‘Ultimate Betrayal’: The Trickster Trumpster Was Angry About Nitwityahoo Congratulating Biden on Election Win, Book Says

OK, so I don’t think anyone will try to argue Hands Biden is not an Israhell Firster, treasonous to America, and a Pedoist to boot.

How about the Trickster Trumpster?

Mossad will hit the tankers, all you have to do if convince Americans to fight and die for Israhell, again!

Grow up Americans!

The two wings of the same carrion slurping vulture has farmed your asses for the “elites” for generations.

This evil Pedoist Usury Rat runs Washington DC.
Washington DC and USA are the same thing, neither of which are America.

The Rat owns Israhell.
He gives the orders to the pedophilic evil ass holes in Israhell.
They give them the pedophilic blackmailed with Mossad Jeffery Child Rape videos political whores in DC the orders.

And America/Americans take it up the A$$.

As George Carlin said:
“It’s a big party, and you ain’t in it!”.

Time to grow a set American Sheep, stand up for your country America, which is not either the USA or Washington DC.

Time to stand up for the future of your prodigy.

I leave you with this ballet of lost love/lust.

And as this involves Nitwityahoo, heres a video of his blues too.


The Ole Dog!

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