India’s lockdown may already have killed more people than “Covid”, and it will only get worse

And remember, when the manipulated numbers are done away with, the large die offs did not start until max vaxxing with the Ratschild’s Human Herd Culling Biological Weapon for a “Virus”, “COVID-19” both the World heath Organization and the USA’s CDC has admitted they do not have a verified Sample of.

So forced Jabs for a virus which has not been proved to exist and was not killing more than the usual seasonal flu if it did exist, has already murdered more people in a year than all real vaccines did in the previous twenty years.

Humanity has the God Given Right of Self Defense.
It is Past Time for the Common Law Trials and Executions of the Guilty of Mass Murder of Humanity to start.

The Ole Dog!

India has a total population of 1.39 billion people . That is 18 percent of the total world population. The median annual per capita income is $616 . Hundreds of millions of people in India survive with a hand to mouth existence.

They work and earn a couple of dollars, and eat once they have earned the money. India has little or no social welfare system. For many people, if they don’t work and earn, they don’t eat.

In 2020, India reported 148,738 deaths due to the coronavirus. That equates to 0.01% of the population. The average death rate in India in 2020 was 7.25 in 1000 of the population.

That means over 10 million people died in India in 2020, and only 1.5% were coronavirus deaths.

And that is assuming that the 148,738 coronavirus deaths reported were actually caused by coronavirus. The WHO guidelines for reporting deaths do not make clear the difference between dying ‘from’ coronavirus, and dying ‘with’ coronavirus.

At the end of March 2020, the India Government took the drastic action of locking down the Indian economy due to the coronavirus pandemic. The government took decisions as to whom they considered an ‘essential worker’ and who was considered ‘non-essential’.

Unlike its Western Government counterparts, the Indian government did not hand out $600 monthly cheques for those that it had determined to be ‘non-essential’ and told to stay at home and not work. And the initial enforcement of the lockdowns was pretty draconian.

Early last April I received a desperate plea from an associate who lives in the slums in Mumbai. His house is 20 square metres, and he lives with 7 of his family members.

He messaged me to say that he was locked down at home with his family and that they had no food and were starving. Could I please send him some money? The next day he called me and said:]

India’s lockdown may already have killed more people than “Covid”, and it will only get worse

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