Headline this morning from a Ratschild’s minion who served in the Reagan administration.

“The Vaccine is as Deadly as the Virus”.

I am seeing more and more of these damage control propaganda pieces.

Too many like me who said “damn the torpedos, full speed ahead” with the truth.
The ass holes may kill me but at least when I stand before my ancestors, the record of my life, before my God, I will not have to hang my head because I was a pussy afraid to stand up, speak up with the truth in defense of humanity.

Those of us who fear the scorn of our ancestors more than physical death, who accepted our duty to God, are saying, there is no “COVID-19” “Virus”, there is no pandemic, and the Non “Vaccine” Ratschild’s Biological Human Herd Culling Weapon is MEANT to kill off a huge hunk of humanity.

And more and more humans are listening, paying attention.
Not just to those of us who have been shouting these truths out for more than a year now.

Humanity, the sheep people are starting to die who took the jab.
They have personally seen the devastation/death in family, friends, people they personally know.

The Ratschild’s and their minions, the ones who took the 30 silver coins to try to force, convince humanity to Max Vaxx with the Killer Biological Jab Human Herd Culling Weapon know when enough of humanity finds out how badly they have been used, how many of them have been killed/mained/disabled, their business ruined with needless communistic forced “Lockdowns”, homes lost from unpaid mortgages to the very banking blood suckers who forced the shit on them based on lies, they will want BLOOD!!
And lots of it!

Common sense will tell you the yearly flu did not out of professional curtesy take the year off.
But according to the scammers it did, as they converted all seasonal flu cases and deaths to “COVID-19′ related illnesses and deaths.

It is provable by the numbers no more people were dying than usually do with the seasonal flu.

It is provable where there have been spikes of huge numbers of deaths thereafter has been where people lined up in mass, or were forced to line up in mass, to take the killer jab.
Those dying from the killer shot are then blamed on the Non Existent “COVID-19” “Virus” to scare yet more suckers to take the killer jab.

When backed into a corner, both the World Health organization and the US CDC will admit, neither one has a sample of a “COVID-19” “Virus”.

So as the Ratschilds and their 30 shekel minions are realizing the Human Herd is waking up to the scam, and as the secret is already out the jab is killing folks, the CRIMINALLY GUILTY are desperately doing damage control admitting the shot is as deadly as the NON EXISTENT “COVID-19” “VIRUS”.

I am seeing stories where the betrayers of humanity which developed and pushed this herd culling biological weapon say, “we were wrong”, We did not understand the spike protein could travel throughout the body”.

They are lying their treasonous against humanity asses off because they know if the majority of the humans realize the shot is killing large numbers of people, AND IT DAMN WELL WAS MEANT TO KILL LARGE NUMBERS OF PEOPLE, AS THERE NEVER WAS A PANDEMIC, NEVER WAS A “COVID-19” “VIRUS”, humanity will hunt down and kill their asses in LARGE numbers where every they find them!!!!

If they can convince humanity there really was a “COVID-19” “VIRUS”, there really was a “PANDEMIC”, the killing off huge numbers of humans with the NON VACCINE Ratschild’s human He’d Culling Biological Weapon was just a MISTAKE, Sloppy work by well meaning “Virologist” and “Vaccine” producers, they can throw a few of the guilty under the bus to satisfy the JUSTIFIED blood lust for PAY BACK of the Human Herd and save the A$$ES of the big shot Rich Ass Holes and their Top Minions from having their brains bashed out with baseball bats in a blind ally on some darkened street by a mob of grieving parents, husbands and wives of those they MURDERED in COLD BLOOD.

A propagandist will include a bit of truth which is already out, can not be hidden any longer from the herd, THE NON VACCINE IS KILLING/DISABLING LARGE NUMBERS OF HUMANS, to sell that they are the good guys, you can trust the rest of THE LIES, THE PROPAGANDA they are PEDDLING.

These stories are coming out in large numbers.

I come from the lines which have been written up in history books for thousands of years.
I could have been a general, (they offered me West Point), then a senator, then president if I had wanted that.

When I went to war as an enlisted instead, the Secretary of State running the war was my 3ed cousin on my mothers side.
My father’s side makes me 2nd cousins to George Washington, a direct descendant of 17 of the 25 insurers of the Magna Carta, the direct descendant of one of the all times best political bull shitters of all times, Julis Caesar.

I understand and notice this shit.
I simply put more worth to my Duty to God, and not shaming my ancestors than any fleeting fame or wealth farming the herd could bring.
My father was a good man who taught me well in not accepting favors or positions not available to those around me I grew up with, that I walked among.

But I can knock off their amateur propagandist bull shit and human herding tactics without breaking a sweat or missing a beat.

There is no ‘COVID-19″ “Virus”, there was no “Pandemic’, and the damn Ratschild’s Witches Brew Voodoo “vaccine” Biological Human Herd Culling Weapon was meant to kill huge swarths of the Human Herd from it’s conception in the mind of diabolical ass holes.

The Ole Dog!

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