Whether the Current Constitution Made Possible all the Evil Communism You See Around You in America or Could Not Stop It, it is a Failed Document of a Failed Form of Governance

The constitution Americans have been indoctrinated to revere as a God, as the last word in governance, is a replacement constitution, and a failed document.

It did not work, it was flawed from inception.
It betrayed the principles upon which the First American Revolution for freedom was fought.

One can sit here in the year 2021, debate the merits of why it was instituted, why the first and Original constitution, the Articles of Confederation under which the First American Revolution for Freedom was fought, and the country received it’s freedom under was replaced, but that does not change the evidence staring you in the face the current constitution is a failed document representing a failed form of governance.

The Current constitution has brought evil, continual war, slavery of the American souls.
Whether it meant to institute the evil communistic slavehood of the individual American soul to Washington DC, or it was such a flawed idea, such a flawed document it could not stop America from becoming the oppressive dung heap you see around you is no longer important.

What is important is that Americans return to the Spirit of the American revolution, to the idea of individual freedom with a weak government which serves the ends of individual freedom, not an all powerful slave master which farms the individual American soul like cattle to be farmed, slaughtered for profit for the slave masters who hold the reigns of power in Washington DC.

The Countries which formed the Confederacy, which fought the invasive evil of the USA can not secede from that from which they have never legally been a member of.
The were conquered with terrorism, puppet ” state governments” put over them as task masters.

They legally seceded from a volunteer union, they were forced into slave hood of a military dictatorship thinly disguised as a constitutional republic.
The volunteer union of which they were members of before secession ceased to exist somewhere between the illegal invasion of the South by the closet homosexual atheist communist war criminal Lincoln and the Northern yankee “puritan” states, and the surrender of the Confederacy in 1865.

At the end of the terrorism of that illegal war, the Volunteer union of the Revolutionaries was dead, killed by Lincoln and yankee puritan evil.

Secession of the Occupied for 155 years Countries called states under the Puppet “governments” would be a charade, leaving the occupiers in power with the illusion of returned freedom to the occupied.

It is a fact the Revolutionaries recognized their individual “states” as their Country, they understood the central government to be only an effort for mutual defense and joint economic efforts to benefit the individual Countries called States.

George Washington did not lead the men into battle for all those hard dangerous years for Washington DC, but for Virginia, which was his country.
When Robert E Lee, Stonewall Jackson fought the evil Washington DC had become, they did not do it for the Confederacy, but for their country of Virginia.

The Confederacy was again, a joint effort of defending their Individual countries from the Invasion of Terrorism against Innocent Civilians of Washington DC/USA.

Each “state” is an individual Country.
I am a Texican from the Occupied Militarily in a continuing war crime for one hundred and fifty five years and counting, Republic of Texas.

I have no desire to stick my nose into the business of the other forty nine countries held hostage by Washington DC.
Those Countries which want to remain in slavery to the child raping evil of Washington DC. should be allowed to.

But those countries which desire their freedom from the oppression of Washington DC, Washington DC’s subservience to the wet dream of the Rothschilds of a New World Order of World Wide Communism, an unelected dictatorship run by the Rothschilds with all of humanity as their chattel slaves, cattle to be used anyway they see fit, must be free!


God gives Rights to humans, not governments.
Governments have no right to steal from the individual human God Given Rights.

“God is God, no matter by what name you call him.”
General George S Patton

Americans must educate themselves to reality.
Schooling and Education are two very different things.
One can not be ignorant and free.
Stupidity is genetic.
Ignorance is a choice.

If one choses ignorance as a way of life, one choses slavery.

I personally must live free or die.
The chains of Communistic Slavey do not fit my hands and feet.
The Republic of Texas must be returned her freedom so Texicans can clean up the dung heap USA occupation has made her.
Texicans must be free to expel the slavery loving parasites Texas has been flooded with under Military occupation.

If some Countries called states want to form a new central “government”, a joint effort, that is their right.
But they must be freed so they are free to chose their future course of actions as it is evident the USA and it’s current constitution is a failed experiment which has become an oppressive slave master.

The Ole Dog!

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