Flight Cancellations Up Over 500% – Because Pilots at Risk of Blood Clots

If the airlines required the pilots to take the herd culling jab, and now the pilots can not fly, do the airlines continue paying the disabled pilots their salary, do a one time multi-million dollar settlement per pilot, or do the airlines declare bankruptcy thereby screwing the pilots they forced to take the Ratschild’s Human Herd Culling Biological Weapon jab?

It is not fair if the airlines forced the pilots to take the herd culling jab to throw their care and substance until they die on the public, the taxpayer.

And what about common law Trials to convict the airlines CEOs of mass murder so they can receive a fair hanging?

The Ole Dog!

The claims that four British Airways (BA) pilots died within days of each other after being vaccinated have been a hot topic. BA was then said to have been in crisis talks. They denied that publicly to Reuters. Of course, they would NEVER admit such a thing anyhow. Even Snopes runs out and says it’s all fake that there is no proof the deaths are related, but offers no explanation for any of the deaths. Snopes is just another fake fact-checker that preaches the narrative and will never land on any side other than the Great Reset. To them, COVID threatens the entire world so even vaccinate your dog.

Even without COVID, pilots have an increased risk of blood clots from flying. COVID-19 vaccine recipients have an increased risk of blood clots that is greater than normal. BA will not say there are any crisis talks, but flight cancelations are up over 500%. The rumors persist that pilots who have been vaccinated are at a far greater risk of blood clots, which is turning into another contagion — flight cancelations. Delta Airways mandated pilot vaccinations, whereas American Airlines made it voluntary. Nobody will tell the truth, so we do not know who to believe about anything anymore.

Flight Cancellations Up Over 500% – Because Pilots at Risk of Blood Clots

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