If these jabs work for the stated purpose, why must Everyone get jabbed?
Are these people so concerned about preserving human life they want to force you to save your own life?

If you dig, get past the hysteria of the political prostitutes, the bimbos and ass holes of mass media, when you have cornered the Jabs manufacturers in a corner like a blood thirsty weasel cornered in a hen house with the still bleeding bodies of multiple ripped apart chicken laying around it, you find the Jab manufacturers are forced admit their “Vaccines” which are not vaccines, do not stop you from getting anything.

They CLAIM the jabbed have milder symptoms if they get sick with “COVID-19”.

First what is “COVID-19”

We are told “COVID-19” is a respiratory disease caused by a virus, SARS-CoV-2.
But both the World Heath Organization and the USA’s CDC when cornered in that chicken house among all the littered ground of dead bodies from killer jabs, have to admit they do not have a verified scientifically sample of a SARS-CoV-2 virus.

No Scientifically verified Identified Secluded, reproducible SARS-CoV-2 Virus, then the whole scam, ALL the Mandatory Dust Masking which WILL NOT stop a virus, ANY virus,

the Communistic “Lockdowns” which are a penal action, not a medical action,

and all the jabs forced on folks by mandatory Communist “government mandates, and scare tactics based on group hysteria fed by the lies of the “Health Experts”, Political Prostitutes and MSM talking heads with good hair jobs is BULL S#IT!

No verifiable SARS-CoV-2, then no “COVID-19” caused by the mythical virus no one can present a verified copy of.

No verifiable SARS-CoV-2 virus sample which can be reproduced by the trillions, eradicated, inserted into a liquid solution which can be injected by syringe, then no “Vaccines” can be produced for the not proven to exist “COVID-19”.

So therefore as I have proved no “COVID-19” “Vaccines” can be produced for the mythical virus no one, NO ONE AT ALL can produce a scientifically verified sample of, what the hell are they trying to force on EVERYONE?

What the hell does that mean.

It means some dark ages Mad “scientist” medically speaking, decided the Human Immune system which God put into the human body and which has kept the bulk of humanity alive for millions of years is not as good at the job as their Mad Scientist Frankenstein Experiment.

They are saying God F##ked up!
They are smarter than God!
God screwed up, they are going to fix God’s screw up!

I have seen articles back to 2017 where they were talking about they were developing theses mRA “vaccines” which are not Vaccines.
The idea is they are going to manipulate your genes, they are going to screw with your DNA.
They are trying to change the human body which has successfully kept humanity alive for millions of years.

So EVERYTHING the “health experts”, political w#ores, talking heads of MSM have told you about a “COVID-19” “pandemic is pure de HORSE S#it or BULL S#it depending on which flavor of S#it you prefer.

And in numbers never seen from conventional vaccines.

What you see there are all of the reported deaths from vaccines, ALL types of vaccines for ALL diseases lumped together for 140 years in America.

As I am an American living in America I will deal exclusively with American numbers to make this point.

For 140 years, ALL deaths from ALL vaccines amount to 6,255.

The numbers of about one years deaths from the mRNA Witch’s Brew Voodoo Dark Ages Jabs are those which the Criminal Mass Murdering CDC CAN NOT in any way blame on anything else.
A whistle blower from inside the CDC has reported on one alone of the eleven reporting channels or systems of VAERS, the CDC is hiding 45,000 plus deaths of folks who died within three days of getting jabbed.

There has been a lawsuit filed based on this leak attempting to force a stop to the jabs in America.

Here are the ADMITTED to deaths from the jabs in America.

If you do the math of admitted deaths from experimental mRNA jabs for roughly one year, subtract the known Vaccine deaths for the previous 140 years, you get 4,736 more people killed in one year alone with basically three different brands of the same voodoo “vaccines”, than in the previous 140 years combined.

Many concerned people suggest multiplying the reported deaths for the mRNA jabs by 10 for a closer to reality number of deaths caused bu these Witches Brew Voodoo Chemical/Biological Concoctions.

