Decisions That Would Cause U.S. To Lose World War III

I used to describe myself as a historian until I read enough “history” books written by “historians” which were mostly bull shit.
Whether these “historians” were just ignorant folks who swallowed the lies of the guilty and then regurgitated the lies and bull shit innocently because they were inapt dumb asses, or if they took the 30 coins to lie their asses off, is a personal problem to them.

I now describe myself as a Connoisseur of history.

World War one and World War two neither had a damn thing to do with America.
The Rothschilds bitches, DC/USA politicians, in both cases helped sit up (provoked) attacks used to drag an unwilling America into wars which were none of their business and which Americans did not want to be involved in.

It is a fact England instigated both World War One and World War two.
Of course the evil Rothschild pack runs England.

England encouraged Poland to mass murder ethnic Germans delivered to Poland at the end of WW 1 in the spoils of war stolen from Germany.
Poland took to mass murdering these Germans with gusto, in very evil ways.
Hitler warned Poland again and again he could not stand by forever as they continued to murder ethnic Germans in such ways, such as skinning them.

To understand what went down, and what is still going down, one needs to realize the Rothschilds overthrew Russia in 1917 and installed the evil of Khazarian Communism there.

One needs to understand the Rothschilds still control Russia, and the Putinister is their bitch, if not an illegitimate Rothschild to boot.
His grandfather cooked for the Ratschild’s high up red Russian Khazarian Commie Minions.

“Former” red Russian Khazarian Commie KGB agent and his daddy

One needs to understand the Rothschilds also overthrew China and set up red Commie China which they still run.

One needs to also understand, the Ratschilds who rule England, had England steal Palestine from the Semitic Indigenous Palestinians and give it to the Non Semitic red Russian Turkmen Mongolian Mongrel Khazarian Ratschilds.

This was a pay off for the Ratschilds dragging America into WW 1 to save England’s ass from defeat in the war they instigated for the Ratschilds in the first place.

As far as Russia, any competent student of history understands Hitler invaded Russia to protect Europe from the planned Commie Russian invasion of Europe.

Hitler understood the evil barbarism of the Russian, as did General George S Patton by the end of WW 2.

Patton tried to stop the Cold War which would have meant no Korean War and no Viet Nam war, so the USA & Russia together murdered him so the world could continue to have wars which made the Rothschilds even more filthy rich, while spreading the zionist zombie virus the Rothschilds are the world wide distributers of.


As far as the USA winning any war, the USA military could not pull off a successful panty raid on a whore house in Bangkok on a Saturday night.
All the USA has is it’s nukes.
USA’s troops have been pussyfied so as to be only good for murdering third world peoples who’s country have no real military.

It is my opinion all the nukes are worthless, as any evil son of a bitch which dares use one against humanity, anywhere on this rock, will be hunted down and have their brains bashed out with base ball bats by surviving humanity.

The USA Empire is on it’s last legs, and taking America into the shit hole of history along with it’s demise.

The Ole Dog!

‘Decisions That Would Cause U.S. To Lose World War III’

This month marked the 80th anniversary of Nazi Germany’s invasion of the Soviet Union which took place on June 22, 1941. Hitler’s witting or unwitting pre-emptive attack against the Red Army, which were massed on the borders of eastern Germany, western Poland, Hungary, and Romania poised for their own invasion, enabled the Germans to capture or destroy tens of thousands of Soviet tanks and aircraft. Some authors who have examined Soviet archives have suggested the offensive was scheduled to take place a mere two and a half weeks after Hitler’s attack.

Despite the fact that the Soviet Union had joined with Nazi Germany in invading Poland and starting World War II as co-aggressors, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill responded to the German invasion of its former Soviet ally by pledging their unqualified support for the Soviet war effort no matter what the consequences of their unqualified political and military support might be. U.S. and U.K government war propagandists went to work to deceive their citizens into believing that the world’s greatest mass murderer, Soviet dictator Josef Stalin, was, in fact, a gallant ally of democracy and freedom in the fight against Nazi Germany.

