45 Year Old John Hopkins Hospital Employee Dies After Reaction To Mandatory Covid Shot

Neither the World Health Organization or the USA’s CDC can or will produce a verified sample of a “COVID-19” virus.

The common yearly flu was renamed “COVID-19” by those wishing to cull the human herd.
The “elites” have been saying for generations millions if not billions of humans need to be killed off.

The yearly flu does not kill heathy people.
Those who die when they get the flu have underlaying health problems.
The addition of the flu on top of their preexisting health problems takes them out.
Every year the flu culls the herd of the old, the weak, the sickly.

Although the numbers of deaths from the yearly flu was at or below the usual yearly deaths, the Rothschild controlled Media and “governments went into hyperdrive screaming the world was coming to an end twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, and the only thing humanity could do was to line up and take a “COVID-19” “Vaccine”.

As the Sheeple lined up in mass to take the kill shot, it started killing people who’s deaths were blamed on the Non Proved to Exist Mythical “COVID-19” “Virus”, not the Ratschild’s Human Herd Culling Biological Weapon which actually killed them.

This had the benefit of frightening the sheep shit out of the human sheep so they lined up in ever increasing numbers to be executed in a planned Mass Murder By Syringe, forming a self fulfilling prophesy.

As no one can produce a “COVID19” “virus” sample, it is impossible to develop a vaccine for the not proven to exist boogie man.
In addition to develop a vaccine usually takes about three or four years, not two or three months which tells you the Witches Brew Voodoo shit they are injecting humanity with was waiting in the wings before the Rothschilds minions started screaming about “COVID-19” like a defiled vestal virgin.

What they are injecting into humanity is a Humanity Herd Culling Biological Weapon, which was designed to kill humans.

What are the chances for all these different political prostitutes in all the different supposably independent countries to come up with the same insane solutions, Penal correction prison “lock downs”, mass injection action with non tested experimental not Vaccines voodoo witches brew chemical biological mixtures, forced wearing of mask which are easily proved to be as useless as teats on a boar hog for stopping a virus, at the same damn exact time?

If you just use commit suicide, eating your revolver is faster, cheaper and less painful.

If you must get fired, drop out of school, loose “friends”, get a divorce, don’t take the Rothschild’s Human Herd Culling Biological Weapon.

As far as Witch’s Brew Voodoo “vaccine” Gates, I don’t put much trust in the word or actions of an evil ass hole who either hangs with known baby rapers and pimps for raping children either because they just like to watch the rape of children, or like to join in the action.


The Ole Dog!

’45 Year Old John Hopkins Hospital Employee Dies After Reaction To Mandatory Covid Shot’

Another tragic story and this time it involves a 45 year old woman from the state of Maryland.

Robin Spring Saunders had accepted an employment position with John Hopkins Hospital. She was a certified medic and was looking forward to working with autistic children at the hospital. Part of the hiring process for Robin however, included a mandatory covid shot.

Robin announced on social media that she had received her first dose on June 21, 2021. She also mentioned in the post that her job required it. Judging by her post, she did not seem enthused that it was a requirement but she did comply.

Not long after the shot Iona Sellers, Robin’s mother, had requested prayers for Robin online and stated “Robin had a reaction from the covid shot”. Robin was not breathing and was on a ventilator in ICU according to her mother.

Iona also made mention in her post that Robin needed the shot to start her new job.

Unfortunately due to heart issues and brain swelling from the reaction, Robin did not recover. On June 27, 2021 Robin Spring Saunders passed away. She leaves behind two children.

Robin’s funeral will be held on July 5, 2021. May she rest in peace and her loved ones be comforted during such a difficult time.

45 Year Old John Hopkins Hospital Employee Dies After Reaction To Mandatory Covid Shot

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