Official Low balled numbers.

Official Low balled numbers.

I just spent about fifteen minuets waiting in my pick up truck in the parking lot of a local grocery store waiting on someone who I gave a ride there to come out.
No mask is required any longer.

About 95 to 97% of the sheep going in and coming out are masked.
Some are wearing two mask.

I am convinced the only reason any of these sheep were able to have children is because someone at an early age tattooed this side up on the females bellies, or the males would never had hit the right orifice!

These sheep would be challenged to pour piss out of a Texican Cowboy boot with the instructions written on the Botton of the heel!

I have spent over a year trying to connivence folks not to take the Ratschild’s Human herd culling Biological Weapon Jab for a Mythical “Virus” not proved to exist.

But these people REALLY do not need to be passing on their genes!

As I told my wife recently, I am just a messenger.
It is only my duty to warn the humans so they can save themselves.
It is not my job, not my duty to save them.

I now view those who insist on taking the Not Vaccines Kill Jabs as Natures’s Natural Selection at work.

The Ole Dog!

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