The Spiritual War Through Time


Ok Humanity!
Reach around behind you, grasp your shoulders and pull your heads out of your asses.

There is one Human Race.
The Human race is represented on this rock as two legged animals.
There are different shades of colors, different facial features, different languages, different hair colors, but they are all one species.

No color, no heritage, no national identity, no ‘history”, makes one bunch of two legged animals any better than another bunch of two legged animals.

You are not the two legged animal which is reflected back from a mirror when you face a mirror.
Think of what is looking back as an automobile.

Some folks like Chevys, some Fords, some Toyotas, some prefer Rolls Royce or BMW.
Some folks have a several different brands of automobiles.
Some prefer pick ups, some sports cars.

But each and every one of the above, without a driver, a human operator is just an inanimate object which just sits there and rust away over time.

So it is with a “human” body.
The human body is an animal.
The central nervous system makes the body breath, draw back from fire, flinch at pain, makes the heart beat.
But without a soul to drive the body, it will just lay there and die sooner or later, just as a car will rust away if not maintained by a human.

The body you think of as you, is not you.
You have had many bodies, different shades, colors, facial features, you have lived in many different locations all over this rock.

You are the Spirit of God which when inserted into the two legged animal body, gives the body an operator which causes it to do all the voluntary acts the body does.
Just like when a human gets in a car, starts it up, and drives away, turning right, left, backing up, going slow, fast, and sometime wreaking the car.

It is not just a saying, the eyes are the mirror of the soul.
It is the soul within that body which makes a human be a good human, or a bad human.
The body is just a body, the body can not reason on it’s own beyond the involuntary actions of breathing, the heart beating, flinching from pain and the like.

Therefore no body, or groups of bodies are any “better” than any other group of bodies.

Yes some are stronger, some are more appealing to the sight of others, but the bodies are in themselves no better than any other group of bodies.

As far as being more appealing than others to sight, that also is subjective, as the ideal woman or man has changed through time and locations.
Even among folks in the same location not every human likes the same kind of woman or man.

I have a friend who likes his women red headed with curly hair.
Myself a brunette with a darker complexion does it for me.
Back in history, a woman who was more plump was viewed as the perfect woman.
Today in western society, a woman who is plump is frowned upon.

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.

I will confess when I stopped looking at women teats and asses, started looking in their eyes, some women I used to think were good looking turned pure ugly to me.

It is the soul, it is the operator of the individual two legged animals we call humans which determines if that “human” is a good person or not.

Not all souls or spirits come from the same place.
Some souls are much more advanced than others, having had much more time to make mistakes, learn from those mistakes.
Some souls are much more stubborn about learning from their mistakes than others.

Some souls have grown to understand spiritual growth is the reason they are here, the goal of this school house rock.
Some souls have never gotten past trying to be the king of the hill, physically on this rock, not understanding the mysteries of the spiritual world.

No matter where or when each soul, each spirt became aware, how long the soul has been reincarnating as a thinking, reasoning individual, on this rock humanity is one.
Hurt another, you hurt yourself because all humanity is one.

I am a warrior.
Every life I have fought wars.
I am better at war than any other thing in this world.
But sitting here, looking back on former lives, the wars I fought, I realized not one war I ever fought has brought humanity lasting peace or prosperity.

If something is not working, it is time to try something else.

If humanity would stop pissing away all their resources on trying to be king of the hill, blowing each other to bits, those resources could be used to feed the hungry, to build homes, roads, power generation plants.

If humanity was not fixated on hating each other for the shade of their skin, where they are from, what language they speak, which religion they belong to, humanity might just grow spiritually and peace break out.

But we are back to those who have never grown beyond the physical world, the desire to be king of the hill in their area, with an eye of being king of the highest hill on this rock.

Does no good to be peaceful to the point where one allows an evil soul, or group of evil souls to farm the rest of humanity like cattle for the slaughter.

Religion has been used to rub humanities noses together like dogs to make them fight.
The ones farming humanity have formed the religions which are one of the main ingredients of wars generation after generation.

There is only one Creator God.
Most beings humanity call god or gods are not that God.
Many religions although they call their god, God, their god is not the creator God but a god they have invented for themselves, or some evil ass hole or ass holes have created for them.

My god is bigger, badder, more “righteous” than your god has gotten more wars started, more humans slaughtered than any other factor on this rock.
The charlatans who position themselves as that god’s mouthpiece, sell out their congregations to the greater evil which is farming all of humanity for a warmer place to sleep, better food, more sex, more gold, more prestige.

Each group of charlatans assure their congregation their god is the one true god, and that god chose that group of people as the ones who that god chose to rule the world, all the other peoples in different places who are not special as they are as their god did not chose those other people as his or her special children.

More wars have been fought, more humans slaughtered in the name of God, religions which claim to be the ONLY or Main representative of God, than any other reason or factor in the history of this rock.

Yes there is a God, One God, the One True Creator God.
But that God did not pick any color, nationality, sub race of the human race as that God’s chosen or special children.

It is the hight of arrogance and ego to look at the true history of this rock, of humanity, what true history can be found well hidden down deep rabbit holes, and think these two legged animals we call humans are the only intelligent beings in this universe who are given free will, the ability to reason, to think, to make independent decisions of what to do, when to do it, where to do it.

Most of humanity do not even have a clear idea of what or who that One true Creator God is.

Most of humanity visualize “God” as some sort of human male looking creature with a magic wand who can wave the wand and do magic tricks.
Also has the very best spiritual intelligence service so that anything they do is instantly reported to “the man upstairs”.

In other words, humanity is still watching looney tunes on TV instead of documentaries of the wonders of this world and the vastness of the universe.

Time to grow up humanity, or take your place in the trash heap of failed species on this rock.

The Ole dog!

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