The “God gave it to me” bull shit has more holes in it than a house termites have been working on for some time.

Which “god” gave it to who?

Yahweh “gave” some land to the Hebrews?
The Hebrews were not a bloodline anymore than Americans are a blood line.
They were a mixture of peoples like every other Nation, Kingdom or country in the history of this rock, and they do not exist as a people any longer.

Israel had disappeared on the trash heap of history by the time Jesus the Christ was executed for trying to start a revolt agaisnt the Romans and the Romans puppet Judean “government”.
Judea was what was left of the original 12 tribes of Israel.

Jesus the Christ was trying to kick the Romans out of Judea, but he was also trying to get the Judeans, not Israelites, as no Israel remained, to return to the God of their fathers at the times of King David and King Solomon and stop worshiping the false god Yahweh of the Cult End of Times religion which was a mixture of their original religion mixed with things they had picked up while exiled to Babylon.

It is impossible the One true Creator God who the Hebrews served at the times of King David and King Solomon promised them anything, as they said Yahweh promised them land, and Yahweh was a replacement god, not the God of the times of their Fathers during the times of king David and King Solomon.

That Most High God was El Elyon.
Yahweh was a son of that Most High God.
Yahweh was recognized during the times of kings David and Solomon as a Son of the Most High God, the Protecting angel of the Hebrew people.

In due time when the Hebrews turned their backs on The Most High God, wanted a ‘god” which would approve of their evil ways, wars of aggression, slavery, usury, they took the Son, Yahweh, of the Most High God El Elyon, made him god, wrote him in as their god all the way back in their history, put all the words in his mouth which told them to do the evil things they wanted to do.

Yahweh was not authorized to promise the Hebrews diddly shit without the approval of the Most High God, El Elyon which the Hebrews abandoned.

So if the Most High God promised the Hebrews anything, then the Hebrews refused to even admit the Most High God existed, any promise the Most High God made was negated by the faithless actions of the rebellious Hebrews.

The Hebrews say Yahweh “gave” them the Land.
Yahweh did not have the authority to give them anything, and was only the protector of that which the Most High God gave the Hebrews who refuse to serve or even admit the existence of the Most High God El Elyon.

Next, according to the Old Testament, the supposed “history” of the Hebrew people, the Land was assigned by tribes, and the priest class, the Levites were the ones who said which tribe got what part of the land.

Todays End of Times Death Cult “Judaian” religion does not have priest, they have rabbis as it is not the same religion from the times of Kings David and Solomon and before.

The “Jews” of today, which are members of a cult religion, do not have tribes.

A contract is a contract, and can not be changed willy nilly to make it say things it does not, such as substituting rabbis of no tribe for Levite Priest.

So the “Jewish” cult religion members of today were promised no land, and if they were, they could not possess it as they would not know what tribe they are, and they have no priest to decide which tribe they don’t know they belong to gets which part off the land.

Add to this most “Jews” of today are not descended from Hebrews anyway, but Khazarians, a non semitic Turkman Mongolian mongrel people from the Steppes of Russia who converted to the adulterated Babylonian End of Times Death cult religion, not the religion of the Hebrews from the times of king David & Solomon, and before, in the year of 0740 AD in the Steppes of Russia.

Occupied Palestine was promised to the Rothschilds by Britain, which the Rothschilds run from behind the curtain, for dragging America into world War One to save England from defeat in a war they started.

The Belfour Declaration.

That the Rothschilds or Britain (England) neither one had ownership or any legitimate claim to Palestine bothered neither party.


This little Semitic Palestinian child, has bigger balls than most Americans!

So F##K these evil red Russian Mongolian mongrel Khazarian sons of bitches and slimy cunt whore bitchs occupying Palestine, HOLOCAUSTING, GENOCIDING the Indigenous semitic Palestinian people, and occupying America through DC via Mossad jeffery child rape blackmail videos.

Give Palestine back to the semitic Palestinians, America back to Americans, and the Occupied Republic of Texas back to Texicans!

And as a Texican, I want the evil child raping Khazarian sons of bitches the hell out of the Occupied Republic of Texas!

The Ole Texican Dog!

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