A Streetwalker for $20.00 Will Say She Loves You And You Are The Manliest Man She Has Ever Seen

A streetwalker for $20.00 will tell you she loves you and you are the manliest man she has ever seen-
It is only business and for what she is selling she must put on a sheen-

The ugliness of the transaction, truth of the matter is too much for the buyer to take-
In his mind he has to make the base appear noble, love of it make-

She sells an illusion the worn body and tired actions will not support alone-
She has to make the buyer believe he is buying more than tired flesh and bone-

So she lies as the main stay of her troubled desperate trade-
He must believe he is a stud with a women who loves him as he gets laid-

He wants not the truth, the truth would shatter his dream he must believe-
For the act in his mind to transfer to flesh, the act of lust must be made to conceive-

His ability to do this base act yet walk away with his pride-
Else all his belief in his own righteousness will have died-

She deceives, but it is a needed deception he must have to embrace-
As he deceives himself so that he can take this lost decrepit creature dressed in stained lace-

The politician is a streetwalker with a much higher price-
The lying evil being must sell the illusion of being nice-

The vile reality would make the buyer, the voter recoil in disgust and fear-
If the truth of the matter, the soul-less degenerate creature showed truth with a leer-

Again the buyer and seller must play illusion as a game-
So both can make the transaction without going insane-

If the political prostitute showed the true nature of the evil in it’s soul-less worm eaten heart-
If the true nature showed, if the spawn of evil did not play the part-

Of a human souled being who wanted to help those it betrayed for thirty coins of silver-
The shocked and repulsed buyer would surly drown the political whore in the Potomac river-

The Ole Dog!

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