Humanity Has Been Had By a Pre Planned “COVID-19” Scam-If It Convinced You To Take The Jab, You Have Very Likely Been Murdered

Heres how and why it was done.

Some background history to set up your understanding of what went down and why.

There is a family of evil degenerate ass holes called the Rothschilds.
That is not a real name, but a made up name they gave themselves a few centuries back.
They are not the top power behind the evil, but they are the face of evil you are allowed to see.
They have owners.

Using lies, deceit, murder, bribery, blackmail they have stolen most of the wealth of this world.
They control almost all human institutions and “governments” at this point.
They are tasked by their masters with getting total control of all the world, making all of humanity slaves who are told what they are allowed to do or not do.

The word I will use for this is Communism.
The Rothschilds intend to have a world wide Communist “government”, dictatorship with them in charge with all of humanity under their thumb.

Skipping much evil they did, they planned, caused to happen and financed all sides at Usury Interest of World War 1, World War 2, The Cold War, the Korean War, the Viet Nam War, and all twenty years of the Fake “War on Terror” which is still ongoing.

The plan has always been to use a pre planned World War 3 to kill off a huge amount of humans, leave the world devastated, all “governments discredited and in shambles, starvation rampant so humanity would cry for salvation from the evil the Rothschilds had caused to happen, without the Rothschilds getting the blame of course.

At this point the Rothschilds minions would offer to humanity a One World Unelected “government” which would promise to save humanity from the inaptness of the “governments” which had caused the mess following the Rothschilds orders.

They would cause the problem, offer the “Solution” to the problem they had caused in the first place, and humanity in their ignorance and desperation would beg the architects of the tiger which had humanity by the ass, to save them from the tiger.

There is a Creator God, there are powers greater than the Rothschilds, greater than the Rothschilds unseen masters.

They were denied World War 3.
So they Punted with a Fake “Corvid-19” “Virus” “pandemic”.

Every year a few strains of common flu goes round the world.
Every year the flu finishes off the sick, the weak, those with underlying defects or medical conditions.
Nature culls the human herd.

This past year, continuing to now, if you believe the Rothschilds minions, their blackmailed and bribed “government” political prostitutes, elected and appointed, the yearly common flu took the year off and was replaced with the fear porn bogie man “COVID-19” “virus”.
Professional curtesy between viruses I suppose.

This year as the common flu took the year off, sipping cold bear somewhere on a tropical beach, the mythical “COVID-19” took the common yearly flu’s place culling the herd.
The numbers the mythical “COVID-19” was finishing off of the already sick with underlying medical problems, the weak, were in line with and even less than some previous yearly deaths from the common flu.

But these deaths were screamed about with terrified looks on the media talking heads faces looking into the television “News” Networks cameras twenty four hours a day, seven days a week until the human herd was terrified.

With no proof, the talking heads, the blackmailed and bribed pedophilic political prostitutes from “governments” all over the world demanded humans wear dust mask, stay home, not shake hands, not have sex, not kiss, stay six feet from each other.

These political prostitutes and talking heads of the Rothschild’s owned and controlled “News” Networks screamed at the top of their lungs mankind only hope for stopping the non existent “pandemic” was to line up in mass and take a “COVID-19” “Vaccine”.

In Communist governments, the people were not given a choice, while in countries in which a bit of freedom remained the “Health Experts” backed by Communistic actions by supposably democratic or constitutional “governments” blackmailed, browbeat and bribed the humans to take the jab.

There are a couple of flies in the ointment.

One when backed into a corner, no one seems to be able to produce a Verified sample of a “COVID-19” “Virus”.
Both the World Health Organization and the USA’s CDC backed into a corner had to admit they could not provide such a sample.

If one does not have a sample of a virus to grow by the trillions, eradicate, place into a solution that can then be injected by syringe into the human body, one can not produce a vaccine for that virus.

It generally takes three to four years to produce a vaccine, one year to produce the vaccine is pushing it but might be done with super human effort and God’s blessing.

But in this case, as soon as they started screaming about a “COVID-19” “Virus ” “Pandemic”, they started lining people up and jabbing them with syringes.
This means the jabs were already waiting.
“The “solution” had been prepared before the problem or “pandemic” had happened.

No sample of a virus, no vaccine.
And again, when backed into a corner, they had to admit they were not vaccines, but “gene therapy”.
In other words, they are trying to change the body God gave you.
They are saying they are smarter than God, God made a mistake and they are going to fix God’s mistake.
They are going to change the way your body fights a virus, cause God got it wrong.

So far, there is generated public panic by a “virus” which has not been proved to exist, forced mask wearing which harms the wearers heath by rebreathing the bodies own exhaled germs and waste, which cuts down on the oxygen levels to the blood, thus the brain, and which rudimentary investigation and test prove are useless as teats on a boar hog for their stated purpose, stopping a virus.

Add to this Penal Lockdowns.

These lockdowns, dictatorial, communistic in nature, depriving humans of the God given right to chose for themselves their own actions, caused family businesses to go bankrupt, wiped out families savings, caused people to lose their jobs, caused stress which led to over use of drugs, alcohol and led in many cases to increased numbers of suicides, have been proved and even admitted by many of the governments ordering them to be as useless and inappropriate as a white wedding gown to a over the hill street hooker.

As the Jabs which were waiting in the wings before the panic of the fake pandemic were given to more and more humans, more and more humans were announced to have contracted “COVID-19” and the numbers of dead “killed” by “COVID-19” increased.

So there was a direct correlation between the numbers of jabs given, which are not a vaccine for the not proved to exist “COVID-19” and the numbers contacting and dying from the not proven to exist “COVID-19”.

The above numbers are the ones the minions pushing the kill shot can not make disappear as vaccine deaths/injuries.

