Intentional Mass Murder of Humanity is being carried out.
The numbers of the dead are being kept as low as possible so as not to spook the herd which the mass murderers are murdering.

You can bet your ass any number of dead they give you can be doubled, tripled or quadrupled and be closer to the actual numbers of humans murdered by these evil ass holes.

A member of parliament from Finland explains some truths of the evil being done against humanity by some evil sons of bitches and willing accomplices in media & government.

Neither the CDC or WHO can or will produce a verified sample of a “COVID-19” virus.
That my friends means it is unproven to exist.
Yet “governments” all over the world are forcing experimental biological weapon on humanity lying their asses off these Ratschild’s Human Herd culling Weapons are “vaccines” to stop “COVID-19”, which is not proved to exist.

When someone murders someone, especially mass murderers should be executed to stop their murder spree.

Some of the politicians, MSM bimbos and ass holes are challenged to walk and chew gum at the same time it is true, and may not intentionally be mass murdering folks, but if you have someone who keeps killing folks because of their ignorant actions which they refuse to change, they either need to be executed or locked up in solitary confinement so they do not harm any more humans.

The ones knowingly murdering humans for cash, prestige, position, should be executed and their bodies fed to swine.

Ignorance is no excuse to kill folks.
Knowingly murdering folks is a crime which demands execution, not years down the road either, like yesterday instead!

Any ass hole which is a murderer, does not deserve to be in government or a public place like media, but executed forthwith.
Any dumb ass murdering folks from their genetic stupidity or willful ignorance should at least serve the rest of their life locked up in harsh conditions.

People are being murdered.
A stop must be put to the murders of humanity.

The Ole Dog!


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