I have been warning folks for years when they seemed to have some snap, be interested:

The paper gold and silver market is a scam, a steal.
It was never intended to be otherwise as each available ounce of silver or gold has been sold on paper from 100 to 500 times depending who’s figures one believes.

Retirement funds, 401ks and such are filled with worthless promises to deliver physical gold and silver which simply does not exist.

The DC/USA Crime cabal holding forth in Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac long back gave themselves the “right” to look in any safety deposit box they want, to seize anything they want in those boxes.

If you do not have gold and silver you can hold in your hands physically, buried in a mason jar on a moonless night under the big oak tree in the back forty, you do not own silver or gold.

One day soon, US currency will be good only for wiping one’s behind on and starting fires.

the bills are not wide enough to keep you from getting crap on your hands when you wipe with them, so some assembly for that use would be required.

They are not very absorbent.

As far as starting fires.

One can still find use for some of the coins.

The Ole Dog!

LOS ANGELES—Using civil forfeiture, the U.S. Department of Justice is seeking to permanently take the contents of hundreds of safe deposit boxes, including over $85 million in cash and precious metals, jewelry and other valuables worth millions more. But the boxes’ owners have not been accused of any crime and have not been told what the government thinks they did wrong. Now, several of those owners are joining an existing Institute for Justice (IJ) class action lawsuit to stop the government’s forfeiture plans in their tracks.

“This is an $85 million cash grab by the federal government,” said IJ Senior Attorney Robert Frommer. “The government has no basis to think any of these people have done anything wrong. It just wants to keep their stuff. That’s unlawful and unconstitutional.”

Jeni Pearsons is the Director of Operations for a distinguished nonprofit in Los Angeles. Jeni and her husband Michael Storc rented a box to store silver they bought as a nest egg for retirement. Now, the government is trying to use civil forfeiture to permanently take Jeni and Michael’s silver despite not telling either of them what specifically they did to deserve such punishment.

“We’ve seen the value of silver increase over the years, so we thought we could purchase silver as an investment for retirement,” said Jeni. “After the FBI raid, we just assumed we would get our property back, and when we contacted the FBI they told us we just had to wait. But now we’re told the government wants to take our property forever. And why? It’s surreal.”

Jeni and Michael’s surreal experience is, unfortunately, now all too common. Civil forfeiture is a legal process that allows the government to permanently take property without charging anyone with a crime. Here, the government has alleged that the company U.S. Private Vaults was violating federal law, but has not charged any individual box holder with any offense. The government has mailed out forfeiture notices to box holders—informing them of the attempted forfeiture of their property—but those notices do not provide any explanation for the government’s decision to begin forfeiture.

“Civil forfeiture takes the presumption of innocence and turns it on its head, forcing people to prove their own innocence to keep their property,” said IJ Senior Attorney Rob Johnson. “And in this case property owners don’t even know what crime they supposedly committed. They have to prove their innocence—but innocence of what? All they’re accused of is keeping valuables in a box.”


More U.S. Private Vault Renters Step Forward to Fight the FBI’s Efforts to Steal Over $85 Million Using Civil Forfeiture

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