Is that LEGAL? South Dakota triggers liberal meltdown by sending National Guard to Texas with PRIVATE funding

“Is that LEGAL?”

Well, no it is not legal.
But it is a moot point as the War Criminal Gang Raping little Southern Children till death, burning grandma & grandpa to death in their own homes, gang raping ministers daughters because their fathers prayed for their country and leaders as the bible says to, stealing everything not tied down or the terrorist war criminals could cut loose, mass murdering whole cites full of old folks, young children and other unarmed civilians with their weapons of mass destruction have illegally in a war crime occupied the occupied Republic of Texas for 156 years with their USA Occupation troops and Puppet “STATE OF TEXAS” “government”.

S. D. National Guard troops are USA troops, and USA troops have been occupying the Occupied Republic of Texas for 156 years and counting in a war crime, so I don’t see why a few more illegal USA Occupying war Criminal Terrorist troops is getting anyones panties in a bunch now?

What will be noteworthy is when the USA’s Puppet “government” and all the USA’s Occupying War Criminal Terrorist Troops leave the Republic of Texas with their choice of either a yankee Carpetbagger or a Scalawag under one arm and an illegal invasive hands out “I want my rights” Mexico Citizen under the other.

If the USA courts and Military Occupation Troops were not protecting the illegal invasive species from Texicans, this shit would have been taken care of long since.

When the closet homosexual atheist shyster rail road lawyer rabidly racist against African Americans war criminal Lincoln asked his Commanding USA War Criminal general why he had been able to take Mexico City in days, but in months had not been able to take Richmond, the yankee war criminal general replied:
“Because the boys who took Mexico City are protecting Richmond.”

Them yankee war criminal occupying troops get the hell out of the Republic of Texas along with the yankee’s puppet “government” ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ holding forth in Sodom & Gomorrah on the Colorado, the Texican boys will take care of this invasion Micky Mouse shit real damn fast!

The Ole Dog!

‘Is that LEGAL? South Dakota triggers liberal meltdown by sending National Guard to Texas with PRIVATE funding’

News that South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem is sending 50 National Guard troops to help Texas secure the border with Mexico was troubling enough, but the revelation it was funded by a private donor set Democrat pundits fuming.
Noem, a Republican, announced on Monday evening that she would be sending “up to 50 National Guard troops to Texas to secure our southern border, and help solve the human and national security crisis that [President Joe Biden] has created.”

Fellow Republican Governor Greg Abbott of Texas thanked Noem and said the two states will “keep our communities safe and help end this crisis.”

What really set off corporate media journalists and Twitter talking heads, however, was the revelation that South Dakota taxpayers won’t have to pay for the deployment, which may last for a month or two. The entire expedition will be funded by a “private donation,” Noem’s spokesman Ian Fury revealed in a tweet. Reached by Business Insider, Fury said that a donation from the Willis and Reba Johnson’s foundation provided the funding.

Willis Johnson’s automotive salvage and auction business has earned him a $2.2 billion fortune, which he has used to back Republican politicians and causes. The donation caused Democrat pundits to see red.

“How is this legal?” was the most common reaction, combined with a multitude of takes that argued it wasn’t, and that Noem was “renting” South Dakota’s citizen militia out as a private mercenary force.


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