Kalifornia, Land of Fruits, Nuts & Commies Researchers Discover America’s First Mythical No One Has A Verified Sample of “COVID-19” “Virus, “Triple” Mutant “COVID” Strain

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‘Kalifornia, Land of Fruits & Nuts Researchers Discover America’s First Mythical No One Has A Verified Sample of “COVID-19” “Virus, “Triple” Mutant “COVID” Strain’

Lately, public health ‘experts’ in the US, Australia and across the globe have been engaging in blatant fearmongering focused on mutant COVID strains including the Delta and Lamba variants (the latter of which was recently discovered in Peru, while Delta was first identified in India and has since spread across the globe).

And now, American authorities have yet another variant to pound the alarm about: researchers in California have discovered the epsilon variant, which features a “triple mutation” on the spike protein that the virus uses to infect humans, making it (in theory) more infectious, according to the Daily Mail.

This isn’t the first time scientists have discovered a so-called “triple variant”. Scientists in India have isolated variants with “double” and “triple” mutations.

Researchers from the University of Washington and Vir Biotechnology, based in San Francisco, found that the variant had three mutations on the spike protein, which the virus uses to enter and infect human cells.

The Epsilon variant was first identified in May 2020 and was virtually nonexistent until October.


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