US Forces Are Under Constant Rain Of Fire In Both Syria And Iraq Both of Which US illegally Invaded/Occupy While Mass Murdering & Thieving

Seems West Point teaches little else except same sex holding hands while taking warm showers together and chewing rope.
Unless it is how to properly kiss the ass of bat shit crasy baby raping Washington DC Political Prostitutes.

So the Ole Dog! will explain it to the West Point “graduated” over schooled fools.

When you illegally in a war crime, invade sovereign countries which have not attacked America, have not even threatened to attack/invade America, steal their wealth, rape their children/women, slaughter their people, illegally in a war crime occupy their land, they will try to kill you and have the God Given Right of Self Defense on their side.

You as the Home Invader, raper of the homes occupants, thief who is stealing not only the homes possessions but trying to steal the home itself, you are a criminal.

When you kill one of the home’s occupants, you are a cold blooded murderer who should be hanged, after a fair trial of course.

When the Home owner or one of the Home’s occupants kill you, it is their God Give Right of Self Defense in play, it is Justifiable Homicide, and they have committed no crime.

Did they teach you how to chew rope without getting your teeth on the rope at West Point?

They sure as hell did not teach you basic Law or the Laws of War!

The Ole Dog!

‘US Forces Are Under Constant Rain Of Fire In Both Syria And Iraq Both of Which US illegally Invaded/Occupy While Mass Murdering & Thieving’

The United States seems to have stepped in a wasp’s nest after their most recent strikes on ‘resistance’ positions along the Syrian-Iraqi border. The US strike took place on June 27th. The response from the resistance came on the very next day.

The largest American base in Syria – at the al-Omar Oil Field came under fire by at least 8 rockets, which resulted in no casualties but significant material damage. Exactly a week later, reports surfaced of another rocket attack on al-Omar, this time the rumors were first spread by a US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) spokesman.

The reports of an attack were subsequently denied by both the US and the SDF. Other reports, however, said the blasts were caused as a result of “training” activity taking place among foreign forces there.

Alongside all of this, US convoys in Iraq are subject to daily IED attacks, with the most recent one taking place on July 5th, in the Baghdad governorate.

There is no single area of focus for these attacks, as they happen all across Iraq’s provinces.

In the very early hours of July 6th, another attack took place in Iraq – this time in Baghdad’s “Green Zone” which hosts various important buildings, such as the US Embassy. The Union 3 US base is located there, and C-RAM air defense systems were activated in response to a suicide drone attack on the compound. In the middle of the night air raid sirens sounded and then the air defenses were activated and began hunting for the UAV, successfully downing it judging by footage that’s available online.

A more successful attack was aimed at al-Asad Air Base, also located in Iraq.

On July 5th, at least three rockets landed on the base, not causing any casualties and undisclosed material damage. Ain al-Asad has been the frequent target of rocket attacks attributed to Iran-backed Shiite militias operating both in Iraq and Syria. The base was also targeted by Iranian ballistic missiles in January of 2020, after the US killed Qasem Soleimani in Baghdad with an air attack. Soleimani was Tehran’s top Middle East operator.


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