The jabs are Biological Weapons INTENDED to kill off huge numbers of humans which World War 3 was meant to kill off, but was not allowed to happen by the powers higher on the food chain than the Rothschilds and their unseen masters.

These Rothschild’s Human Herd Culling Biological Weapons deliver a Spike Protein into the body.
This protein despite the Rothschild’s “scientist” and “health experts” claimed, does not stay in the injection site, but travels through the body getting also into the bloodstream, going to the reproductive organs, heart and the brain.

The type spike protein used is the basic same type spiked protein which causes BSE, Bovine spongiform encephalopathy or Mad Cow Disease, Parkinson’s disease, Lou’s Gehrig’s disease all which affect the brain, all which effect the thought process and stability of the human or animal, are all caused by the same type spike protein the Mad Cow “health experts” are forcing, blackmailing, lying their asses off to get humans to have injected into their bodies.

Asa side note, this could explain the airplanes falling out of the sky all over the world.
Vaxxed pilots, which it is already known some are passing out, some dying of blood clots, having a Mad Cow Moment while flying, and splat!
What about drivers of semi long haul trucks?
What about folks working in the control room of chemical plants, nuke plants?
What about the guy dealing with nuclear weapons?
What about the doctor prescribing your meds?
What about the overstressed soccer mom piloting that several ton car down the freeway at 70-80 MPH?

As the Rothschild’s Human Herd Biological weapon killed more and more people, this was blamed again on the Not proved to exist “COVID-19” “Virus”, the louder the Rothschilds bribed and blackmailed whores in media. medicine and “governmnet” screamed for mandatory mask wearing, lockdowns and mass “vaccination with the non vaccine “gene therapy” kill shots.

The more people frightened or forced to take the shot, the more got sick and died, which again was them used to scream even loader for mandatory mask wearing, lockdowns and “vaccinations” with the non vaccines jabs for a “virus” not proved to exist.

A self fulfilling prophesy.

It has now been proved one of the main cheer leaders for the Human Herd culling Biological weapons, cut a deal with the DC “government to “track” the “pandemic” before it “happened”.

‘EXCLUSIVE: Bill Gates Negotiated $100 Billion Contact Tracing Deal With Democratic Congressman Sponsor of Bill Six Months BEFORE Coronavirus Pandemic’

EXCLUSIVE: Bill Gates Negotiated $100 Billion Contact Tracing Deal With Democratic Congressman Sponsor of Bill Six Months BEFORE Coronavirus Pandemic

In order to pad the numbers so as to scare the sheep shit out of the sheep, so they would line up in mass for the kill jabs for the not proved to exist “virus”, any and everyone who died who “tested Positive for COVID” was listed as a “COVID” death.

People commiting suicide, people killed in car wrecks, people killed in industrial accidents, people who died from heart attacks, people who died from cancer, but “tested positive for COVID” were listed as “COVID DEATHS”

‘COVID-19 Death Toll In California County Drops 22% After Revision’


As there has not been proved to be a “COVID-19” “Virus”, how does one have a test to identify persons infected with a not proved to exist “Virus”?

The test being used identifies a Stressed Protein Strain which a cell in destress puts out as a waste product.
This stressed protein strain from a stressed cell can be caused by lung cancer, the common cold and many other conditions.
Furthermore, depending on the parameters used in diagnosing the test, the numbers of positives can be falsely greatly increased by how the test is interpreted.

So the test does not mean jack shit.
This means the numbers of people who “tested positive for COVID” don’t mean jack shit.
This means none of the people were proved to have died from the not proved to exist “COVID-19”.
This includes the ones now being admitted to have died from other identifiable causes but were tested for a stressed protein strand which could have been caused by damn near anything if the test was not missused to give a fake positive in the first place.

This means Humanity has been had by evil sons of bitches pushing a fake scam of a fake pandemic for a not to have been proved to exist “COVID-19” Virus.

Now the guilty are screaming the “COVID-19” “Virus” which has not been proved to exist is mutating every which way but loose!!!

‘California Researchers Discover America’s First “Triple” Mutant COVID Strain’

So Humans must take more and more Gene Altering Playing God Rothschild’s human Herd Culling Biological Weapons for the mutations of a “COVID-19” “Virus” which has not been proved to exist.

”Pfizer To Seek Authorization For “Booster” Dose To Protect Against Delta Variant’

I assure you not everyone involved in screaming for humanity to line up, take the kill shot, wear mask, lock themselves up in their homes and forgo human contact is an evil paid Rothschild whore.

Many are just herd animals, dumb asses who are not intelligent enough to figure all this out, who believe their “government”, clergy, medical personal would not lie to them.

In other words they are sheep.

Well meaning, dangerous to freedom and the lives of other humans sheep.

Self Defense is a God Given Right.
Those who have forced this on humanity are mass murderers.

All who drank themselves to death, all who died because they were restricted from getting proper medical treatment for the common day in and day out ills, those who died from suicide brought on by the stresses of the fake pandemic, all who have died and WILL die from being injected with a kill shot misrepresented as a vaccine, were murdered by those who planned and executed this dastardly deed, this Crime Against Humanity.

It is Time for Fair Common Law Trials and Fair Hangings of the guilty.

At the end of this, if Humanity does not fight back, the Rothschilds blackmailed and bribed minions will use the devastation, starvation, mass deaths, economic train wreak they themselves have caused following the Rothschilds orders to force a One world Unelected Communistic Slave Dictatorship on humanity just as the Rothschilds had hoped to achieve with the World War 3 which God did not allow them to force on humanity.

Educate yourselves.
Stupidity is genetic.
Ignorance is a choice.

Time to put them big girl panties on humanity, hold accountable the minions and their masters who are currently persecuting and mass murdering humanity.

The Ole Dog!

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