Russia, Iran, and Turkey blast Israel for violating international law with Syria airstrikes

International Law!
The Ratschilds LAUGH at the International Law.
They run the UN, ICC, NATO, International Bank of Settlements, The Not Federal, Not a bank and No Reserves, and the Putinister’s ass!

As far as Iran, years back I had got to know a USA citizen of Iranian origin who now and then went home to visit.

Once when the news was boiling with Iran Vs Israhell going to mix it up stuff, I asked him about it.
He laughed and said they were not going to war, the elites on both sides were getting filthy rich trading under the table.

What you see here is Ratschild’s theater for the sheep.

The Ole Dog!

‘Russia, Iran, and Turkey blast Israel for violating international law with Syria airstrikes’

In a joint statement, Russia, Iran, and Turkey have condemned Israel for its “military attacks in Syria, which violate international law,” as the nations resume discussions at the 16th round of Astana Process talks.
In a statement released on Thursday, the trio condemned Israel for continuing to carry out airstrikes in Syria, despite the actions endangering stability and security within the region.

We condemn Israel’s continuous military attacks in Syria, which violate international law, international humanitarian law, the sovereignty of Syria, and neighboring countries.

The three nations were meeting in Kazakhstan’s capital for the 16th round of the Astana Process talks, which have been held since 2017 with the aim of finding a solution to end the conflict in Syria and secure a peaceful future for the country. The latest round is focusing on the social and economic situation on the ground in Syria, including efforts to provide humanitarian assistance where possible.

Russia’s special envoy to Syria, Alexander Lavrentiev, said ahead of the meeting that “the political process in Syria will be handled comprehensively,” highlighting the work being conducted by the Syrian Constitutional Committee to “reach stability” and “develop its economy.”


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