A friend who is in his seventies and I were talking the other day of the absolute s#it hole being made of America, the out right communism being forced on Americas which the political whores try to convince the sheep is “democracy”, the three ring circus which is DC.

We both agreed we knew it would come to this but both though it would be a generation or two after we were dead.
But here we are, it is here.

Political Prostitutes all over the world are following orders of the same damn game plan from an unseen hand.

The “lockdowns” are not a medical tool, but a political tool to force communism on people who thought they lived in at least semi-free countries.
These “Lockdowns” are designed to teach you to mind, as well as to kill off family/small non corporation businesses, do away with peoples jobs, to drain any savings the common people may have, thus leaving humanity desperate, depending on “government” for their very survival.

The Dust Mask as a tool to stop ANY virus is bull s#it.
The virus body is so much smaller than the weave on the mask being used ANY virus will pass right through.
With out an airtight seal ANY virus will go around the mask into the nose or mouth.
Any person who has gone through CBRD training in the military should remember a virus can enter through your eye sockets as well.
Thats why the mask the military uses must maintain an airtight seal.

So the forced wearing of a mask is easily proven to be useless for the stated purpose, is to teach you to follow rules without question, to dehumanize humanity.

“Social Distancing” is a tool to further dehumanize humanity, break humans apart as a group, isolate humans so they are easier to herd through the slaughterhouse doors as well as into a one world communistic slavery for those allowed to live.

Add to this NO One, NO ONE AT ALL can produce a verified Scientifically Identified, Isolated, Reproducible sample a “SARS-CoV-2” virus claimed to cause the Mythical “COVID-19”, the PCR “test” are complete bull s#it for the stated purpose of identifying an alleged virus no one has scientifically identified.

And we are to believe the yearly common flu after tens of thousands of years of not missing a year suddenly out of professional curtesy to a non identified mythical virus just took the year off.

It is a fact in America in the previous 140 years the recorded deaths from ALL vaccines are 6,255.

In basically one year, the deaths from experimental Non Vaccines mRNA “Gene Therapy” DNA altering Witch’s Brew Voodoo Chemical/Biological Human Herd Culling Injections of only three different brands of the same concoction has killed at LEAST 11,000 people.

There are many more dead, in the next weeks, months, two to three years the body count and disabilities will be staggering.
These 11,000 are the deaths the criminal lying assed CDC just could not blame on anything else or sweep under the rug.

So it is easily proven, the mask/lockdowns/social distancing are communist tactics by the unseen hand to make war on humanity.

There was and is no pandemic, the jabs are whats killing people not some mythical virus no one can produce a scientifically verified sample of.

If humanity wants to survive as anything other than a handful left alive to serve as slaves and sexual party favors to criminally insane evil ass holes there are two basic steps which must be taken.

Humanity world wide must join together in common defense, convene Nuremberg Common Law Courts to give Fair trials to the evil SOBs Intentionally Mass Murdering humanity along with the Cheerleaders such as MSM,Social Net Work Platform operators, “Health Experts”.

Followed by Fair Hangings of those found guilty.

Humans are given life by God.
God gives Natural Rights to Humans.
No man, No “government”, No “religious” “leader” has a right to take those God Given Rights from Humans.

Time to grow up humanity.
Time to stand up.
All together!

The Ole Dog!

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