US Media Calls Britain ‘Most Formidable Naval Power’ in Europe for ‘Deterring’ Russia and China

I am finished rolling around on the floor holding my gut to keep from splitting my sides in laughter.
I am thankful I did #1 & #2 before I read this headline or I might have needed a shower and a clean set of fruit of the looms.

“US Media” also says everyone is going to die of a virus which has not been scientifically proved to exist if they don’t get “vaccinated” with chemical/biological kill shot weapons which are not vaccines, and America is free!

A good laugh in the morning is good medicine, as long as you don’t S#it your pants getting it.

The Ole Dog!

In June, a British destroyer sailed into Russian waters off Crimea in the Black Sea, prompting Russian warships and aircraft to surround the ship and fire warning shots in its vicinity, forcing it to retreat. It later emerged that Number 10 deliberately arranged the provocation in advance amid a broader British campaign to flex its military muscle.
The HMS Defender’s recent romp through Russian territorial waters off Crimea, and the Royal Navy’s deployment of its sole carrier strike group near Chinese-claimed waters in the South China Sea are signs that Britain is standing with other “civilized nations” in “deterring” Russia and China, Washington Post contributor George Will has suggested.

In a recent op-ed for the Jeff Bezos-owned newspaper, Will called the British warship’s recent sail into Russian waters a demonstration of “increasing resistance to Russian and Chinese assaults on a rules-based international order,” and repeated month-old claims by the British Ministry of Defence (debunked by a BBC journalist onboard the ship) that Russia did not fire any warning shots near the warship, but was merely conducting fire in “a previously scheduled Russian exercise nearby.”


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