That would give you 109,910 deaths in one year alone.

If you take the number of the 45,000 hidden deaths on only one path of reporting out of 11 paths of reporting, multiply by 11, one gets 495,000 dead from the jabs in basically one year.

The true number is probably somewhere between the 109,910 thousand and the 495,000 thousand dead in one year from the experimental screwing with the body God gave you jabs.

Whatever number you use, this is Mass Murder, Genocide, a Holocaust of humanity by Evil A$$ Holes.

When people mass murder, they should receive fair trials and fair hangings to protect humanity from the EVIL SOBs continuing to Mass Murder Humanity!

Those paid to cheerlead and hide the crimes of the mass murders are accessories to mass murder and should receive fair trials and fair hangings to protect humanity from continued mass murder by their willing participation for monetary enrichment.

Fair Common Law Nuremberg type Courts need to be Convened by Humanity.
World Wide.

All the guilty given fair common law trials.

Followed by fair hangings.

There is evidence to suggest none of these deaths are accidental and the jabs were meant to cull the human herd from the start.

But as it is damned well provable, no valid sample of a SARS-CoV-2 virus exist, so there can be no mythical “COVID-19” disease caused by the non existing mythical “virus”, therefore there can be no valid “vaccine” against the mythical “COVID-19” “disease”.

Add to this before the jabs were started by the Mad Max Vaxxers, the numbers dying were in line with the usual deaths of the yearly common flu which we are told took the year off after not missing a year for tens of thousands of years, out of professional curtesy to the mythical not proved to exist “COVID-19”.

There simply are no reported Common Yearly Flu deaths as all of these were blamed on the Mythical “COVID-19” to scare the sheep into lining up for the mRNA kill jabs.

It is now being reported the most deaths, the most “infections” from the Mythical Not Proved to exist “COVID-19” are in areas and countries which have Max Vaxxed.

The more jabbed with mRNA killer jabs in an area or a country, the more people dying!

The jabs are the delivery system for whatever is killing the people.
This is not hard to figure out.

We know and it is provable and admitted by the Mad Vaxxers the jab is delivering to the human body a spiked protein which causes blood clots, heart problems, other organ failures as well as the same type spiked protein causing Mad Cow Disease or BSE in Bovines, Lou Gehrig’s Disease, and Parkinson’s Disease.

This is murder, this is MASS Murder.

But what of all the people who tested positive for the mythical not proven to exist “COVID-19” disease caused by the non existent SARS-CoV-2 “virus” you ask?

There is no valid Test for the Mythical “COVID-19″disease said to be caused by the unproven to exist SARS-CoV-2 “virus”.
There are PCR test based on the PCR test developed by the now deceased Noble Prize Winning Virologist who said Fuchi was “An administrator who don’t know anything about anything”, who “thinks you can put some blood under an electronic microscope and see a virus”.

Here is an interview with him talking about how the “AIDS’ epidemic was faked to scare people to get funding from congress to make evil ass hole rich.

Same playbook being used this time.

Do watch this interview, and if science is not your strongest point, watch it several time and really listen to what the man says.

The “elites” have been saying for generations several billion humans need too be culled, followed by a one world Communist dictatorship run by the head “elites”

They want most of the “Useless Food Eaters” as the War Criminal Henry Kissinger calls humans, killed off so they don’t have to feed them, while the small percentage of humans left alive serve as slaves to the “elites” while themselves living in squalor with no say about what happens in their own lives.

Humanity will take these evil sons of bitches down, or they will take humanity down

Your choice.
What are you going to do, comply and doom humanity, or find a set of balls and stand up against them?

The Ole Dog!


  1. John Burns says:

    Read The Historic Document, “This Is A Bio-Attack Alert”, by Dr Robert B Strecker & Attorney Theodore A Strecker to better understand the Truth about Vaccination Programs.

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