JUNETEENTH SHOULD BE DECEMBERTEENTH-13th Amendment WHICH FREED BLACK SLAVES IN yankeeland ratified On December 6, 1865

Of course slavery never ended in America under the USA Occupying For Profit Corporation.

And the late war of Criminal Invasion for political and economic rape of the Confederacy by the USA was not a “Civil War and Not fought to free slaves.

The above meme fails to point out the “puritan yankee war criminal was also a closet homosexual.

As well as a Communist, Marxist in 1800s language.

1938 red Russian Commie USA presidential Convention, where Lincoln was recognized as the Father of American zionism/Communism.

George Washington is NOT the father of the Forced No Choice Union Military Dictatorship, the USA thinly disguised as a “constitutional republic”, the queer atheist war criminal “puritan yankee shyster rail road lawyer Lincoln who Murdered George Washington and crews Volunteer Union United States, is the Communist Pervert Father of the Involuntary union USA.

The “Emancipation Proclamation” had no force of law as it was proclaimed by Lincoln who had no legal jurisdiction at all over anyone in the Confederacy.
Free or slave.
Yankee slaves were not freed till December of 1865.

It was also not primarily to free slaves, but to cause a slave revolt in the South so Confederate front line troops would have to be pulled from defending the South from the Criminal Child Gang raping till death yankee USA terrorist.

It was a war time attempt to make it easier to beat the South, would have meant a slaughter of both Southern Europeans and Southern African Americans.
The evil atheist queer war criminal yankee communist scum Lincoln knew that, but did not care.

Lincolns own yankee war criminal generals warned him he better make damn sure the yankee troops understood this, as if they thought for one minuet they were fighting and dying to free nigh#rs they would desert in mass and go home.
Many did.

So all this bull shit being augured about a Juneteenth holiday is based on pure yankee zionist zombie virus lies in the first place, so is meaningless except as a means of keeping Americans divided so herding the America Heads Uppus Assus Sheep through the slaughterhouse door is easier for the jackals.

The Ole Dog!

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