In the four years that followed, the U.S. and Britain sent 15,000 combat aircraft and nearly 23,000 tanks and armored fighting vehicles to the Soviet Union along with even more massive quantities of strategic materials. Without these, Stalin stated he could not have produced the tanks, aircraft, and other heavy weapons needed to defeat Nazi Germany. This Allied military-industrial aid put the wartime needs of U.S. and U.K. forces as well as their own citizens behind Stalin’s needs and requisitions while also providing the Soviets with atomic bomb making plans and materials according to the new book “Stalin’s War-A New History of World War II”. This critical U.S. assistance to the Soviet atomic bomb program likely enabled the Soviets to explode their first atomic and hydrogen bombs several years earlier than they otherwise would have.

Lend-Lease allowed Soviets to triumph
This massive U.S.-U.K. military aid provided the Red Army with the ability to engage in mobile counteroffensives, which succeeded many times in encircling German forces, that it otherwise would have largely lacked. The 430,000 US trucks and jeeps provided under Lend-Lease constituted the bulk of Soviet motorized capabilities of the Red Army and enabled the Red Army to overrun half of Europe and much of Asia while annexing parts or all of nine countries and conquering half a dozen more during and after the war.

While a reasonable argument could have been made for providing the Soviets with some military aid to help them halt the German advance in the east, by 1943, the rationale for this enormous U.S.-U.K. military-industrial assistance had largely evaporated. This is due to the fact that, after the Battle of Kursk, the German Army was never again able to mount an offensive in the east and began a rapid retreat culminating in the Soviet capture of the German capital of Berlin less than two years later along with the eastern half of Europe.

After the fall of Nazi Germany, the Soviet Blitzkrieg continued in the Far East in what later came to be known as Operation “August Storm” as the USSR entered the war against Imperial Japan exactly one week before it surrendered, claiming Manchuria, northern Japan and North Korea in a rapid armored advance that lasted scarcely more than two weeks. Inexplicably, the U.S. continued its Lend-Lease military-industrial assistance program to the Soviets including about sixty U.S. warships and dozens of amphibious landing ships until September 1945 — a month after Imperial Japan had surrendered.

U.S., U.K., helped create Iron Curtain
Shortly after the war, Winston Churchill feigned surprise when he announced in his famous speech at Fulton, Mo. in March 1946 that an “Iron Curtain” now divided Europe and claimed that he alone had foreseen this unfortunate event. His claim was questionable given that he and FDR had authored the Yalta Agreement and previous agreements which had ceded virtually all of eastern Europe and much of Central Europe to the Soviets, thereby creating the Iron Curtain, leading to the Cold War between the Western and Soviet blocs that lasted half a century. Of course, for any educated observer of international affairs and world history at the time, the end result of the U.S.-U.K. decision to provide massive military-industrial aid to the Soviet Union was clear from the onset.

When the war began, the Soviet Union was the largest and most heavily armed nation in the world by far — more than 33 times larger than Nazi Germany at its greatest extent — and it spanned two continents. The decision of the U.S. and U.K. to ally themselves with the Soviet Union along with the enormous amount of direct military and military industrial aid they provided the Soviets ensured that the Soviet Union, not the Western Powers, would be the dominant power in postwar Europe.

Rather than merely liberating it from Nazi control and rebuilding postwar Germany as an ally of freedom against totalitarian aggression, at the Yalta Conference, the Big Three — FDR, Churchill, and Stalin decided to destroy and dismember Germany into six pieces and starve millions of its citizens as part of their implementation of the Soviet-inspired Morgenthau Plan. This decision proved to have devastating consequences for U.S. national security, let alone the hundreds of millions of captive peoples enslaved in the newly expanded Communist bloc.

Following Germany’s defeat, General George S. Patton was very upset with the Truman-Eisenhower continuation of FDR’s appeasement policy of the Soviet Union and their decision to unjustly hold 70 million Germans collectively responsible for the crimes of Hitler and top Nazi leaders. He resolved to resign his commission and go on a speaking tour of the United States to urge a patriotic call to support a policy designed to confront, contain and, possibly even roll back, Soviet tyrannical control of Central and Eastern Europe. Tragically, Patton was assassinated in a joint OSS-NKVD conspiracy mere days before he was able to do so, depriving the free world of one of its most visionary leaders.

European balance of power tilted


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