BULL S#IT WARNING-Watch Live: Epoch Times Panel Discusses Defending The Constitution – Why It Matters More Now Than Ever

I post this not because I want folks to spend valuable time doing a circle jerk or pissing into the wind, but as a warning not to do so.
I suspect one will see more and more articles “wanting to save the constitution” as those in power feel it slipping away.

And why not?
This Constitution has kept Americans in slavery to the “elites” for 231 years.

Some facts from the revolutionaries.

Patrick Henry when asked why he would not serve on the replacement constitution committee, (the Articles of Confederation was the Constitution which the war was fought under and under which the American Colonies won their freedom), said “I smell a Rat!”.

Thomas Jefferson said a Constitution was dead after 19 years.
As the 2nd constitution was ratified in 1790, this means it was dead, had no force of law after 1809.

The reasoning behind this is as a Constitution is a contract, the old farts have no right to force the terms of a contract they made on a generation which were not even born when it was signed and ratified.

Trying to tie a new generation to the terms of a agreement, a contract made by their fathers before they were born is the same as slavery.
Each generation has the right to decide what form of governance they will agree to and live under.

If that were not enough, in 1861, 160 years ago, the closet queer atheist war criminal yankee puritan manic depressive shyster rail road lawyer communist Abraham Lincoln and his bunch of communist war criminals wiped their asses on said constitution and never looked back.

You will have as much luck “saving that constitution” as you will bringing Lincolns rotted flesh and bones back to life.

Dead is dead.
The dead should be left alone.

Trying to resurrect the second constitution reminds me of a bit of wisdom my father taught me.
“The more you stir a pile of crap, the more it stinks!”.
That turd of a constitution should be left alone, allowed to lay dead where it fell so many year ago least it start stinking again.

Look around you.
It is the second constitution which allowed the evil sons of bitches to build the empire which has used Americans as slaves and cannon fodder for these many generations.
It is the reason America is a shit hole.
It was either meant to make America the shit hole it is, or was powerless to stop it.

I am on my 3ed wife.
I did not go back and marry either of the first two a second time.
A failed relationship was a failed relationship.
If I had married either a second time, all the original problems which led to the original failures would have been waiting as soon as the sex got caught up on.

I went and found a new women, a better women who did not have the faults and failures of the first two.
I married her and we have been married for thirty six years.

You should learn lessons from your failures, not repeat them.
The empire must die, sovereignty must be returned to the individual countries Americans are used to calling States.

Perhaps they will band together in some new form of union, perhaps it will be several different smaller unions.
Perhaps some such as the Occupied Republic of Texas will Stand alone as she did when she was young.

You can beat a dead horse but the dead horse still will not pull a wagon.

This empire is the walking dead, it just has not fallen yet.
This constitution is way past dead and has been completely meaningless from at least the time Lincoln’s terrorist invaded and Raped the Confederacy.

The Revolutionaries Volunteer Union has been dead for 160 years.
Replaced with Lincoln’s Communist Mandatory Union Military Dictatorship thinly disguised as a “constitutional republic”, which payed no mind to the constitution of the former Volunteer Union other than using it as window dressing, a prop in their crimes against America and Americans.

The Ole Dog

‘BULL S#IT WARNING-Watch Live: Epoch Times Panel Discusses Defending The Constitution – Why It Matters More Now Than Ever’

The Constitution details our rights as Americans and safeguards us against tyranny. But current events are exposing that our constitutional rights are under threat. Why does the Constitution matter now more than ever before, and what we can do to defend it?

6:00pm – 6: 50pm
Alan M. Dershowitz
Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law, Emeritus
Harvard Law School

Robert G. Natelson
Senior Fellow in Constitutional Jurisprudence
Independence Institute in Denver

6:50pm – 7:20pm
Panel discussion
Joshua Philipp, Moderator
Senior Investigative Reporter
Host of ‘Crossroads’

Pastor Ché Ahn
Founder and President
Harvest International Ministry

Rex Steninger
Elko County, Nevada

Kevin Roberts, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer
Texas Public Policy Foundation

Timothy Barton

7:20pm – 8:00pm
Q&A with Speakers and Panelists

For more information about the panel discussion, please visit EpochEvents.us.


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