School nurse: ‘Masking children is child abuse!’

Children are suffering harshly from the mask mandates in place in school. Now, with Dr. Fauci talking of unvaccinated children needing to continue with masks in the fall, should we allow pharmaceutical companies to use our children as test subjects?

June 14, 2021 (America’s Frontline Doctors) – I am a school nurse and a mother of three. I want the world to know that children have suffered enough! According to the CDC children ages zero to twenty have a 99.997% survival rate for COVID 19. Statistically almost all children infected with COVID 19 experience only mild symptoms or no symptoms at all. Requiring children to wear a mask that covers their nose and mouth for seven to ten hours a day is child abuse. Masks on the other hand hurt children developmentally, emotionally, and physically. A child’s brain develops rapidly, they learn from the world around them. Masks impair social interactions during crucial developmental phases partially in early childhood and adolescence. I am concerned we have damaged an entire generation of children.

I find the suffering we are inflicting on children particularly egregious given that study after study shows masks don’t offer protection from COVID-19. In May of 2020 the CDC published a meta-analysis of all randomized controlled studies on facemasks, ten studies were examined. The conclusion was “proper use of face masks is essential because improper use might increase the risk of transmission” and “no significant reduction in influenza transmission was found with the use of facemasks.” In July of 2020, the Center for Evidence-based medicine at Oxford University published an analysis of randomized controlled studies on masks. The study found that “Vietnamese hospital workers who wore cloth masks were 13x more likely to contract an influenza like illness.”


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