At Least 30 Dead, 50 Injured In Philippines Military Plane Crash Piloted By Vaxxed Pilot Who Missed Runway

No way to prove the Vaxxed with the Not a Vaccine Ratschild’s Human Herd Culling Biological Weapon pilot had a Mad Cow Moment, but the Spike Protein Used in these Kill Jabs are known to be of the type which causes Sponge Brain Mad Cow and Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

Planes have been falling from the shy, Vaxxed pilots passing out and some dying from blood clots.

And STILL Ratschild Controled Occupation “governments” all over the world are screaming from the same preprepared page, VAX-VAX-VAX!!!

Seems to me it is time Humanity exercised their God Given Right of Self Defense and hold Fair Common Law Trials of Vaxers for Mass Murder, followed by Fair Hangings!

The Ole Dog!

A C-130 Hercules transport aircraft of the Philippine Air Force with 85 servicemen on board crashed a few kilometers from the Jolo Airport in Sulu Province at 11: 30 local time on July 4.

At least 31 soldiers were killed as a result of the accident. 50 soldiers were found injured and were taken to the hospital of the 11th Infantry Division in Busbus.

Most of the passengers had recently graduated recently from basic military training and were being deployed as part of a joint taskforce fighting terrorism in the Muslim-majority region.

The chief of the armed forces, Gen Cirilito Sobejana, said the aircraft had been carrying troops from Cagayan de Oro on the southern island of Mindanao when it missed the runway as it tried to land on Jolo.

A photograph purportedly taken near the crash site shows a large billow of smoke rising up into the sky.

MORE Mass Murder By Vaxxers:

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