crime.


If Spike Protein Facilitates Entry Of a Gain-Of-Function Coronavirus Into Cells, Then Why Are We Coerced To Submit to Spike Protein-Generating Vaccines?

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