Derek Sloan Uses Parliament Hill to Give Voices to Censored Doctors and Scientists

Both the World Health organization and the US CDC have stated they do not have samples of a “COVID-19” “Virus”.
They have a stressed protein sample from a test which identifies a stressed protein strand which can be cause in the body from many different heath problems.

The test depending on how it is administered can be made to give ever increasing false positives for the distressed protein strand, NOT a mythical “COVID-19” “Virus” no one can or will produce a sample of.

The mask which have been mandated by supposably “independent” “governments all over the world, are easily, scientifically provable to be as useless as teats on a boar hog for stopping a virus, real or mythical.

After destroying as many small and family businesses as possible with Communistic Penal Code “Lockdowns”, more and more “government” mouthpieces have had to admit the Communistic” lockdowns did nothing except violate humans God Given Rights, and any “government” granted privileges remaining in any of the “constitutions” of supposably free nation states.

Again these Communistic “lockdowns” were suposably thought up by many different individuals all at the same time all over the world.

The “governments” and MSM continue to lie to the people misrepresenting the Ratschild’s Human Herd Culling Biological Weapon as “vaccines”, as people are used to taking vaccines and lying to the peop[le that these are just one more “Vaccine” makes people more willing to take the Kill Shot Biological Weapon if they are lied to and told it is a “vaccine”.

They can not be vaccines as they have no “COVID-19” dead viruses in them.
No one has produced a Virrified Sample of a “Corvid-19” virus, so it is impossible to grown billions and trillions of “COVID-19” “virus” cells to kill and put into a “vaccine”.

When pressed by someone knowledgable, the evil sons of bitches forcing these vile anti-human kill shots on humans have had to admit, they are what they call “Gene Therapy”.

In other words, they think God/Nature did not know what God/Nature was doing when the humans were formed, so people still in the dark ages of understanding are F##KING with your genes, with your DNA.

Thats the good answer.


As all their answers to combat a mythical “Virus” not proved to exist have been proved to be not only erroneous in stated purpose, but detrimental to the economy, freedom and health of humanity, do you not think it is time for Common Law Trails of all who aided in forcing this scam on humanity, out of personal profit, or genetic stupidity either one?

And remember, you are fed the Rat’s S#it your “government” is an “independent” government” run by the “people”.


But yet the same Ratschild’s One World Communistic Unelected “Government” Rat’s S#it was forced on, at the same damn time, most of these “INDEPENDENT??” “Governments”??

These Non Vaccines were meant to KILL HUMANS!
And lots of them!
The “lockdowns” were meant to devastate the economy, force humanity into dependance on the elite controlled human farming apparatus called “governments”, while killing family or non Corporation Owned and or Run Businesses.

These are all Crimes Against Humanity, and the administration of the Non Vaccines are Mass Murder.

Those mouthpieces in “government”, MSM, Medical organizations, who hide the deaths/side effects, and who pushed the Non Vaccines on Humanity are Asesories To Mass Murder of Humans.

Examples must be made of huge numbers of the sold out whores as well as the “elites” who paid them to be whores against humanity so in the future when some evil ass holes like the Ratschilds dream up some such evil against humanity, there will be many many less evil ass holes who will accept the 30 silver coins to betray their fellow humans out of not wanting their asses executed in mass!

Humanity has the God Given Right of Self Defense!

If this involves Mass Common Law Trials followed by Mass Executions of evil and sold out ass holes, so be it!

The Ole Dog!

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