Hell, I am just a Texican Hillbilly who might have stumbled through a couple of microbiology classes and taught Chemical Biological Radiological DEFENSE in the military, and I know that!

You going to try to tell me Virologist, Medical Doctors do not know the weave in all these Dust mask/”surgical mask” is larger than a virus meaning a virus can pass right through that mask meant to stop one breathing sawdust and dirt when working in dusty situations?

Besides that, anyone has ever worn a dust mask to stop dust knows some of it gets through, it just cuts down on the amount you breath.

Take a virus, even a real one unlike the Mythical SARS-CoV-2 of which no one, NO ONE AT ALL, including the World Heath Organization or the USA’s CDC can produce a scientifically verified sample of, it will got right around the sides of the dust mask as well as through the dust mask.

Simple test, take a cigarette, or a joint, up to your taste, take a deep drag, put the dust mask on and exhale, the smoke will billow through and around that dust mask like the smoke from the fires of hell.

Where I figure the Dust Mask mandators are headed soon.

Thats why with a real mask which will stop a virus, like the ones world wide issued to stop viruses to military troops, women can not wear make up and men must be clean shaven to get an airtight seal so a virus can not sneak past the mask around the sides, bottom or top.

Yet world wide, “health Experts”, Political Prostitutes and little boy raping clergy are demanding folks wear dust mask which will not stop a virus but does make one rebreathe their own bodies waste, cuts down on the amount of oxygen which makes it to the brain.

So either these “Health Experts”, Political Prostitutes and clergy are so stupid the are challenged to walk and chew gum at the same time or they mean humanity harm.

It has to be one or the other, there is no Maybes, buts or perhaps here.
Those demanding humans harm their own health by wearing dust mask are either so stupid the could not have children without this side up tattooed on the females bellies, or they are PURPOSELY making war on Humanity.

This side up tattooed on a women belly is of not use to the Vatican’s pedophile priest though, and they have a two thousand year history of being very prolific in the ability to insert their penises into little boys asses without directions.

Assuming the “Heath Experts”, Pedo Political Prostitutes and Pedophile clergy are smart enough to walk and chew gum at the same time, what is all this dust mask crap about?

Several reasons.
The masking is a tool to increase the hysteria of the sheep of over the faked pandemic.
And a lot of the sheep took to the hysteria with a passion.

Any person who has studied human nature, phycology and such, understands words can mean many different things and qualifiers are used with certain words to make clearer their meanings.

When a human talks, a good bit of that qualifying is done with facial expressions.
Facial expressions can add to words sadness, anger, joy, fear, disgust.

The ones making war on humanity with a faked pandemic and kill jabs do not want humans getting together and comparing notes on the bull shit they are being forced to do and the harm it is doing theirselves and extended families.
So covered faces dehumanizes folks and take a good bit of the meanings from the words used to bitch about the evil of the “elites” forcing this Micky mouse evil s#it on humanity.

The distancing, six feet between humans served the same use, both to increase the hysteria, dehumanize people, and to keep folks from gathering in groups and discussing tarring and feathering evil ass holes.

If these evil sons of bitches are so stupid they can not understand these dust mask are useless for the purpose they are forcing people to wear them, they should not be in positions of power and public view.

If they do understand the Communistic antihuman anti-freedom Mask Mandates are horse s#it which is harming humans, they should in mass be given Fair Nuremberg Common Law Trials!

Followed SWIFTLY by Fair Hangings!

The survival of Humanity as anything other Than Miserable Slave Animals demands nothing less!

The Ole Dog!

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